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Absolutely not. Bingoport never requires any payment from you. We do however publish a monthly Bingoport Bulletin e-magazine, which contains exciting things like local discount coupons, exclusive contests, prize giveaways, and access to exclusive free bingo rooms on You're welcome to subscribe to our magazine if you choose to. is America's home of bingo. You can play free bingo 24/7 and unlike other online bingo sites, you actually get rewarded for playing! Win Port Points and then redeem them for prizes, vouchers, and PayPal cash. To win enough Port Points to redeem, you'll need to play in our Featured Sessions, which require an Access Token to gain entry. These can be redeemed for 5,000pp or you can win them in our Token Tourneys, which take place every hour between 11am EDT and 11pm EDT.
Port Points are Bingoport's free virtual currency. You’ll use Port Points to get your cards to the Free Bingo games, and they’re what you’ll win if you claim a bingo. Why are Port Points important? Because once you win enough of them, you can exchange them for real rewards like Amazon vouchers and PayPal cash! To win enough of them, you will need to play in the Featured Sessions which require Access Tokens to enter.
Winning a jackpot in any of the free bingo sessions will land you a nice Port Points prize. Once you've got 1,000pp, use them to play in our Token Tourneys for a chance to win an Access Token. Access Tokens grant you access to our Featured Sessions where you can win enough Port Points to redeem an Amazon Voucher or PayPal cash, or some of the other incredible prizes offered on the site. If you ever run out, don't worry. Return to the homepage and you'll be able to spin the Bingoport wheel, where you can win up to 10,000pp in a single spin. You can spin the Bingoport wheel up to ten times every day, whenever your balance drops below 100pp.
Bingo game jackpots in all sessions are paid in Port Points. Once you have accrued enough Port Points (5,000pp), you can redeem an Access Token to play in one of our Featured Sessions. If you're lucky enough to win a load of Port Points in one of our Featured Sessions, head to our Rewards Store and cash them in for vouchers or PayPal Cash!
If you lose all your Port Points and you've exhausted all other avenues to earn more, don't worry. Once your balance falls below 100 Port Points, you will receive a free spin of the Bingoport Wheel, where you could win up to 10,000 Port Points. If you run out again, just return to the homepage where another free spin will be waiting for you. You can spin the wheel up to ten times every day.
The number of Port Points up for grabs varies depending on how many players are playing. The Featured Sessions pay the biggest Port Points and they're the ones you want to play in if you're serious about winning. To get into our Featured Sessions, you'll need an Access Token, which you can redeem from the Rewards Store for 5,000pp, or you can win them in our Token Tourneys.
One of the most popular items in our Rewards Store is PayPal Cash. We ask you to enter the email address you use for your PayPal account in case it is different to the email you've signed up to Bingoport with. We’d hate to send your PayPal Cash to the wrong place!
Qualification sessions are tournament sessions that allow you to advance to a major session, just like a poker tournament. Check the What's On page for information on all qualification sessions and what awaits the successful qualifiers.
Bingo is a game of chance and like any game of chance, winning is not guaranteed. In fact, you'll lose far more often than you'll win. The beauty of is that when you lose, you're losing nothing, as Port Points are given to you for free. To win enough Port Points to redeem prizes from the Rewards Store, you need to play in our Featured Sessions where the biggest prizes are offered. To enter a Featured Session, you'll need an Access Token which can be redeemed for 5,000pp or you can win them in our daily Token Tourneys. If you win, you win. If you don't, you can spin the wheel to get more Port Points and it has cost you nothing.
Choose a bingo session to enter, and tap “Play Auto Bingo” for an auto daubing session, or "Play Manual Bingo" for a manual daubing session. As long as you have enough Port Points, this will take you into the bingo session and you will automatically receive cards for the next game. All players receive the same number of cards (30 per game for auto daub bingo and 3 per game for manual daub bingo), so just sit tight and the cards will display for you at the start of the next game. Enjoy!
It’s finally happened- your numbers fell right and you got BINGO! If you're playing an auto daub session, you don't need to manually call bingo; our system is set by default to auto-claim, which means bingo will automatically be claimed when your card is successfully completed. Congrats! If you're playing a manual daub session, click the Claim Bingo button as soon as you've daubed that winning number.