How to Play

Play our completely free online bingo to win Port Points, which you can exchange for shopping vouchers and cash, or play for our major prizes like bingo and accommodation packages in Las Vegas.

To win enough Port Points to cash out, or to play for our major prizes, you'll need to play the games and sessions in our Gold Lobby, but you can only get into these sessions with Access Tokens. Read on and we'll tell you how to get them.

Silver Lobby

Play manual-daub bingo games in the California Dreaming room, or auto-daub bingo games in the Grand Canyon room and claim a bingo to win yourself an Access Token. Games start every 6 minutes and in the event of a share, all players sharing the bingo will receive an Access Token.

Games in the Silver Lobby cost 100pp (Port Points) to play and their sole purpose is to allow you to win Access Tokens, so you can progress to the games in the Gold Lobby. If your Port Points balance drops below 100pp, you will receive a free spin of the Bingoport wheel to top up your Port Points and allow you to continue playing.

All players will be permitted 2 spins of the Bingoport wheel every day, while premium subscribers to the Bingoport Bulletin will receive an extra 4 spins (6 in total) of the Bingoport wheel every day.

Gold Lobby

Our Gold Lobby schedule features a host of exciting bingo games and sessions, giving you the chance to win Port Points and major prizes. Once you've claimed a few bingos, take your Port Points to the Rewards Store where you can cash them in for shopping vouchers, cash payments or more Access Tokens.

If you want to play in the Gold Lobby without wasting valuable time trying to win Access Tokens in the Silver Lobby, there are a number of alternate ways you can earn Access Tokens.

How do I get Access Tokens?

Visit the Access Tokens page and see how easy it is.

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