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Bayonne, New Jersey

Bayonne is a city in New Jersey, situated on a peninsula between Newark Bay and New York Bay, and is rich with history connections to many different events and countries. With a population of 65,000 residents, Bayonne's biggest tourist attractions focus on historic harbours, docks, and ferries, it's notoriety dating back to 1664. Despite this, its commercial industry to bring in modern companies to appeal to a newer era of residency was a major success for the city. It is a perfect combination of classical and modernised.

Where Can I Play Bingo in BAYONNE, NEW JERSEY?

Despite New York City being a mere 10 miles away, Bayonne's bingo and gambling scene does not suffer in the shadow of a larger, more commonly-known city. With such a large population and the major employment industry being healthcare, residents might not always be able to travel further for any fun-filled bingo or gambling nights. Within Bayonne, there is a cluster of churches, all sister and brother churches to each other: St. Andrew's Parish Church; B1 Mariam Teresa Demjanovich; St Johns Byzantine, and St Mary Star of the Sea. Through these churches, bingo nights are largely popular and well-loved by those who've attended them for years. With accessible parking and different beliefs and practices across the churches, these bingo nights are accommodating to many--both locally and visitors. However, B1 Mariam Teresa Demjanovich church offers an alternate location to it's bingo night, at a local Catholic Academy called All Saints.

What Happens During a Bingo Game?

Unsure of where to play bingo? In Bayonne, whether you're a believer of any faith or not, bingo is available, and frequent players are very welcoming. With high reviews and glowing comments, any of these sites will open its arms to those looking for time away from the busy streets, and to have fun someplace quieter. Bingo is held in an open hall within the churches, with tables laid out in lines across the room, ensuring everyone can see the host. These games are volunteer-run, free-of-charge, despite a high jackpot of $1,400. Sometimes a prize is put in place for a line win, where a player crosses off the numbers on their bingo sheet that match the numbers called by the host. They can achieve a line in any way, as long as it follows the pattern. The winner here must shout out, "Line!" to alert the other players that this particular checkpoint has been passed. Now it's a tense race to who can achieve a full house. When that's achieved, the player will call out, "Bingo!" and the game ends once their sheet is checked against the numbers called.

How Do I Pick a Bingo Hall to Visit in Bayonne, New Jersey?

At All Saints Catholic Academy in Bayonne, there is great incentive to join in the community of people already playing their hand at bingo. With a jackpot prize of $1400, plus a start of 6:30pm, this means you can make the most of your night without rushing from work or worry about being away from children too long. Not to mention the very best part: the location has an on-site cafeteria which does require a little extra spend but for the sake of hot food amongst friends and family, plus new faces to find something in common with, it's definitely worth it! As you can play bingo locally, in public locations that are used throughout the week, there is parking space available near all churches, plus on-site parking for the academy.

What Makes a Bingo Hall Good?

Bingo can be an incredibly enjoyable past-time with the right amenities. Having other people who want to join in and add to the uplifted atmosphere can make it pleasant and worth staying for another game or two! With the addition of food, assurance when parking that there will be no fines to worry about to dampen the night, and a good host who'll get a crowd cheering back, you can't go wrong with the bingo hall. Across Bayonne, bingo nights can attract anywhere from 100-500 people depending on the day of the game, the time, and the weather. These are all important factors to consider, but between the several locations, Bayonne has covered all considerations and aspects of what a bingo-player will look for in their potential hall.

Gambling and New Jersey

Although only 10 miles away from Bayonne is the thriving hub of NYC, this city attracts its own visitors with a major gambling scene. Although its bingo halls are public, one of its popular hotspots for gambling aren't quite at that accessible level. Cunard Cruises boasts a casino with 5 table games, plus 46 slot machines. Meanwhile, Winners Bar in Bayonne is open to the public, a popular bar where customers go to watch sports, place bets, as well as take full advantage of McLoone's Bayonne Grill for a bite to eat during game breaks! This popular place was opened in 2012, being an 21+ bar due to alcohol and gambling. Horse racing remains the most popular sport to place bets on.

Interesting facts about Bayonne, New Jersey

  • It is a Democratic city, with a staggering 72.8% rating for Joe Biden in the recent presidential election.
  • Bayonne has 5 hospitals, which provides the highest percentage of the employment sector.
  • Originally, Bayonne was called Bergen Neck and came under the British rule in 1664 after the British defeated the Dutch. However, after the Revolutionary War that saw George Washington become the first president, Bayonne was won back by Americans.
  • Bayonne is the birthplace of famous GAME OF THRONES author, George R.R. Martin.
  • In a list of "Top 101 Cities:...", Bayonne ranked #1 for having most residents born in Egypt.

Bingo Halls in Bayonne

St Johns Byzantine

14 E 27th Street, Bayonne, New Jersey,

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