Bel Air, Maryland

Bel Air is a town in Harford County, Maryland, that was founded in 1780, though it wasn't named "Bel Air" until 1798. It is found in the north-east of Maryland. Are you looking for local bingo halls in Bel Air? See the bingo halls near you here.

Where can I play bingo in Bel Air, Maryland?

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How does a bingo game work?

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How do I choose a bingo hall in Bel Air, Maryland?

Picking a bingo hall can be tricky, but with BingoPort by your side, the process will be so much easier. The first thing to narrow down is the location. If you're looking for bingo halls in and around Bel Air, you're already on the right page! The next thing to consider is which hall you'd like to visit- or in which order! To do this, take a look at the BingoPort listing for each venue. You'll be able to see helpful info like when the hall opens and on which days, what the atmosphere is like, and what facilities are available. This should make it easier for you to see which halls interest you the most. You can always try out a few on your quest to find a favorite!

What makes a bingo hall good?

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Gambling and the law in Maryland

Many residents of Maryland aren't sure whether it's legal to gamble within the state; many forms of gambling are in fact legal within Maryland! The great news is that bingo is legal in Maryland, if it is properly regulated and is played for charity. Playing bingo AND raising money for charity? Sounds good! Casinos are legal in Maryland, and these offer games like blackjack, poker, and roulette for players to enjoy onsite. Horse race betting is allowed on and off track in Maryland, and there are racetracks that you can visit to watch a race in person. Lottery games are legal, and there is a state lottery as well as the option to buy multi-state lottery tickets.

Interesting facts about Bel Air, Maryland

  • Bel Air has been known by many names since it was founded! It was originally known as Scott's Old Fields, then Belle Aire, Bell Aire, and finally, Bel Air.
  • As the county seat, Bel Air is often known as 'The Heart of Harford'.
  • As well as golf courses, parks, and a mall, Bel Air is home to the Ma & Pa Heritage Trail, a lovely 5-mile trail for walking, cycling, and exploring.
  • The Hays House museum in Bel Air depicts life in an American home between 1788 and 1825.
  • Historical attractions like the Liriodendron Mansion and Bel Air Armoury make a great day out.

Bingo Halls in Bel Air

American Legion Post #39

500 N Hickory Ave., Bel Air, Maryland,

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