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Common member questions

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions on the site. Don’t see your answer here? Try searching for your question using the search bar above! is America's home of bingo. You can play free bingo 24/7 and unlike other online bingo sites, you actually get rewarded for playing! Win Port Points and then redeem them for prizes, vouchers, and PayPal cash.
Port Points are what Bingoport runs on! You’ll use Port Points to get your cards to the Free Bingo Sessions, and they’re what you’ll win if you hit the bingo jackpot. Why collect Port Points? Because you can exchange them for real rewards like Amazon vouchers and PayPal cash!
There are a number of ways to earn Port Points. Winning a jackpot in any of the free bingo sessions will land you a nice Port Points prize. You can also boost your Port Points with things like refer-a-friend, completing your profile, or taking out a premium subscription to the Bingoport Bulletin e-magazine, which ensures you never run out of Port Points.
Bingo game jackpots in all sessions are paid in Port Points. Once you have accrued enough Port Points, head to our Rewards Store and cash them in for vouchers or PayPal Cash!
If your Port Points balance drops below 200 Port Points, you will automatically receive an additional top-up of 1,000 Port Points at 7am EDT the following day! It’s a little gift from Bingoport so that you can keep enjoying free bingo. You can receive this top-up treat an unlimited number of times. If you don't want to wait until the next day, you should take a premium subscription to the Bingoport Bulletin e-magazine, as one of the benefits is that you receive 2,500 Port Points instantly, whenever your balance drops below 200pp. You quite literally can never run out.
The number of Port Points in each jackpot varies from room to room, and session to session. To get a heads-up what’s coming, you can see details of upcoming sessions in our Bingo Session Schedule. To see what’s available now, go to the Bingo Lobby and check each session’s info to see the total jackpot for that session, and how many games it’s split over.
One of the most popular items in our Rewards Store is PayPal Cash. We ask you to enter the email address you use for your PayPal account in case it is different to the email you've signed up to Bingoport with. We’d hate to send your PayPal Cash to the wrong place!
Choose a bingo room to enter, and tap “Play Now”. As long as you have enough Port Points, this will take you into the bingo session and you will automatically receive cards for the next game. All players receive the same number of cards (30 per game for auto daub bingo and 3 per game for manual daub bingo), so just sit tight and the cards will display for you at the start of the next game. Enjoy!
It’s finally happened- your numbers fell right and you got BINGO! If you're playing an auto daub session, you don't need to manually call bingo; our system is set by default to auto-claim, which means bingo will automatically be claimed when your card is successfully completed. Congrats! If you're playing a manual daub session, click the Claim Bingo button as soon as you've daubed that winning number.
The answer is no. Bingoport never requires any payment from you. We do however offer an optional premium subscription to our Bingoport Bulletin e-magazine, which contains exciting things like local discount coupons, exclusive contests, prize giveaways, and access to exclusive free bingo rooms on Premium magazine subscribers are also rewarded with an extra Port Points boost each month.