Ocean City, Maryland

A delightful seaside resort, Ocean City is hugely popular with both residents and tourists. Located on the barrier spit of Fenwick Island, Ocean City is perfectly placed to offer exciting beach vacations to visitors to the city. Are you looking for bingo halls local to Ocean City? See your nearest options here.

Where can I enjoy a bingo game in Ocean City, Maryland?

Although bingo can be played almost anywhere, a place that offers bingo games is known as a bingo hall. A bingo hall can be a commercial venue, where bingo is run as a business, however commercial bingo is prohibited in Maryland. It must be played for charitable purposes. Maryland's bingo halls are usually temporary and are often borrowed or rented spaces used to host the game. Your local church, fire station or veterans' club could be your local bingo hall! Bingo halls can be found almost anywhere. It can be hard to find your closest bingo halls because of this. These halls might not look like bingo halls at all. The good news is, BingoPort is here to help you. BingoPort lists all local bingo venues so that you can quickly see what's available and pick a place to play.

What happens during a game of bingo?

Bingo is fast but it's very easy once you understand the basics. You can pick up bingo even if you have never played before. Here are some tips to help you prepare for your first bingo game. It is always a good idea to arrive early to bingo. If you arrive after the game starts, you'll need to wait until the next round begins before you can play. Before the game begins, you'll need to collect your bingo cards and find a place to sit. Each bingo card is different. Each card features a 5x5 grid with a selection of numbers between 1 and 75. Before the game begins, the bingo caller will inform you of the winning pattern. This is the combination of boxes you need to mark in order to win. Then the game starts! The bingo caller draws numbers, calls them out and players mark the number on their grid. To claim their prize, the first player to mark every box in the winning pattern must shout "BINGO!" Then, there is usually a brief break followed by a new game using fresh cards. Eyes down!

How do I choose a bingo hall in Ocean City, Maryland?

It can be difficult to choose a bingo hall. There are so many options! How do you begin? BingoPort makes it easy and fun to choose a new bingo hall. This is a simple guideline to help you find a new bingo hall. The first step is to consider location. You can disregard bingo halls on the other side of the country if you're a resident of Ocean City, MD! There is no need to waste your time looking at halls in California and Nevada. This page will show you all of the available bingo halls in Ocean City, Maryland. Next, take a look through each hall's listing. What facilities does the venue provide? Is it close to your location? What are the opening hours and what amenities do they have? Take a look at several halls and decide which one you like best. Then go for it and give it a try!

What makes a bingo hall good?

There are many bingo halls, big and small, vibrant or relaxed. But which one is the best? You might not have realized just how many bingo halls there are- but there is good news! You don't need to find the ultimate bingo hall. You just need to find the best bingo hall for YOU! So what does this look like? Maybe you enjoy a lively, friendly atmosphere between games. Perhaps you prefer to have a social event with a hall that also sells food. Do you drive? If so, would a bingo venue with a nearby parking lot or on-site parking be more convenient? Would you like to support any particular charities? Once you know what you want from a bingo hall you can start to narrow down your options.

Gambling and the law in Maryland

Maryland law allows many forms of gambling. They need to be licensed and regulated correctly. There are many gambling pastimes for Maryland players. Legal race tracks allow players to bet on horse races on or off the track. Lottery tickets are also available in Maryland. There are both state and multi-state games. Casinos are also allowed and can offer a variety of classic table games, and sometimes poker tables too. If bingo is played for charity in Maryland, it's legal. This makes it an easy way to raise funds for good causes.

Interesting facts about Ocean City, Maryland

  • Ocean City's boardwalk, packed with restaurants, entertainment, and stores, stretches for three miles.
  • In 1878, The U.S. Life-Saving Service, a predecessor of the US Coast Guard, set up a station in Ocean City.
  • During peak vacation times, Ocean City hosts between 320,000 and 345,000 visitors, and up to 8 million visitors each year!
  • In 1933, a huge hurricane hit Ocean City, and formed the Ocean City Inlet. The inlet was made permanent, helping to establish Ocean City as an important fishing port.
  • The town is sometimes called the "White Marlin Capital of the World", due Ocean City's big fishing industry, particularly in white marlin.

Bingo Halls in Ocean City

Knights of Columbus Council #9053

9901 Coastal Highway (behing St. Lukes Church), Ocean City, Maryland,

View hall

American Legion

24th & Philadelphia, Ocean City, Maryland,

View hall