Clinton, Maryland

Clinton is a census-designated area in Maryland, and despite its small size, it has plenty of interesting history and places to visit. Located to the south-east of Washington, Clinton makes a great place to live or visit. Are you looking for bingo halls in Clinton, MD? See your local halls here.

Where can I play bingo in Clinton, MD?

If you want to play bingo, you'll need a bingo hall! Some bingo halls are permanent fixtures, and running bingo games is their main business. Other venues just become bingo halls temporarily! For example, a local charity, church, or social club may choose to hold a bingo game once a week or once a month, and their venue will become a bingo hall just for these games. Whether you visit a permanent bingo hall, or enjoy a bingo game at another venue, you're sure to have tons of fun! Despite their differences, bingo halls will mostly run their games the same, and the room will likely be set up in quite a similar way. There will be somewhere for the bingo caller to sit or stand, and tables and chairs for the players. What will vary between halls is things like the atmosphere, size, prizes, and facilities on offer!

What happens during a game of bingo?

Bingo may be fast, but it's surprisingly easy to learn. Once you know the basic rules, it all makes sense very quickly! Whether you're a complete beginner, already have an idea how it works, or just want to brush up, check out the guide to a standard bingo game here to see how a game runs. At the start of the game, the players buy bingo cards. These are 5x5 grids, randomly filled with numbers between 1 and 75. The winning pattern is announced- this tells you which of those 25 boxes on the card you need to mark to win the game. Then the bingo callers draws numbers one at a time, announcing them to the players, who mark the number on their card if they have it. The first player to mark all the boxes for the winning pattern must quickly shout BINGO before the next number is called to claim the victory and their prize! There will be a short break, and then the game will begin anew, with a fresh prize, fresh cards, and a fresh winning pattern.

How do I pick a bingo hall to visit in Clinton, Maryland?

When you're ready to play bingo, you'll need to decide where to play! Choosing a bingo hall can seem like a big task, but it's easy to make it more manageable. Just follow these simple steps to choosing a bingo hall! Firstly, you'll need to consider location. If you're in Clinton, MD, you're on the right page already! You don't want to be looking at bingo halls in Alaska if you live in Maryland! This page will show you all the halls nearest to Clinton, MD. Now that you can see your options, you can decide which hall to visit. The best way to do this is to look at the listings page for each hall. Consider each hall's location and opening hours so you can choose somewhere convenient to play, and take a look at what the hall offers to see if it's right for you. Then pick a venue, and you're ready to go!

What makes a bingo hall good?

Bingo halls vary so much; how can you know which ones are worth visiting? The trick is to consider what you love about a bingo outing, and then find a bingo hall that matches that as closely as possible. And how do you do that? BingoPort of course! Take a look at the BingoPort listings for each hall to get a feel for the venue and what it offers. Do you want a big, bustling hall with lots of players, or a quieter game? Would you love a venue that offers snacks, or would a parking lot on-site tempt you? Is there a particular charity you'd love to support? Whatever makes a bingo game special for you, you're sure to have a great time when you choose a hall that matches your perferences.

Gambling and the law in Maryland

Can you legally gamble in Maryland? With so many different rules about gambling across the US, it's a valid question; the answer is yes, in Maryland there are many forms of gambling allowed by law. Casinos are allowed to operate in Maryland, and there are several to choose from. These venues typically offer table games like blackjack, baccarat, and roulette, though some also have poker rooms. Horserace tracks are legal in Maryland, and both on- and off-track betting is allowed. You can visit the races in person for a fun day out! Best of all, bingo is legal in Maryland! It must be played for charity, which means you know your bingo games will be doing good things while you have fun.

Interesting facts about Clinton, Maryland

  • Founded in the 1770s, Clinton was originally named Surratt's Villa, then Surrattsville, then Robeystown, before finally becoming Clinton in 1879.
  • The most notorious moment in Clinton's history? Just hours after assassinating President Lincoln, John Wilkes Booth stopped by the Surrattsville tavern to get supplies, allegedly from tavern owner Mary Surratt, whose son was a co-conspirator.
  • After defecting to the US in 1964, former KGB officer Yuri Nosenko was held in a safehouse in Clinton for just over a year.
  • The BK Miller liquor store on the intersection of Piscataway Road and Brandywine Road was founded in 1913 as a general store by Blossie Keubeth Miller; the Miller family still owns the store today.
  • Clinton has a shopping development offering restaurants, cafes, clothing stores, groceries, and more.

Bingo Halls in Clinton

St Johns Church

8908 Old Branch Ave, Clinton, Maryland,

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Clinton American Legion

9122 Piscataway Road, Clinton, Maryland,

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