Germantown, Maryland

Located in Montgomery County, Maryland, Germantown is one of the larger cities in Maryland. It has grown and flourished since its inception in the 1830s and is now a thriving place of business and leisure. Are you looking for bingo halls in Germantown, Maryland? See your local halls here.

Where can I play bingo in Germantown, Maryland?

Bingo can be played in venues called bingo halls. The thing about a bingo hall is that it can be anywhere! Some bingo halls are just temporary; your local church or fire station might become a bingo hall once a month! This is especially common in Maryland, where bingo games must be run for charity. Lots of organizations use bingo games to raise money for their causes. That means that your local bingo hall might not exactly look like a bingo hall! Don't worry about spotting the halls near you; BingoPort has listed all your nearest bingo halls for you to check out. Whatever kind of venue you play bingo in, you're sure to have a great time once the pen is in your hand and it's eyes down!

What happens during a bingo game?

Bingo is fast and exciting, but it is actually surprisingly easy to learn. Whether you're a total beginner, or already have a grasp of the basics, here's your guide to exactly what to expect from a typical bingo game. You'll be a bingo boss in no time! Arriving early is a safe bet for bingo. You'll need to get your bingo cards before the game starts, and it's nice to chat to your fellow players before everyone's silent for eyes-down. A bingo card has a grid on it, 5x5 with random numbers (1-75) in the boxes. The middle box is blank. As the game starts, the bingo caller will announce the winning pattern. This tells you which boxes on your grid you have to mark to win the game. Then the bingo caller begins to draw and shout numbers. Mark the number on your card if you have it. The first player to mark all the boxes for the winning pattern must quickly shout BINGO! You must be quick; your call has to come before the next number is drawn, or you lose your prize!

How do I pick a bingo hall to visit in Germantown, Maryland?

When you're ready to go play bingo, you'll need to choose a bingo hall! This may seem like a huge task, but BingoPort is here to make it easy- and fun! Simply follow these three steps to find a great place to play bingo. Step 1 - Location. If you live in Maryland, you don't want a bingo hall in California! On this page, you'll see all the bingo halls nearest to Germantown, making it easy for you to choose somewhere local. Step 2 - Amenities. What does each bingo hall offer? Where is it located? Does it open at times to suit you? Check out the listings page for each hall to get an idea of what's available at the venue. Then pick one or two halls that look good! Step 3 - Try it out. Sometimes, you just gotta give it a go! Pick a bingo hall or two that look like fun, and go try them out. You'll soon find a bingo hall you love!

What makes a bingo hall a good one?

When choosing a bingo hall, it can be hard to know which ones are best. So how can you tell which bingo halls will provide a great time? The best way to go about this is to consider what makes a bingo hall great for YOU. Everyone will have a different idea of the perfect bingo hall, so what does YOUR perfect bingo hall offer? Do you like halls to offer a cash jackpot, or more unusual prizes? Would you love a hall that sells snacks, or even meals? Maybe the atmosphere is most important to you- big hall or small? Chatty or chilled? Do you drive? If so, would a parking lot on-site or nearby make your experience smoother? Once you know what you love in a bingo hall, see which available halls match your preferences the best.

Is gambling legal in Maryland?

Gambling is legal in many forms within the state of Maryland. Casinos are legal in Maryland, and players aged 21 and over can visit them to play table games. Some even have poker rooms too. Racetracks are also legal, and on- and off-track betting are both permitted. Lottery games are legal in Maryland, and both state lottery and multi-state lottery tickets can be bought. Best of all, bingo is legal! It must be played for charity, but that just means that good causes will benefit from your fun bingo games.

Interesting facts about Germantown, Maryland

  • Germantown is the third most populous place in Maryland.
  • George Atzerodt, a co-conspirator in the assassination of President Lincoln, was captured in Germantown in 1865.
  • Germantown's first school was built in 1868- a one-room schoolhouse.
  • The band Clutch is from Germantown.
  • Germantown is featured in the nuclear war-based video game Fallout 3.

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