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Chester in Maryland is a census-designated place that is home to more than 4,000 residents. Located on Kent Island, Chester is almost completely bordered by water, though it is accessible via road thanks to the William Preston Lane Jr. Memorial Bay Bridge to the west, and the Kent Narrows Bridge to the east. Are you looking for places to play bingo in Chester, Maryland? See your local halls below.

Where can I play bingo games in Chester, Maryland?

In Chester, you can enjoy a great selection of bingo venues. But where can you find bingo? Bingo is played in bingo halls; some bingo halls are permanent, whereas others may be a social club, church, or fire station that has become a bingo hall just for the night. This means that your nearest bingo halls may not always be easy to spot! The nice thing about this is that each bingo hall will be different, and will have its own atmosphere, schedule, and setup. Differences aside, you'll definitely see some similarities within bingo halls; the room will be laid out in a similar way each time, with tables and chairs for the players, and somewhere for the bingo caller to stand.

What happens during a bingo game?

Bingo is fast and exciting, but it's surprisingly easy to learn! If you've never played bingo before, it may see confusing, but here's your simple guide to understanding how bingo works. It's always best to arrive early to a bingo game. You'll need to find your way in, get your bingo cards, and settle into a seat before the game begins. A bingo card has a 5x5 grid on it. The grid is filled with random numbers between 1 and 75, with a blank space in the middle. At the beginning of the game, the bingo caller will announce the winning pattern. This tells you which boxes on your card's grid you must mark to win the game. Then the caller will draw numbers randomly, announcing them one at a time. Players mark their cards if they have the number on their grid. The first player to mark all the squares for the winning pattern must quickly shout BINGO before the next number is called out. This is how you win the game and claim your prize!

How do I pick a bingo hall in Chester, Maryland?

Ready to choose a bingo hall? Fantastic! But where do you start? BingoPort is here to help you choose a great place to play bingo locally by making things simple and easy. Your first consideration should be location. It's no good finding a great bingo hall in Alaska if you live in Maryland! On this page you'll find all the nearest bingo halls to Chester, MD, making it easy to view your options. Now you can take a look at what each hall has to offer. Which is the most convenient for you to visit? Which of them open at times to suit your schedule? These factors will help you when choosing a bingo hall. See what each hall offers on BingoPort's listing page for each venue.

What makes a bingo hall great?

Bingo halls vary so much- how do you know which ones you'll love? BingoPort can help you find a venue that's perfect for you. Browse the bingo hall listings pages to see what each hall is like, what it offers, and if it's right for you. Finding the perfect bingo hall is all about finding the hall that suits your needs the best, so... what do you love about bingo? Aside from winning of course! Do you want a hall that offers big prizes? Or perhaps one that supports a charity you love? Maybe you'd like a smaller game full of regulars who all get on well. Whatever kind of vibe you prefer, choosing a hall that matches your tastes is likely to lead to a more enjoyable experience. What facilities do you want your venue to offer? Some bingo halls have drinks, snacks, a parking lot, and more, so consider what you'd enjoy!

Gambling in Maryland

Can you gamble legally in Maryland? Yes- there are several forms of gambling that the law in Maryland permits. Bingo is legal, which is great news, and it must be played to raise money for a charitable cause. This means that while enjoying bingo you'll be supporting a great cause! Lottery games are legal in Maryland, and tickets to both the state lottery and multi-state lotteries can be purchased. Casinos are legal in the state, and there are several you can visit if you are so inclined. They offer a variety of table games, and some have poker rooms too. There are horse racing tracks in Maryland, and betting is permitted both on and off track.

Interesting Facts

  • Almost 25% of Chester's area is water.
  • Charles Willson Peale, the painter known for portraits of famous Revolutionary figures, was from Chester, MD.
  • Cox Creek separates Chester from Stevensville, to the west.
  • Yachting is popular in Chester, thanks to the many creeks, bays, and rivers surrounding Kent Island.
  • The Kent Island Heritage Museum in Chester provides information and entertainment to keep the history of Kent Island alive.

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