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Belford, New Jersey

To the east of Monmouth County, nestled in the Middletown Township, a census-designated area called Belford is home to a small population of just under 2,000 residents. However, despite its smaller scale, this town is far from insignificant. With every weekend always seeing a local event of sorts that involves both children and adults, Belford is a tight-knit community of middle-aged families.

Belford, New Jersey

Despite being tucked away to the east coast of New Jersey, Belford does have a place available for bingo events. The Elks Association is an elite fraternity group formed in 1868 and has prospered greatly throughout the centuries, into present day. With many lodges in New Jersey, the lodge located in Belford is home to bingo for locals. Although you can only become a member of the Elks group under strict circumstances--invitation by current high-standing member only, as well as believing in God and you must be over 21 years old--the lodge opens its doors to locals on Friday mornings at 9am, providing food and drink to those who attend.

What Happens During a Bingo Game?

Typically, when interested in bingo, you can locate your nearest local bingo hall--or one-off event for a charitable cause or fundraiser--and get information on where and when the game will be held. Locations usually offer a bingo sheet on admission, with offers to buy extra books once in the venue. Tables and chairs are set out either in small groups or long tables for players to sit alongside each other, facing the game host. This is the person who will draw numbers and call them out. If you have that number on your bingo sheet, great! Mark it off! It's a race that can't be determined; it's just a randomly-drawn set of numbers and if you happen to have those, you get a good chance at winning. In bingo, there are several ways to win, but the most common wins are a line of numbers, and a full house. "Line!" and "Bingo!" are usually called out at this point, not only to alert the host but other players. Your bingo sheet will then be checked against the host's numbers and your win will be confirmed! If there is a jackpot, great! If your game of bingo is a fundraiser or charity event with prizes, you'll be handed them by the host.

How Do I Pick a Bingo Hall to Visit in Belford, New Jersey?

With Belford home to a small population, the town doesn't have much variation when it comes to choosing bingo locations. And although Elks #2179 is a known venue, its rental hall isn't a frequent venue for bingo. However, it's been rented out to hosts for bingo games in the name of charitable events and fundraisers. However, when Elks #2179 do host charity bingo events, the venue is in a very accessible area. Near a biking trail, it makes for easy access for different methods of transport. This bingo hall available to rent and in a popular business area, which provides good road access and parking. As there is public space around Elks #2179, smokers are free to smoke outside venues, so that can be appealing for short breaks in between games. Nearby, there is a takeout restaurant, as well as a convenience store, and a gas station. Those driving to the events have great advantages with this location.

What Makes a Bingo Hall Good?

There are several things to combine to make a good bingo hall: accessible parking (so your night isn't somewhat ruined by leaving only to get a parking fine), refreshments either provided or very near by to the bingo hall, a designated smoking area, and a good crowd--or if not a large crowd then a friendly crowd so the atmosphere is uplifting and pleasant to be in. Belford's rental hall has all of these, especially since the fraternity group that owns the hall has a rapport amongst the community, and across other towns in the New Jersey state. If you're looking for a good rental hall for your bingo plans, look no further!

Gambling and NEW JERSEY

William Hill PLC company operate in New Jersey under a specific license and have regular oversights by the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement, the New Jersey Racing Commission, and other local regulatory agencies. This requires applicants such as William Hill to submit frequent financial reports in order to keep operating. In New Jersey, gambling is quite an open topic, and there are many gambling support groups--as well as clear announcements from companies that players anywhere can put a self restriction if they feel they are in danger of gambling too much, or developing a dangerous addiction. From this, there is great support in handling addiction. Belford, New Jersey, doesn't operate a great deal with large-scale gambling companies but its proximity to other towns with larger gambling circles allows residents to explore on a bigger scale.

Interesting facts about Belford, New Jersey

  • Belford has 5 exceptional public schools, supported by high statistics and all-round commendations.
  • The ferry slip goes to Pier 11 at Wall Street, NYC, and, further along, goes to Battery Park City ferry terminal. So despite its size, Belford has excellent nautical connections.
  • Belford's crime rate is impressively low--only 1 crime reported each year in recent records.
  • Birthplace of Tammy Lynn Sytch, wrestling manager, known for her time in the WWF under the name "Sunny".
  • Belford takes great pride in its Elks Association, which was founded in 1868 by 15 actors and entertainers. They have lodges all across New Jersey.

Bingo Halls in Belford

Elks # 2179

251 Church St, Belford, New Jersey,

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