How to Play

Ready to play some free bingo, but not sure how it all works? Don’t worry, it’s easy!

To play, go to the bingo lobby. Here you’ll be able to decide on a session to join, and jump into the game!

When can I play?

Bingoport has free bingo running 24/7, so you’ll always be able to find an exciting session to play. Some sessions run for an hour, and others run for 15 minutes, but you can jump in at any time.

Which room should I choose?

The bingo lobby shows which sessions are currently running. When choosing a room to join, check out the prizes on offer and how many Port Points it costs to play. Some rooms have card packages for as little as 25 Port Points!

You can only play in one session at a time, so choose carefully.

What are tournaments?

Some sessions are also run as tournaments where, as well as the jackpots, there are even more prizes available! The player/s with the most winnings in the session will get an additional treat like extra Port Points or even qualifying for a special prize game!

Qualifiers for our Sunday Night Prize Showcase are extremely popular.

How do I win?

If you’re not sure how to play bingo, check out our guides on How to Play Bingo and Session Bingo.

The bingo game will daub your cards automatically for you, so select your favourite colour for the marker, sit back, and enjoy the bingo chat!

If you win, the game will automatically recognise your bingo - you don’t have to click anything! Your Port Points prize will be added to your account total for you.

Had a lucky win? Why not check out the Rewards Store and pick a prize!

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