How to Play

Play our completely free online bingo to win Port Points, which you can exchange for Amazon Vouchers and cash, or play for our major prizes like bingo and accommodation packages in Las Vegas.

To win enough Port Points to cash out, or to play for our major prizes, you'll need to play in our Gold Lobby, but you can only get into these sessions with an Access Token. Read on and we'll tell you how to get them.

Bronze Lobby

Home to our entry-level single pattern games where you try to win enough points (1,000pp) to advance to the Silver lobby.

In the Bronze lobby, you can choose to play our manual daub games in the New Orleans room, or auto daub games in the Route 66 room. All games start at 5 minute intervals. All games cost 100pp to play and if you're lucky enough to grab a bingo or two and get your balance over 1,000pp, head to the Silver lobby to win some access tokens.

Silver Lobby

Here you'll find our Token Tourneys and new Token Games where you can win access tokens to use in the Gold lobby.

Token Tourneys require 1,000pp to play and you can win 2 access tokens by finishing in the top 10% of players in the tournament. The game will automatically calculate how many players receive tokens, based on how many play in the tournament. If there are 10 players, only the winner will receive tokens. If there are 100 players, the top ten players will receive tokens.

Gold Lobby

The only way to win prizes, or accrue enough Port Points to redeem cash and shopping vouchers from our rewards store is to play the games and sessions in the Gold Lobby.

You cannot enter the Gold Lobby without access tokens and our new Gold Lobby schedule features a host of new games and sessions, giving you more chances than ever to win, providing you have access tokens required to enter.

How do I get Access Tokens?

Visit the Get Tokens page and see how easy it is.

What if I run out of Port Points?

Don't worry. That happens to all of us, repeatedly. Although completely free, this is bingo and you can't win all the time. Port Points cost you absolutely nothing and you can't win prizes unless you're prepared to risk your Port Points in the pursuit of Access Tokens.

The great thing about is that you can always get more Port Points for free. If your balance drops below 100pp, you’ll get a spin of the Bingoport Wheel, where you could win up to 10,000 Port Points! You can spin the Bingoport wheel up to 10 times each day, so when you no longer have enough Port Points to play, just take another spin of the wheel.

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