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Vineland, New Jersey

Vineland, New Jersey, is a city rich with history within Cumberland County. Known as "Egg Capital of the World" for its increase in chicken farming, Vineland has found many ways over the years to provide income and thrive as an industrial town. One of those is through tourism. With places like the Delsea Drive-in, the only drive-in theater in New Jersey, and attraction the Palace of Depression, Vineland remains a place that'll attract anyone and everyone to its land. It boasts two bingo halls, both in well-loved buildings with legacies and names attached, making the halls more well-known.

Where Can I Play Bingo in Vineland, New Jersey?

In Vineland there's a choice of places to play bingo! Firstly, there's Loyal Order of Moose, a fraternity organisation that spans over 1600 lodges across 49 states in the US, 4 provinces in Canada, and even the UK! This organisation brings in an impressive revenue to sustain all these locations. Loyal Order of Moose #434 is in Vineland, and while its primary function is for members, every Thursday the lodge turns into a bingo hall for frequent bingo players! Like with all bingo halls in New Jersey, with a couple hours of planning and a dedicated host and team of volunteers, any regular community center, church, or hall can be turned into a great place to play bingo. Whether they're fold-down long tables or individual rounded tables to group teams together, a bingo hall is sure to take shape with a little set up! In New Jersey, bingo halls are usually born from public buildings due to bingo being a non-profit game. So, really, most places like this can be used as a great bingo hall!

What Happens During a Bingo Game?

New to bingo and finding multiple results from an internet search of how, exactly, a bingo game runs? No problem! Here are the basics! Some bingo halls have pull-table machines, like the lodge in Vineland. This gives a ticket as well as a cash-out receipt. Other times, tickets can be bought in advance online or at the door. If you're in a big team, you'll be shown to a pre-assigned table (most likely!) or if you're a solo player looking to mingle and socialise with other solo players, you'll be able to pick anywhere to sit. Generally, your ticket purchase comes with a bingo sheet but you can always buy a bingo book or extra sheets in the venue! If you're a fan of an ink dauber, make sure to snag one of those too! Once everyone is seated and settled, the host--or caller--will start the game. Bingo is played by drawing number after number from a pot and calling them out. With each new number, players must see if that matches what's on their bingo sheet. If it is, you can cross it off! Happy days! The first win in a bingo game is usually a line: either vertical or horizontal, all numbers in a line must be crossed off. After that, the next--and biggest--win is most commonly a full house! This is where all your bingo grid numbers have been called out and you're the lucky player to have been first to call "Bingo!" The best thing about bingo is how unpredictable it is. You don't know or can't guess who'll win. It's totally randomised! But if you have the correct numbers crossed off, make sure to shout "Bingo!" quick, just in case another fortunate player has the same ones crossed off too!

How Do I Pick a Bingo Hall in Vineland, New Jersey?

Picking a specific bingo game really all depends on your personal lifestyle and schedule. Sometimes it's as simple as "I can't do Wednesday but I'm free any other day", in which case, the Moose Lodge bingo hall would be a good local bingo hall to consider! Perhaps you're coming on public transport? You might only have access to the part of the city that St Francis of Assisi Church is in, so another bingo hall is out of the question because it'd be too costly or time-consuming to connect. Both bingo halls have their games starting at 7pm, so if that suits your schedule you can factor in the other elements to choose! Perhaps your ideal bingo hall has available refreshments to purchase, so you'll want a venue that accommodates that. In the Moose Lodge, refreshments are available from a concession stand to purchase, however, bringing your own snacks is strictly prohibited.

What Makes a Bingo Hall Good?

Again, this can come down to personal preference. Maybe you consider a bingo hall to be good if it has a designated smoking area. Maybe your idea of a good bingo hall is strictly no smoking, and that would get your vote. A good bingo hall will always have designated parking--or, at least, super accessible parking near to the venue--and you get that with both the Moose Lodge and church in Vineland! Additionally, a good element has a bingo hall should have is refreshments with affordable prices for the players. Overall, bingo can be a minimal cost game, so if the kitchen snacks have steep prices, players might be put off. A low-cost night would turn into a bit of forking out a lot more extra dollars, which makes the overall night a little less desirable. If there's no kitchen available to prepare snacks, a concession stand can always be created with a fold-out table and cakes or sandwiches. Especially having bingo games starting near dinner time, a lot of players will come hoping for some sort of snack to tide them over until the games end.

Gambling and New Jersey

New Jersey has had changing rules regarding gambling ever since it became legal in 1976. Even now, there are strict rules over what can and can't be bet on. Location can be everything when it comes to gambling in New Jersey. Online betting is only allowed if the site has a physical business store and licence. However, bingo serves as a non-profit game that's all fun and raises money for charity. All bingo rules across New Jersey state that bingo cannot be profited from.

Interesting facts about Vineland, New Jersey

  • Incorporated in 1957, Vineland was named for the city founder's plans to grow grapes on the land.
  • Delsea Drive-In is the only drive-in theater in all of New Jersey.
  • The Palace of Depression was built from junk by Alaskan gold miner George Daynor. It was a project of willpower against the Great Depression. George Daynor lost his entire fortune in the Wall Street Crash in 1929. It's since been reconstructed, and is sometimes also referenced in popular media.
  • Vineland is the birthplace of Charles K. Landis, the founder, who also has a theater named after him. It's also the birthplace of Miles Lerman, a Holocaust survivor who fought in World War II as a Jewish resistance fighter.
  • Vineland has over 335 miles of roadways, making it a large city by New Jersey standards.

Bingo Halls in Vineland