Columbia, Maryland

Columbia in Maryland was opened in 1967, having been developed by James W Rouse. The area is made up of many villages, and promotes community, equality, and happy living for its residents. Are you looking for bingo halls in Columbia? Find your nearest bingo venues here.

Where can I play bingo in Columbia, Maryland?

Bingo games are held in venues called bingo halls. For some bingo halls, bingo is their only purpose! They run bingo games all the time they are open. For other venues, bingo might just be a once a week or once a month occurrence. For example, a social club, church, fire station, or veterans' association may host bingo games from time to time to raise money. While they are hosting a bingo game, those venues become a bingo hall! You might not even realise where your local bingo hall is. But that's where BingoPort comes in! We list all the bingo halls nearest to you, so you can find a great place to enjoy bingo in and around Columbia, MD. Take a look at the halls nearest to you to choose a great place to play.

What happens during a game of bingo?

If you've never played a game of bingo, you might think it's incredibly fast and confusing! Bingo may be a fast-paced game, but once you know how it works, it's incredibly easy to pick up. Here's your ultimate guide to a game of bingo. At the start of the game, there are a few things to take care of before the bingo starts. You'll need to get your bingo cards and also find a seat. Each bingo card has a 5x5 grid on it, and in each box is a number. The numbers are randomly chosen, and will be between 1 and 75. At the start of the game, the bingo caller will announce the winning pattern. This tells you which boxes on your 5x5 grid you need to mark in order to win the game. Then they will begin to draw and announce numbers one by one. If you have a called number on your card, mark it. The first player to match every box on the winning pattern must shout BINGO to claim their prize. It's important to keep up and shout your winning call quickly- if the next number is announced before you do, you'll lose your prize!

How do I pick a bingo hall to visit in Columbia, Maryland?

Choosing a bingo hall can feel like a mountain to climb, but BingoPort can make it so much easier! The best way to start is to narrow down your options, and the easiest way to do that is by location. You don't need to look at bingo halls in Alaska if you live in Maryland! This page does the task for you; here you'll see all your closest bingo halls to Columbia, MD. Now you're able to see your choices, you can decide which hall to visit! Take a look at the listings page for each hall to get an idea of what they're about. Is it a permanent bingo hall, or a game in a venue with another purpose? Whereabouts is the hall? What times does it open? Keep an eye out for anything you think sounds great, and choose a hall (or two or three!) to visit.

What makes a good bingo hall good?

How do you know which bingo halls are good? It can be hard to know what to expect just from a name, so BingoPort is here to give you the low-down on each bingo hall. That way you can decide which will suit you best! But what exactly makes a bingo hall good? In reality, there isn't really such a thing as the 'perfect' bingo hall. It's all about a bingo hall that's perfect for YOU! That's because every player will have a different idea of the perfect hall. What makes a hall great for you? Perhaps you love a buzzy atmosphere, or would love to support a particular charity. Maybe you like the idea of a hall that offers snacks or hot food. Perhaps a parking lot would be convenient! Whatever you'd love, you can choose a bingo hall that best fits your requirements.

Gambling in Maryland

Is gambling legal in Maryland? The law around gambling in the US is complicated; the restrictions are made on a state by state basis- so what are you allowed to do in Maryland? Gambling in Maryland is legal, but there are restrictions on what is allowed and in what circumstances. Casinos are allowed to operate in Maryland, and they usually offer a selection of table games like roulette and cards. Some of them also have a poker room available. As well as casinos, horse races are allowed within the state of Maryland. Betting is permitted on- and off-track, so you can visit the races for a day out, or place your bets somewhere else. Good news- bingo is legal in Maryland! Bingo games must be held for charity within the state, which means your bingo night is helping to support good causes. Having fun and supporting a charity? Sounds good!

Interesting facts about Columbia, Maryland

  • Columbia was designed with a purpose in mind. Creator James W Rouse intended the place to eliminate divisions between people, promote a community-based lifestyle, and improve quality of life.
  • In terms of population, Columbia is the second most populous community in Maryland, after Baltimore.
  • Actor Edward Norton (Fight Club, American History X, and more) grew up in Columbia. This is unsurprising; his grandfather is James W Rouse, who created the town.
  • Columbia is a sister city to Cergy-Pontoise, in France, and Tres Cantos, in Spain. All three are 'planned cities'. It is also sister city to Tema in Ghana, Cap-Haïtien in Haiti, and Liyang in China.
  • The Mall in Columbia has over 200 stores for shoppers to enjoy.

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