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Bordentown, New Jersey

Bordentown is a city located in the county of Burlington, New Jersey, United States. Bordentown is also home of the Crosswicks Creek Site III, a specific point of interest, which is an archaeological site from the American Revolutionary War era. As of the 2010 United States Census, the city's population was estimated at almost 4,000.

Where can I play bingo in Bordentown?

Looking for a local bingo hall nearby or in Bordentown? Look no further! There are two very popular-known bingo halls currently residing in Bordentown. One well known hall that seems very popular with the locals is based at The Bordentown Elks Lodge (number 2085). The other popular hall resides in the St Mary’s Roman Catholic Church, on Crosswicks Street. Get all the information you need on both halls as soon as possible to start enjoying bingo halls local to Bordentown! Check out many more bingo halls near and around Bordentown on BingoPort.

What happens at bingo?

So, it is your first time going to a bingo hall and you’re wondering how it all works. Bingo Halls are a place that hosts games of bingo, this could be a school, church, community centre, etc. If you have never been to one before, it makes complete sense that it may sound quite daunting. Follow these few simple steps to make sure your experience is enjoyable as it should be when attending a local bingo hall. Try to get there early, not only does this prevent tardiness and risk being refused entry, you also get a chance to socialise and make friends before entering the bingo hall - making the experience even more enjoyable. Unsure if you know how to play bingo? Do not worry, it is a very easy to follow game. When the game commences, you will be given a sheet with rows of numbers on it. Wait for the caller to announce a number drawn at random, and cross it off if it is listed on your sheet. Continue this process until you run out of numbers, which is when you must call out the word ‘BINGO’ to indicate to the caller that you have won the game. Your results will be checked during a brief break and if everything is correct, you will be awarded your prize. Now that you are prepared, you are able to attend you local bingo hall without worry and enjoy yourself.

How do I pick a bingo hall for Bordentown?

Picking a local bingo hall can be quite simple when dealt with correctly. After you are aware of your options for Bordentown, start to list requirements that are important for you in order to enjoy your experience at the bingo hall. These could be things such as distance or car park access. Will you be driving? If so, it is pretty important you choose a bingo hall that has access to a car park. Entry fee is also a big factor, are you willing to pay to play? Or are you just wanting to save your money and play free games? This is important to know just in case you are required to bring cash for entrance fees and not risk rejection for not having money with you to pay. Prizes can also be a factor that affects the choice of your local bingo hall. If you want a physical prize, you need to make sure that is what is on offer, vice-versa if you are wanting a cash prize. Make sure this is clear as you do not want disappointment when you win something you did not want to win.

What makes a good bingo hall?

When looking for a good bingo hall in your town of Bordentown, it can be very subjective. This is because it is something personal to each individual as everyone has their own reason for wanting to play bingo at their local bingo hall. Some people go there to win cash or prizes, whilst others do it for the social aspect , so they can connect with locals and have a pleasant time playing bingo. If you are looking for a more serious gameplay, try to choose a hall that has strict rules on speaking during the games, as this could distract you and hinder your performance, limiting your chances at winning prizes. If the social side of local bingo halls is what interests you then it is recommended to go with the most popular local bingo hall, as it will have more people for you to interact with. Along with this, check for ones with relaxed rules that maybe even offer some sort of catering option as food and drink is always related to socialising these days.

Gambling in New Jersey

Gambling within New Jersey is extremely popular. Horse racing, bingo, lottery, and social gambling are among some of the popular favourites being played throughout the state on a daily basis. New Jersey is also famously known for Atlantic City, and their low-restrictive laws regarding gambling, attracting more locals to want to join in on the fun. There is also history within New Jersey regarding raffling, and how the proceeds were used in the 1800s and the revolution to fund the military and several universities. You could say that gambling is quite sacred to the people of NJ, as it has brought them so much positivity, and they have a lot to be thankful for.

Interesting facts about Bordentown, New Jersey

  • The town has a population of over 3,000 civilians.
  • Bordentown's first recorded European settlement was made in 1682 and is known as Farnsworth's Landing
  • Thomas Farnsworth, an English Quaker, was credited with being the first European settler in the Bordentown area in 1682,
  • Downtown Bordentown has many book, record and antique stores lining its streets, as well as other family-owned business such as restaurants, coffee shops and barbers.
  • Bordentown is famously known for Crosswicks Creek Site III, an archaeological site from the American Revolutionary War era.

Bingo Halls in Bordentown

Elks #2085

11 Amboy Rd, Bordentown, New Jersey,

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