Cambridge, Maryland

Cambridge is a colonial city on the south bank of the Choptank River, in Dorchester County, Maryland. With tons of history and an ever-changing industry, Cambridge is a city with much to offer. Are you looking to play bingo in Cambridge? See your local bingo halls here!

Where can I play bingo in Cambridge, Maryland?

Bingo is held in venues called bingo halls. Some bingo halls do nothing but bingo; they hold games multiple times a week, and the venue is set up for bingo all the time. Other venues just become a bingo hall temporarily- like when your local church, fire station, or social club holds a bingo fundraiser! There are benefits to both kinds of bingo hall, so it's really a case of deciding which you prefer (or just visit both!). Whether your bingo hall is permanent or temporary, you'll be able to enjoy the fast-paced and exciting game that is bingo. Just choose a hall to visit, refresh yourself on the rules of bingo, and come to a game to have a great time!

How does bingo work?

Bingo may be fast, but it's pretty easy to learn. Whether you're a total beginner or just looking for a refresher, here's a simple guide that will take you through a typical game of bingo. It's always best to arrive a little early for a game of bingo; there are things you'll need to do before you start the game. You'll need to get your bingo cards, pay any fees, and find someplace to sit. Some venues will also offer refreshments that you might like to buy before the game. Once you've found a seat, get your dauber pen ready, and you're all set for the game. Your bingo card will have a 5x5 grid on it, with a number in each square (except the middle one which is blank). When the game is about to begin, the bingo caller will let everyone know the winning pattern. The winning pattern is which squares on your bingo card you need to mark in order to win. Sometimes this is a full house (every square), or a line, or a shape like an arrow. It could be anything, so make sure you know what you're aiming for! The caller will then draw numbers one by one and shout them out. The players mark the number if they have it on their card. The first player to mark every box for the winning pattern must quickly shout BINGO to win!

How do I know which bingo hall to visit in Cambridge, Maryland?

If you're ready to play bingo, the next thing to do is find a hall to visit! This may seem like a big deal, but don't panic- BingoPort is here to make it simple, and fun! The first way to narrow down your choice of halls is by location. If you want halls in and around Cambridge, MD, you'll see your closest bingo halls on this page. That's one job taken care of! Now that you know which halls are available to you, it's time to see what they offer. Take a look at each hall's BingoPort listing page to get an idea of its vibe, as well as the facilities it offers. Don't forget to consider location and opening times; convenience is often a big decider when it comes to which bingo hall to visit! You could also check out which charities the venue's games support; you might see a charity that you'd love to support.

What makes a bingo hall good?

With so many bingo halls available, it can be tough to know which ones are going to result in the best experience. The trick to finding a great bingo hall is finding a bingo hall that suits YOU. Every bingo player has a different idea of what makes the perfect hall! Narrowing down what you love about bingo (aside from winning of course!) will make it easier to pick a great hall. Do you love a hall that offers drinks or snacks? Or perhaps for you it's more about the prizes on offer. Do you have specific requirements, like disability access or somewhere to smoke? How about a hall with a parking lot? There are so many different factors, consider which ones you'd like best, and seek out a hall that offers your ideal facilities!

Is it legal to gamble in Maryland?

Many forms of gambling can be enjoyed legally in Maryland. Bingo is legal if the game is raising money for charity, which is great news! You can enjoy a fantastic game of bingo and raise money for a good cause at the same time! Lottery games are allowed in Maryland too, and you can get tickets for both the state lottery and multi-state lotteries. If you want to take a trip out, you can visit a casino; casinos in Maryland are allowed to offer table games like roulette and blackjack, and some have poker rooms available too. Or for a different kind of day out, there are racetracks in Maryland that hold horse races. You can bet on these on or off track if you would like to join in with the fun.

Interesting facts about Cambridge, Maryland

  • Famous people from Cambridge, MD, include Golden Girls actress Bea Arthur, and activist Harriet Tubman.
  • Cambridge was officially incorporated in 1793, and was named after the city in England.
  • Cambridge's motto is "Living, Working, Relaxing...And Loving It".
  • The city of Cambridge's seal is turquoise, and it depicts boats, barns, and cogs.
  • Cambridge is the fourth most populous city in Maryland's Eastern Shore region.

Bingo Halls in Cambridge

Cambridge Elk's Bingo # 1272

5464 Elks Lodge Road, Cambridge, Maryland,

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