Mount Airy, Maryland

Mount Airy is a pleasant town surrounded by green. Sitting on the border of Frederick and Carroll Counties, Mount Airy has a long history tied to the B&O Railroad, and is now home to many workers in the Baltimore/Washington corridor. Are you looking for bingo halls in Mount Airy, Maryland? See your nearest options here.

Where can I play bingo in Mount Airy, Maryland?

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How do I choose a bingo hall in Mount Airy, Maryland?

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Gambling and the law in Maryland

Maryland allows legal gambling in many forms, provided you are over 21 years old. You can play blackjack, roulette and other table games at casinos that are allowed in Maryland. You can play poker at some casinos, but not all. Lottery games and bingo are legal in Maryland. The only way to play bingo in Maryland is for charity and not for profit, making it a fun way to support a good cause. Maryland also allows horse races. You can place your bets at the track or at outside locations.

Interesting facts about Mount Airy, Maryland

  • The settlement of Mount Airy was established in 1830, though it was not named until many years later.
  • Mount Airy is a place of shared borders. It encompasses four counties- Frederick, Carroll, Montgomery, and Howard- and is also part of both the Washington and Baltimore Metropolitan Areas.
  • According to the town's history, the name 'Mount Airy' was coined by an Irish B&O Railroad worker, who bemoaned the cold wind freezing his ears while working in the town.
  • Mount Airy has suffered three large fires in its time, in 1903, 1914, and 1925. Despite the damage, the town has rebuilt and thrived each time.
  • There are exciting local events in Mount Airy each year, including things like a Chili Cookoff, Oktoberfest, and A Main Street Christmas.

Bingo Halls in Mount Airy

American Legion

801 Prospect Rd, Mount Airy, Maryland,

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