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Kearny, New Jersey

Incorporated in 1899, Kearny is a town nestled in the west of Hudson County, home to a considerable 40,000 people. It has a thriving business hub, with corporate chains linking throughout the town, and massively supports big-time businesses as well as independent ones! On every street corner there's an indie bakery, deli, takeaway, or diner. On every other street corner there's a public park or some sort of community area such tennis courts or centers. Like a lot of New Jersey, Kearny has a large Catholic population, which leads us right to the heart of its bingo hall at St. Stephen's Church, located on the corners of Kearny Avenue and Washington Street.

Where Can I Play Bingo in Kearny, New Jersey?

In Kearny, there's a great bingo hall, with monthly bingo games, exclusively for 50s and over, called the Senior Members. It's held in the beautiful St. Stephen's Church--which is known to be one of the most beautiful churches in the country, and with its arched windows and multiple layers of brick architecture, stained-glass windows, and towers, nobody can quite argue that fact! Any hall can be turned into a bingo hall: all you have to do is find some volunteers, advertise, and get some tables and chairs! Some bingo halls prefer to have long tables to have everyone nearer each other, but others opt for a more casual approach of individual tables for each group that come to play. You can, of course, go solo, in which case long tables are better so nobody feels left out. St. Stephen's Church offers bingo to it's members only, but becoming a member is super easy! Just call up Allan Handerson, the group's president, and pay an annual fee of $10, and you're all set!

What Happens During a Bingo Game?

Most bingo halls are pretty standard for the bingo games; they don't really differ the rules from each other. However, there might be different rules in terms of what counts for a win. Some bingo events go for a straight full house; others allow a line-win or a shape. So check if your local bingo hall has any specific rules but usually it's quite standard! When sitting down to play bingo, those who frequent the game will know to have an ink dauber to hand! This is a circular-tipped marker that dabs the numbers you have on your bingo sheet that get called by the host or caller. Usually, this is a volunteer, and much loved by the bingo group due to familiarity. Over time, you'll get to know your caller or host--or group of them!--and end up having a chat alongside your game. They'll call out the numbers and players cross off the ones they have until they reach a full line crossed off, either horizontally or vertically. Some sort of win can be awarded for this but, again, you can check in with your hosts and see if there is a win here! Once that's awarded, it's a full race to the finish line! Go for the full house! If you're lucky enough, you'll be the player with every number on your bingo card to be crossed off and BAM! You've won the game! Prepare for your card to be checked, validated, and your win will be announced! As most local bingo halls are for fundraising, there'll likely be a prize or a portion of profit returned as a win. So get checking out what you might able to snag!

How Do I Pick a Bingo Hall to Visit in Kearny, New Jersey?

St. Stephen's is the local bingo hall for Kearny folks--more specifically, Kearny's older folks! It has everything a bingo player could want: a particular age range that the events get tailored to, a community of others who might want some company, coffee and cake available at the hall, and a great timing to the event! Bingo starts right after group meetings, at 1pm, which is a perfect time to grab a quick lunch beforehand, or after, if you prefer! As St. Stephen's caters to a senior group and is a public building, it has a parking lot as well as accessibility for the group members. Furthermore, there are designated smoking areas for those who want a little break between their bingo games! Seniors of the group might drive themselves; in which case, there are great highways and a toll road right into main Kearny. As well as this, there are endless train and bus stations in the area. You'll never be at a loss for where to go or what to do in the area! So if you're someone who likes the coming-and-going of a busy small town, Kearny and its bingo hall is the perfect place for you!

What Makes a Bingo Hall Good?

When bingo is advertised, it can attract several people: couples, families (if the bingo is child-friendly), older players, and solo players who want to join in a little fun and fill up a free evening or afternoon. So there are a few bases to cover when considering what makes a bingo hall good. Namely, food. Many people will be far more inclined to check out a group if there are refreshments available. It's a big attraction point, so keep that in mind! Nobody really wants to go to a bingo game for a couple hours and be distracted by a grumbling stomach, wishing the game was over to they could get some food afterwards! Refreshments or any kind are always a great place to start! Additionally, you need space. If you're advertising particularly on Facebook--which is incredibly popular--you can attract a tonne of people! So you need to make sure you have the space for them to fit comfortably, either separate or in groups/teams. It's always good to plan your layout to ensure everyone is comfortable and has enough personal space. Nobody wants to be cramped! Accessibility is definitely another element. Make it easy for the players to access the bingo hall either on public transport or car--a free-of-charge parking lot or available parking nearby will do just the trick!

Gambling and New Jersey

Gambling is quite liberal in New Jersey, and that's why Atlantic City brings in so much of the state's annual revenue. It's a thriving hub of gambling and casinos. In 2013, New Jersey also offered a further platform to enhance gambling: the use of online betting, as long as there was a physical store to base it from. This ensured many people who may not want to venture into casinos or gambling halls could still do something they loved as a hobby without leaving the comfort of their homes! With Kearny being a relatively smaller town on the New Jersey map, it's no wonder it only has one bingo hall to compete with the rest of the state, but it certainly pulls up to standards and stands alone, winning the community hearts of 50+ players!

Interesting facts about Kearny, New Jersey

  • Kearny is the birthplace of both Frank Iero, and Ray Toro, members of My Chemical Romance.
  • Andrew Carnegie built 36 libraries across New Jersey despite never living there, but in the early 1900s, he began his legacy. Kearny Public Library is one of the few libraries left known in the New Jersey Carnegie Libraries.
  • Alongside a public library, Kearny has a museum that exhibits artefacts relating to the town's namesake. Kearny was incorporated and named after General Philip Kearny who fought and led in the Civil War in 1899.
  • Kearny's nickname is "Soccer Town" due to the Scotsmen and Irishmen soccer-playing immigrants who flooded New Jersey in 1870 to work for two new major companies.
  • With a considerable population, the Democratic voters take up 43%, while the Republicans only contribute to 11%, and the rest were undecided. However, in Obama's first election, he bagged over 68% of Kearny's vote.

Bingo Halls in Kearny