Elkridge, Maryland

Elkridge in Maryland is a census-designated place located south-west of Baltimore. It is a well-established community with a long history! Are you looking to play bingo in and around the area of Elkridge? See all your local bingo halls right here and choose somewhere to play.

Where can I play bingo in Elkridge, Maryland?

If you want to play bingo, you'll need to find a bingo hall! A bingo hall is any venue that hosts a game of bingo. Bingo halls in Maryland cannot be run for profit, so it's unlikely you'll see a commercial bingo hall in the state. What's more common is to see charities turn their venue into a bingo hall temporarily for a bingo fundraiser! That means your local bingo hall may not even look like a bingo hall at all! In reality, it might actually be your local church, social club, or fire station that has converted itself into a bingo hall for the night. Whether you're playing in a school gym, a church function room, or a bar, you'll still see some similarities. The game will include cards for the players, and a bingo caller to announce the numbers.

What happens during a bingo game?

Bingo games run fast, but they are surprisingly simple to follow once you know the rules. Whether you're a newbie, have played a few games, or just want to brush up your rusty bingo skills, you can certainly benefit from a re-run over how a game of bingo works! You'll likely want to arrive a bit early for a game of bingo. Before the game starts, you'll need to get yourself some bingo cards. A bingo card is a 5x5 grid, with a free square in the middle. In each of the other squares is a random number from 1-75. Once you've got your bingo cards, you'll need to find a seat. Your hall may also offer snacks or refreshments to enjoy before the game! As the game begins, everyone will fall quiet so the players can hear. The bingo caller will announce the winning pattern. This tells you which squares on your bingo card grid you'll need to mark to win the game. Then the caller will draw numbers one by one, shouting them out. Mark the numbers on your card if they are called. The first player to mark every square for the winning pattern must quickly shout BINGO to win!

How do I pick a bingo hall to visit in Elkridge, Maryland?

Choosing a bingo hall can seem tricky, but BingoPort can make it easy and fun! All you need to do is follow three simple steps- location, amenities, and test! Location is the most important factor to consider when first narrowing down your bingo hall options. There's no point you wasting your time looking at a hall only to realise it's in California or Alaska! On this page, you'll see all your nearest bingo halls to Elkridge, MD. So you can consider that step done! Next, look at what amenities are available at each hall. You can do that by browsing the listings pages for each hall here on BingoPort. See when each hall opens, see what facilities they provide, and consider which of the venues look like the best match for you. Then it's time for step 3, the fun part! Pick a hall or two, grab your bingo buddies, and go for a game! You're sure to find an exciting bingo hall you love.

What makes a bingo hall good?

It's hard to say what exactly makes a great bingo hall, because everyone's idea of a great hall will be different! The best way to find a bingo hall you'll love is to consider what YOU like in a bingo hall, and then find a venue that matches your preferences! BingoPort makes this easy; just take a look at the listings pages to see what each hall can offer you! What kind of vibe are you looking for from a hall? Do you want busy, or cozy? Would you prefer a game with a cash jackpot or a tangible prize like designer items? Do you require disability access, a parking lot, or somewhere to smoke? Is there a particular charity that you'd love to play in support of? Check out the BingoPort listings to find a match and discover your dream bingo hall!

Is gambling allowed in Maryland?

Many forms of gambling are legal in Maryland. Best of all, bingo is permitted! Bingo games must be played for charity, and cannot be for profit, but that only means that when you play, you can enjoy knowing that you're helping a good cause! Lottery games are also legal, and tickets to various lotteries can be bought in Maryland. You can also bet on-track or off-track on horse races, and there are several tracks to visit in Maryland if you feel like a day out at the races! Casinos are permitted legally in Maryland, and there are a few within the state. Most have table games like blackjack and roulette, and some also offer poker rooms.

Interesting facts about Elkridge, Maryland

  • Elkridge is the oldest settlement in its county, being founded in 1733 with the name Jansen Town.
  • Elkridge is on the border of three Maryland counties; Anne Arundel, Baltimore, and Howard County, in which it is located.
  • Built in 1833, the Thomas Viaduct is the oldest multiple-arched curved stone railroad bridge in the world.
  • There are several parks and waterways in the area for residents of Elkridge to enjoy.

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