Edgewater, Maryland

Edgewater is a suburb of Annapolis, classed as a census-designated area. It is on the South River, quite central within the state of Maryland. With historical attractions and waterfront activities, it's a lovely place to visit! Are you looking for bingo halls in Edgewater, Maryland? Find your local bingo halls here.

Where can I play bingo in Edgewater, Maryland?

So you want to play bingo? Welcome to a huge family of bingo players all around the world! Bingo is popular, exciting, and fast, so we don't blame you for wanting to give it a go. To play bingo in person, you'll need to find a bingo hall- that's just any venue hosting a bingo game. Bingo in Maryland must be played for charity, which means that commercial bingo halls that run for profit are not allowed. Because of this, most bingo halls actually have a day job- like social club, church, or fire station! They might just become a bingo hall for a game once a week, or once a month. The fact that most bingo halls are just temporary means that there is often quite a lot of variation between them! However you'll likely find that once they're set up ready for a game of bingo, they'll start to look quite familiar!

How does a game of bingo work?

If you're thinking of brushing up on your bingo knowledge, you're in the right place! Bingo may be fast, but the rules are actually quite simple. Here's what usually happens during a game of bingo: Arriving early is always a good call. Before the game starts, there are a few things to do. You might need to pay an entry fee, or there might be refreshments on offer for you to enjoy. You will need to buy your bingo cards, and find a seat. Bingo cards feature a 5x5 grid. The middle square is empty. The other squares have a number between 1 and 75 in each. Before the game starts, the bingo caller will declare the winning pattern. This tells you which boxes in your grid you need to mark to win the game. It could change every round! The bingo caller then draws numbers and announces them one at a time. Players mark the number if it is on their card. Be sure to keep up; this bit can go fast! The first player to mark all the boxes for the winning pattern must quickly shout out BINGO before the next number is called!

How do I pick a bingo hall to visit in Edgewater, Maryland?

You're ready to play bingo, but there's just one thing... where are you going to play? You'll need to find a bingo hall! But how to choose? Luckily, BingoPort is here to help. Your first step is to consider location. You don't want to find an amazing bingo hall only to realize it's on the other side of the country! If you live in Edgewater, MD, you're in the right place. On this page you'll see all your nearest bingo halls, so you can play locally. Now that you can see your available options in Edgewater, it's time to consider which you'd like to visit. Check out the BingoPort hall listings to see more about each hall. Find out when the venue runs bingo games, where it is located, and what kind of facilities and perks are available at each hall.

What makes a bingo hall good?

Bingo halls come in all shapes and sizes, and they each have different facilities and amenities. How can you know which one is the best? The trick is really to consider what YOU love about a bingo hall. Once you know what you want, it will be easier to find a great hall you'll love! Do you want a big, busy bingo hall, or a small, quiet one? Would a hall with a parking lot be more convenient for you? Or perhaps you need a hall whose games fit your schedule? Some halls serve meals or snacks, others will offer different prizes and jackpots. Is there a particular charity that you'd like to see supported by your bingo games? Whatever it is that would make a bingo hall perfect for you, you can see which halls match your expectations the best by using the BingoPort hall listings.

Is gambling legal in Maryland?

Maryland is one of the more open states when it comes to gambling. There are several forms of gambling that can be enjoyed legally within the state. Most excitingly of course, bingo is legal in Maryland! It must be played for charity, so you won't find for-profit bingo halls within the state. Casinos are also permitted, and there are several in Maryland. They offer table games like roulette and blackjack, and some have poker rooms as well. There are race tracks in Maryland, and you can bet on horse races both on-track and off-track. Lottery games are also permitted within the state of Maryland.

Interesting facts about Edgewater, Maryland

  • The 23 acres of the Historic London Town and Gardens makes for a lovely visit to check out the local history and agriculture.
  • Rent a boat or a catamaran to enjoy the South River from Edgewater.
  • Edgewater is well-named; it is surrounded on three sides by water! The South River, Glebe Bay, and Beards Creek border Edgewater.
  • Lee Airport, in Edgewater, is a general aviation airport with one runway.
  • Maryland Route 214 provides the southern border for Edgewater.

Bingo Halls in Edgewater

Knights of Columbus

2590 Solomons Island Road, Edgewater, Maryland,

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