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Common BingoPort.com member questions

BingoPort.com is America's home of bingo. You can play free bingo 24/7 and unlike other online bingo sites, you actually get rewarded for playing with our sweepstakes tokens (Port Points), which you can redeem for items of genuine value.
Our Bingo Sessions play every hour on the hour. All sessions are completely free. Simply use your Port Points that were awarded to you upon joining to get card packages in each session. If you run out of Port Points, don't worry. You'll receive another 500 at 7am EDT tomorrow and we'll keep topping you up every day you're empty. You can also earn additional Port Points by responding to offers that are sent regularly via email. Please ensure you mark our email support@bingoport.com as a safe sender to ensure you receive our emails.
One of the most popular items in our Rewards Store is to exchange your Port Points for Cash via PayPal. We simply ask for your PayPal email in case it is different to the email you've signed up with.
Port Points are our Sweepstakes tokens and are awarded when you join. You can then use your Port Points to redeem card packages in our Port Points Bingo Sessions, where you can win even more and then redeem items such as Amazon Vouchers and PayPal cash from our Rewards Store. You can also earn Port Points by claiming offers that are emailed regularly.
Each session has specific Port Points prizes, based upon the number of players that typically play in the session and the time of day or night the session is played. You can view the details of each session, including the Port Points prize/s in our Bingo Session Schedule.
The answer is no. BingoPort never requires any payment from you. We do however offer an optional subscription to our weekly BingoPort Bulletin e-magazine, which contains from time to time, local discount coupons, exclusive contests, prize giveaways and access to restricted free bingo rooms on BingoPort.com. Subscription to our BingoPort Bulletin starts at a ridiculously low $10 per month, via an easy PayPal subscription. There are 2 levels of subscription to our value packed e-magazine and subscribers are also rewarded with additional sweepstakes tokens (Port Points).
If your Port Points balance drops below 200, you will automatically receive an additional top-up of 500 Port Points at 7am EDT the following day. You don't need to do anything to receive the top-up.
Gold membership status is awarded to players who take a Gold subscription to our BingoPort Bulletin e-magazine of $20 per month.
Silver membership status is awarded to players who take a Silver subscription to our BingoPort Bulletin e-magazine of $10 per month.
Enter a bingo session and you will automatically receive cards for the next game. All players receive the same number of cards (30 per game), so just sit tight and the cards will display for you at the commencement of the next game.
You don't need to call bingo. Our system is set by default to auto-claim, which means bingo will automatically be claimed when your card is successfully completed.
Bingo game jackpots in all sessions are paid in Port Points. Once you have accrued enough Port Points, head to our Rewards Store and cash them in for vouchers or cash via PayPal.