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BingoPort Quick Info

What is BingoPort?+

Firstly, welcome to BingoPort, the ultimate guide to bingo near you!

BingoPort is a site set up by bingo lovers for bingo lovers. We list bingo halls in every state across the US, so you can find a bingo game near you. Bingo halls are listed by state and city, so it is super easy to find a bingo venue you’ll love.

I'm new to bingo, how do I get started?+

Whether you’re a bingo expert or you’ve never played a game of bingo in your life, you are in the right place! BingoPort is designed to support players on every step of their bingo journey, and if you are just getting started, we’re very pleased to meet you!

Joining a bingo hall near you can be a little scary, but BingoPort aims to make every step of the process easy. We can explain how to find a bingo hall you’ll love, how to play, and exactly what to expect during a bingo game. You’ll be a bingo boss in no time!

How do I find a bingo hall near me?+

So you’ve decided you’d like to play bingo- that’s fantastic! But… where can you play? That’s where BingoPort comes in.

We list bingo halls right across America. The halls are listed by state and city, so you’ll have no trouble finding your nearest venue for a game of bingo! To start, use the search bar above to look up your state or your city. You will then see a list of places where bingo games are held, as well as useful info about each venue. It’s that simple!

How does a bingo game work?+

If you have never played bingo in a real bingo venue before, you may feel a little unsure about how things work. That is why BingoPort has put together this guide so you know exactly what to expect from a bingo game before you arrive.

It is always a good idea to arrive a little early to a bingo game. When you arrive, you will need to buy bingo tickets and find a seat amongst the other players. If the game has already started, you won't be allowed to join! It's safest to just be a few minutes early and get settled in comfortably before the game starts.

When the game starts, the bingo caller will usually welcome the players and announce what the prizes are. If the game is a charity game, players may also be informed which cause the bingo is supporting. The caller will also usually clarify what the winning pattern on the card is, so everyone knows what they need to get to win. As the game begins, the caller will draw and announce numbers randomly from the 75 balls, and players will mark the numbers on their cards.

The bingo cards are set up like a grid filled with numbers. On this grid, there will be a pattern that players need to cover to win. The pattern could be a shape like a fish, it could be as simple as all four corners, or even a blackout, which means all the numbers on the grid. As the players cover the numbers on their card, they will keep an eye on the winning pattern. The first player to cover all the numbers on the winning pattern on one of their cards must shout bingo quickly and clearly to catch the caller’s attention.

As soon as someone shouts bingo, the game will be paused. This will allow the bingo caller to verify the win by checking the player's card against the numbers that have been called. Assuming that everything is above board, the winner will be announced and presented their prize. Most often, the game will end here, however sometimes there is a second prize at stake within the same game. In this case, the game would continue until all prizes are won.

Most bingo nights consist of lots of different games one after another. This means even more prizes up for grabs! In between games, there is usually a small break where players can get a drink, use the restroom, or stretch their legs. Then the caller will invite the players back and the next game can begin!

Why do people love bingo?+

Bingo, in all its many forms, is loved by people around the world. There are variants of the game played in countries all over, but why is it so popular?

Since its origins as a simple lottery game in Italy in the 1500s, bingo has developed into a fundraiser for many charities, an online phenomenon, and a huge part of many local communities. The simple rules of the game combined with the excitement that it brings are what make bingo so popular.

Bingo can be easily adapted to fit lots of different play styles; you can find cheap games with tickets from just a couple of cents, huge games with jackpots into the millions of dollars, and even prizes like cars and vacations up for grabs. It is this adaptability that has allowed bingo to stretch into so many different forms, from drag queen bingo fundraisers to a retirement home pastime.

What makes a great bingo hall?+

When you have such a huge choice of bingo halls, how do you know which ones are worth your time and money? The thing is, there is no such thing as the ‘perfect bingo hall’; finding a hall that you think is fantastic is entirely down to what it is you want from bingo.

Finding a bingo hall that suits your needs is the best way to ensure you'll have a great time. Do you need a hall that opens in the mornings, or one that is open in the evenings? Do you require disability access? If you drive, would you like somewhere to park when you arrive? Perhaps there is a particular charity that is close to your heart. All of these factors can help you find a bingo hall that will make your experience excellent.

Is bingo legal in my state?+

Bingo laws vary from state to state. Some states only allow bingo for charity, whereas others allow commercial bingo halls to exist. It can be hard to keep track of what kind of gambling is allowed in which state, but BingoPort does its research and gives you plenty of information about your state's gambling laws. We let you know what kind of bingo is allowed, and where you can play, so you can stay well informed.

Once you have found the page for your state, check at the bottom of the page for more information on gambling laws in your state.