How to Get Access Tokens

There are 6 ways to get access tokens

Access token

Premium subscription

Take a premium subscription to the Bingoport Bulletin e-magazine and receive 300 complimentary access tokens every month, plus other great benefits.

Access token

Merch store

Make a purchase in our Merch Store with items starting from just $2.99. Be rewarded with up to 100 access tokens on every item you purchase.

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Refer a friend

You can earn 10 access tokens just by referring a friend to with no limit to how many you can refer! with no limit to how many you can refer!

Access token

Token tourneys

Access the Silver Lobby and play our Token Tourneys which you can enter for just 1,000pp. Token Tourneys start every hour from 8am EST through 2am EST.

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Rewards store

Redeem 10 access tokens from the Rewards Store for just 5,000pp or save by redeeming a bundle.

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Access Token deals

Complete any of our Access Token Deals and be rewarded with up to 500 free access tokens.