Where can I play bingo in Audubon Park, New Jersey?

Audubon, NJ, is an urban borough in Camden County. It is North West of New Jersey, near the Delaware River, the border into Pennsylvania. Despite its smaller population of a recorded 8,819, it is a well-educated town perfect for families. A lot of the focus in Audubon is on its educational sector, with this industry boasting the highest percent of jobs for kindergarten and middle school teachers, making this a wonderful place for families with younger children. Audubon Park was constructed for $1.4 million in 1941, watching generations of families pass through its streets since the looming World War II.

Where can I play bingo in Audubon Park, New Jersey?

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Where Can I Play Bingo in Audubon, New Jersey?

As a popular residential borough, Audubon only has one bingo hall. Audubon Park's bingo night is held at Audubon Park Vol. Fire Company every Thursday from 7pm-10:30pm. Admission is only $2, which gets players 1 bingo sheet. Once inside the hall, extra sheets and books are available for purchase. Audubon Park opens its doors at 5:30pm, and offers refreshments of hot sandwiches, cold sodas, and fresh coffee for its patrons. The hall can be contacted through a public line of 856-546-6134. This will make for a perfect fun night after a busy working day for families with children who want to unwind. Despite its smaller venue, Thursday bingo nights are no small affair, attracting around 100 people for its volunteer-run games. Audubon Park is a community place with its residents having a great deal of pride for where they live and the history in their town. The bingo hall is a perfect place for players to see this reflected: everyone coming together to join in something fun, with prizes to win along the way.

What Happens During a Bingo Game?

Players are invited into a community room that provides entertainment and familiarity. The players are locals who share friendly conversation over coffee and bingo books or single sheets. The doors open from 5:30pm, giving a lot of time for frequent players to catch up before settling down to focus on their game. The fire station is located on 18 Road C, Audubon, New Jersey. An average single game of bingo statistically lasts around ten minutes. Players will purchase their bingo sheets and either buy dot marker pens or bring them with them (if they're frequent players!) The host will call for all players to prepare for the start of the game. Once ready, the host will begin drawing numbers (usually from a large ball), and call out each number. If the player has that number, they mark it off on their bingo sheet. "Bingo!" is called out when a player has a line: all numbers either horizontally or vertically or diagonally must be crossed off. They must be in a line. This is the first win of the game and usually has a prize slightly less than the main prize to commend it. The host will continue to draw numbers--until a full house is achieved. This is when the player has every number on their sheet marked off. The numbers are drawn at random, and most commonly, hosts will add usual anecdotes to the numbers to get the players chatting and laughing. For example: "all the 2s, 22." Or: "Lucky seven, number seven." These sayings have been well-known for many years, and will be familiar to frequent bingo players! It's a race, essentially, against other players to win the prize, and can be played either solo or in teams.

How Do I Pick a Bingo Hall to Visit in Audubon, New Jersey?

Audubon only has one hall in which to play bingo but the joy and attraction of it to the locals makes up for any big-time hall in larger towns. Audubon Park is a two-storey building with the look of a military base. It's part of a community of municipal buildings that the locals know very well, most of them having grown up in Audubon. A tight-knit town, Audubon attracts locals to its bingo nights where players relax, play, and reminisce over Audubon's history. People can purchase a bingo sheet upon a $2 admission fee, and join other players in the hall where fresh coffee, hot sandwiches, and refreshing sodas are available. This is the only local bingo hall available to play at this time.

What Makes a Bingo Hall Good?

If you like close-knit community places to check out, whether newly-moved or visiting Audubon, the Thursday night bingo hall will definitely be the perfect place. Not only does Audubon Park attract individual players but it's family-friendly, and the game night usually lasts around 3 hours, so there is plenty of time to settle in, get comfortable, and get talking to the locals. If you like bingo nights in a place full of history, town pride, then Audubon Park is perfect! In the heart of the town, nestled amongst other commercial buildings, Thursday nights offer a great deal of Audubon culture.

Gambling and New Jersey

Gambling was illegal in New Jersey until 1976. In 1977, the New Jersey Casino Control Act was signed into law as a unique tool for urban redevelopment linking to Atlantic City. There are roughly 39 casinos near the particular town of Audubon, New Jersey. Although it's a small, quaint town, being so close to Philadelphia, this makes for easy access to gambling just over the Delaware River border. Within only 10 miles of Audubon, there are popular casinos, such as Casino Parties, only 5 miles from Audubon. Alongside this is Keystone Gaming, Gaming Onnam Suite, and Foxwoods Casino. With this attraction, Audubon offers all for gambling: small-town bingo nights for those wanting a quieter, close-knit scene, as well as bigger casinos and gambling halls nearby.

Interesting facts about Audubon Park, New Jersey

  • Audubon is named after John James Aududon, a famous ornithologist and artist in the mid 1780s. He found 25 new species of birds, and has many streets and areas named after him across all different states in the US.
  • Audubon is also the birthplace of Philadelphia Eagles' quarterback, Joe Flacco.
  • Audubon is a mostly-Democratic population, earning the town a 66.7% rating for Joe Biden voters in the recent presidential election.
  • Audubon boasts a larger industry rating of women in business roles.
  • 63.7% of it's population are family households, and as Audubon is an urban town, with locals having lived in the town for their whole lives--going back into previous generations--it's a friendly area that is always welcoming. It's not just a town; it's a community.