Baltimore Highlands, Maryland

Baltimore Highlands is a census-designated area. Located just south of the city of Baltimore, this small area is very residential, with around 7,000 inhabitants. Green lawns, trees, and open sky are what you can expect when taking a stroll through Baltimore Highlands! Looking to play bingo in Baltimore Highlands? See your closest bingo halls here.

Where can I play bingo in Baltimore Highlands, Maryland?

Baltimore Highlands is mostly residential, but you're never far away from a great bingo venue! On this page, you'll be able to see your closest bingo halls, so you can plan a great bingo visit from your home in Baltimore Highlands. A place that hosts bingo games is known as a bingo hall. This could be a permanent bingo hall which hosts games as its main function, or it could be another venue like a church or a social club that hosts the occasional bingo fundraiser. You might go past your nearest bingo hall every day and not even realise it! Whether you choose a permanent bingo hall or just a game of bingo in a local venue, you're sure to have an awesome time enjoying one of the world's favorite games!

How does bingo work?

Bingo is fast-paced fun that is enjoyed in countries the world over! If you've never played a game of bingo yourself, you might be wondering how it all works; well, don't worry. BingoPort has a quick guide to explain the basics of your typical bingo game. You'll be an expert in no time! To play bingo, you'll need to purchase bingo cards when you arrive. A bingo card contains a grid of 5x5, and the boxes have numbers in except for the middle square which is blank. Players take their seats, and the bingo caller will begin the game. Players will be told the winning pattern- this is which boxes you need to mark to win the game. It could be a blackout (all the boxes), a line, or a shape, so make sure you know what you're playing for! Then the game begins and the caller draws numbers, shouting them out. The players mark the number if it is on their card. The first player to mark all of the squares in the winning pattern must quickly shout BINGO! This will stop the game and inform the caller that someone has won. Usually there are multiple bingo games to enjoy, so get ready for the next game for another chance to win!

How do I pick a bingo hall to visit in Baltimore Highlands, Maryland?

Choosing a bingo hall is a big decision! To make it easier for you, BingoPort has created a listing page for each bingo hall near you, so you can see all the key information in one place! Using BingoPort immediately helps eliminate one problem of choosing a hall- location. By choosing your town on BingoPort, you can rest assured that the halls will be close to you; you want bingo halls near Baltimore Heights, not in Texas or Nevada! Once you've got the list of halls nearest to you, you can take a look at the listings pages for each hall to see what they offer. BingoPort gives you info about the hall's location, opening times, facilities, and general vibe, so you can pick a bingo venue that suits your needs and tastes!

What makes a bingo hall great?

It can be hard to know which bingo halls are good just from looking at the name! BingoPort has done a ton of research to bring you info about each hall near you, so you can find out which ones will suit you best. There's no such thing as one perfect bingo hall- it's all about finding YOUR perfect bingo hall! When looking at the bingo halls available in Baltimore Highlands, consider what it is you love when playing bingo. Is it the size of the jackpot that catches your eye? Is there a particular charity you'd love to support? Or maybe the atmosphere of the hall is what's most important to you? You can see what each hall is like in the listings page. Check out the hall's facilities- do you want food, a smoking shelter, or a parking lot? See which halls have got them!

Gambling in Maryland

Is it legal to gamble in Maryland? Yes- there are many forms of gambling that can be licensed and enjoyed within the state of Maryland. Bingo is one of them! Bingo games can be hosted and played within Maryland, providing they are raising money for a charitable organization. That means that bingo games can be held, players can win a jackpot, and charities can benefit. What a great way to spend time! Lotteries are also legal in Maryland, and residents can buy tickets to both state and multi-state lotteries. There are several casinos in Maryland, offering classic table games like roulette and blackjack, and often poker too. There are also race tracks within the state that host horse racing; on and off track betting is legal in Maryland.

Interesting facts about Baltimore Highlands, Maryland

  • Features of Baltimore Highlands include an elementary school, restaurants, service businesses, and other stores.
  • Many of the roads in Baltimore Highlands are named after states, including Florida Ave, Michigan Ave, and Ohio Ave.
  • Southwest Area Park is a lovely public space with greenery to enjoy. It also boasts a model air flying field!
  • The mansion called English Consul was originally owned by William Dawson, the first English Consul to Maryland.

Bingo Halls in Baltimore Highlands

English Consul Fire

2827 Michigan Ave, Baltimore Highlands, Maryland,

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