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Grantsville is a small town in Garrett County, in the north of Maryland, near the Pennsylvania border. It has plenty of natural scenery, as well as lots of history to explore. Are you looking for bingo halls in and around Grantsville? See your local bingo halls listed here.

Where can I play bingo games in Grantsville, Maryland?

If you want to play bingo, you'll need to find a bingo hall. But what is a bingo hall? A bingo hall is the name for any venue that is hosting a game of bingo. In other states, you'll find commercial bingo halls that run games all day and make money as a business. In Maryland, bingo must be for charity, so full-time bingo halls are rare. Instead, you'll often find that venues like churches, veterans' clubs, and fire stations become a temporary bingo hall now and then to hold a bingo fundraiser! Because of this, it can be tough to work out where your closest bingo halls are- they might not look like bingo halls! That's where BingoPort comes in. We list your nearest local bingo halls all in one place so you can find somewhere great to visit for an exciting game of bingo.

How does a game of bingo work?

If you've never played bingo, it might look fast and confusing, but it's actually very easy to learn! Whether you're a total beginner, or just looking to polish up your bingo skills, here's a simple guide to what to expect from a bingo game. At the start of the bingo game, players will find a seat ready to begin. Each player will have bingo cards to play on. A bingo card has a 5x5 grid full of numbers 1-75, and each card has a different combination of numbers to make them unique. Before the game starts, the bingo caller will announce the winning pattern. This tells players which spaces on their bingo card they need to mark to win the round. Then the game can begin! The caller will pull and announce numbers one at a time. If you have the number they call on your bingo card, mark it with your dauber pen. The first player to mark every space required for the winning pattern must shout BINGO to stop the game and announce their victory! You must call bingo before the next number is drawn, or your win is forfeit. And that's all there is to it!

How do I pick a bingo hall in Grantsville, Maryland?

When choosing a new bingo hall to visit, it can be hard to know what to look for. Where do you start? Well, there are a few steps you can take to make choosing a bingo hall much easier. It can even be a lot of fun! The first thing to do is narrow down your choices by location. You don't need to look at bingo halls in California or Nevada if you live in Maryland! On this page you'll see all the bingo halls closest to Grantsville, MD, so you can consider this step done already. Next, take a look at the reviews for each bingo hall to see what each venue is like. What's the atmosphere like? Whereabouts is the hall located, and what time does it open? Does it fit your needs and preferences? You'll be able to pick a hall (or two!) to visit based on what you'll find in the reviews.

What makes a bingo hall great?

Bingo halls come in all shapes and sizes, but which one is the best? The trick to finding a great bingo hall is to find one that's a good fit for YOU. Every bingo player will have their own idea of what makes a perfect bingo hall; what would make a venue great for you? What kind of atmosphere do you like in a hall? Some players love a big-energy hall with lots going on, whereas others prefer a smaller, quieter venue. How will you get there? Do you need public transport nearby, or would a parking lot for your car be helpful? Do you require a smoking area, disability access, or assisted hearing? Perhaps you'd love a hall that sells snacks or meals? Whatever your ideal hall has, you'll be able to see which venues are the best fit for you by using BingoPort to search for your new hall.

Is gambling allowed in Maryland?

Many forms of gambling are allowed in Maryland! They just have to be properly licensed in order to run legally. For example, horse racing (and betting on it) is legal in Maryland, and there are a few racecourses within the state. You can visit one and bet on-track, or off-track betting is also allowed. Casinos are allowed in Maryland, and you can visit one if you are 21+. Casinos offer table games like roulette and blackjack, and some casinos also have poker rooms. Lottery tickets can be bought and sold in Maryland, and there is a state lottery available to play. Maryland also participates in multi-state lotteries. And of course, best of all, bingo! Bingo can be played legally in Maryland, providing that the game is run for charity, not for profit.

Interesting Facts

  • Now called Alt. Route 40, the National Road was the first federally funded highway in the U.S, and many of the old rest stops and accommodations for travellers are still represented in Grantsville.
  • Grantsville has many Amish farms around the town.
  • The Grantsville Museum has tons of interesting artefacts and photographs from the town's past.
  • The population of Grantsville is roughly 1000 residents.
  • Five state parks are easily visited from Grantsville, making it the perfect place to enjoy some natural sightseeing.

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