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Chesapeake Beach, a popular town for holidays and waterfront exploration, is located in Calvert County, Maryland. With several beaches, a waterpark, and points of historical interest, there is tons to enjoy in the fishing capital of Maryland. Are you looking for bingo halls in Chesapeake Beach, MD? See your local venues here.

Where can I enjoy bingo in Chesapeake Beach, Maryland?

If you fancy some games of bingo in between sailing, fishing, kayaking, or dining, Chesapeake Beach residents have some great options available! But where can you play? Bingo is held in venues called bingo halls. Bingo halls can vary greatly, so you may have some very different options to choose from. Some bingo halls are permanently running; their purpose is bingo, and that's what they do all day every day that they are open. Other bingo halls have a 'day job'; your local church, hotel, or social club may turn into a bingo hall once a week to hold a few games! Whether you visit a bingo hall that runs permanently or one that is just holding a game or two, you're sure to have a fantastic time! Bingo is popular the world over, and for good reason. It's fast, fun, and exciting! Even better, in Maryland, bingo is played for charity, so you can do good while having fun!

How does a game of bingo work?

Bingo may be fast, but it's surprisingly simple once you know the rules. To start with, it's always a good idea to arrive a little early for bingo. There are a few things you'll need to take care of before the game starts! You'll need to get your bingo cards, and find a seat, and it's nice to have time to settle in before rushing into a game. You might even chat with your fellow players! A bingo card is a 5x5 grid full of numbers between 1 and 75. The middle space is blank. The bingo caller will announce the winning pattern before you start; this will tell you which boxes on the grid you'll need to mark in order to win. This could be a line in any direction, a checkerboard, a blackout, or even a fun shape, so make sure you listen when it's announced each game! When the game starts, the caller will draw numbers one by one and announce them. Mark the box if the number is on your card, and be sure to keep up! The first player to mark every box for the winning pattern must quickly shout BINGO before the next number is called to claim their prize!

How do I choose which bingo hall to visit in Chesapeake Beach, Maryland?

Deciding which hall to visit may feel like a big task, but there are lots of ways to make it simpler. BingoPort is your ultimate key to finding a great bingo hall! The first factor to consider is location. If you live in Chesapeake Bay, MD, you're going to want halls in that area. It's no good finding a great bingo venue only to realise it's in California! For bingo halls in and around Chesapeake Bay, you're on the right webpage already. Here you can see the closest halls to your area. Once you've got your list of potential halls, you can decide which to visit. To help you, take a look at BingoPort's listings pages for each hall. Here you can get an idea of each hall's atmosphere, as well as see what facilities are on offer. You'll also be able to get useful info like opening times.

What makes a bingo hall great?

Bingo halls vary so much; how can you know if a bingo hall is going to be good? Well, the big secret to finding a great bingo hall is finding one that's right for YOU. Every player has a different idea of the perfect bingo hall; it's about finding the hall that suits you best. So what is it you love in a bingo hall? Do you prefer a big hall with lots of atmosphere? Or would you prefer a smaller, more close-knit hall? In Maryland, bingo is played to raise money for charity, so see which causes your local bingo halls support; you might spot a charity that you'd really love to help. What facilities do your local halls offer? Find out on their BingoPort listings page! If you want a parking lot, a smoking shelter, snacks, or drinks, check the pages to see which halls in Chesapeake Bay, MD, will meet your requirements.

Can I gamble in Maryland?

Many forms of gambling are legal in Maryland, providing they meet the legal requirements and stipulations. Firstly (and most importantly!), bingo is legal in Maryland as long as it raises money for charity. That means that you can enjoy some exciting games of bingo as well as raising money for a great cause! Lottery games are also legal, and you can buy tickets for the Maryland state lottery, as well as multi-state lottery games. Horse race betting is legal on and off track in Maryland, and there are racetracks within the state that you can attend in person for a day out. Alternatively, you can visit one of Maryland's casinos; table games of all varieties are available.

Interesting Facts

  • Chesapeake Beach is located on Fishing Creek, which is a prime breeding ground for Atlantic oysters. The shellfish are popularly caught and eaten in the town, and Chesapeake Beach even has an oyster cultivation society.
  • The Chesapeake Beach railway station, opened in 1898, is now a popular railway museum.
  • Tom Clancy, author of The Hunt for Red October, Patriot Games, and Clear and Present Danger (among others) lived in Chesapeake Beach, MD.
  • Chesapeake Beach is home to approximately 6,000 residents, but also attracts many visitors each year.
  • Want to learn more about Chesapeake Beach? Follow the Historic Heritage Trail! See signs along the way that detail the town's history and points of significance.

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