Texas Bingo Halls

Bigger, better, and bolder- Texas is a state that doesn’t do ‘small’. The state boasts some of the largest and most populated cities in the US, and one of the world’s biggest economies.


Find bingo halls in Texas and explore what the state’s best bingo venues have to offer. 


Where can I play bingo in Texas?

Where can I play bingo in Texas?

  • Super Bingo Hall Abilene, Texas (Abilene)
  • SPJST Lodge Bingo Hall Academy, Texas (Academy)
  • Blue Bonnet Bingo Hall Aledo, Texas (Aledo)
  • Lions Club Bingo Hall Alice, Texas (Alice)
  • VFW Bingo Hall Alice, Texas (Alice)
  • American Legion Bingo Hall Alpine, Texas (Alpine)
  • American Legion #426 Bingo Hall Alvarado, Texas (Alvarado)
  • VFW #9299 Bingo Hall Alvarado, Texas (Alvarado)
  • American Legion Bingo Hall Alvin, Texas (Alvin)
  • Odd Fellow Lodge Bingo Hall Amarillo, Texas (Amarillo)
  • Our Lady of Lourdes Church Bingo Hall Andrews, Texas (Andrews)
  • Eagles Bingo Hall Andrews, Texas (Andrews)
  • Moose Bingo Hall Andrews, Texas (Andrews)
  • Angleton Columbus Club Bingo Hall Angleton, Texas (Angleton)
  • VFW Bingo Hall Aransas Pass, Texas (Aransas Pass)
  • Pioneer Bingo Hall Arlington, Texas (Arlington)
  • SPJST Lodge #183 Bingo Hall Arlington, Texas (Arlington)
  • Moose Bingo Hall Arlington, Texas (Arlington)
  • Noon Bingo Hall Arlington, Texas (Arlington)
  • Arlington Bingo Hall Arlington, Texas (Arlington)
  • Arlington Moose Lodge Bingo Hall Arlington, Texas (Arlington)
  • Bingo Bucks Bingo Hall Arlington, Texas (Arlington)
  • Good Luck Bingo Hall Athens, Texas (Athens)
  • Oddfellows Lodge Bingo Hall Athens, Texas (Athens)
  • Treasure Island Bingo Hall Austin, Texas (Austin)
  • VFW #8925 Bingo Hall Austin, Texas (Austin)
  • B-12 Bingo Hall Austin, Texas (Austin)
  • River City Bingo Hall Austin, Texas (Austin)
  • St Ignatius Catholic Church Bingo Hall Austin, Texas (Austin)
  • Bayshore VFW Post 8566 Bingo Hall Bacliff, Texas (Bacliff)
  • Balch Springs Bingo Hall Balch Springs, Texas (Balch Springs)
  • Lakeshore VFD Bingo Hall Bandera, Texas (Bandera)
  • American Legion Bingo Hall Bangs, Texas (Bangs)
  • American Legion Bingo Hall Bastrop, Texas (Bastrop)
  • St Josephs Hall Bingo Hall Batesville, Texas (Batesville)
  • Knights of Columbus Bingo Hall Bay City, Texas (Bay City)
  • V.F.W. Post 2438 Bingo Hall Bay City, Texas (Bay City)
  • Eagles Hall Bingo Hall Bay City, Texas (Bay City)
  • Baytown Bingo Hall Baytown, Texas (Baytown)
  • 11th Street Bingo Hall Beaumont, Texas (Beaumont)
  • Eagles #116 Bingo Hall Beaumont, Texas (Beaumont)
  • Golden Nugget Bingo Hall Beaumont, Texas (Beaumont)
  • American Legion Bingo Hall Bedford, Texas (Bedford)
  • Our Lady of Victory Hall Bingo Hall Beeville, Texas (Beeville)
  • Our Lady of Victory Bingo Hall Beeville, Texas (Beeville)
  • VFW Bingo Hall Belton, Texas (Belton)
  • Santa Rosa Parish Bingo Hall Benavides, Texas (Benavides)
  • Arc Bingo Hall Big Spring, Texas (Big Spring)
  • Lions Club Bingo Hall Big Spring, Texas (Big Spring)
  • St Micheals Church Bingo Hall Big Wells, Texas (Big Wells)
  • St Peters Parish Hall Bingo Hall Blessing, Texas (Blessing)
  • St Peters Parish Bingo Hall Blessing, Texas (Blessing)
  • VFW Bingo Hall Borger, Texas (Borger)
  • Fort Clark Community Council Bingo Hall Brackettville, Texas (Brackettville)
  • VFW Bingo Hall Brady, Texas (Brady)
  • Elks Bingo Hall Breckenridge, Texas (Breckenridge)
  • Brenham Lodge #6 Bingo Hall Brenham, Texas (Brenham)
  • Knights of Columbus Bingo Hall Brownsville, Texas (Brownsville)
  • American Legion Bingo Hall Brownsville, Texas (Brownsville)
  • International Bingo Hall Brownsville, Texas (Brownsville)
  • VFW Bingo Hall Brownwood, Texas (Brownwood)
  • Redmen Tribe 6 Bingo Hall Brownwood, Texas (Brownwood)
  • Elks Lodge Bingo Hall Brownwood, Texas (Brownwood)
  • Lions Club Bingo Hall Brownwood, Texas (Brownwood)
  • Brazos Bingo Hall Bryan, Texas (Bryan)
  • Knights of Columbus Bingo Hall Bryan, Texas (Bryan)
  • Bingo Barn Bingo Hall Bryan, Texas (Bryan)
  • Santa Cruz Church Hall Bingo Hall Buda, Texas (Buda)
  • Santa Cruz Church Bingo Hall Buda, Texas (Buda)
  • VFW Bingo Hall Burnet, Texas (Burnet)

Summing up Where can I play bingo in Texas? by BingoPort

What are bingo halls?


A bingo hall is any venue that is set up to hold a bingo game. It could be a church hall, a community center, or any kind of room that has been borrowed for bingo!


Bingo halls may look very different from the outside, but inside, they have a lot of similarities. There will be chairs and tables set up for the players to use, and a place for the bingo caller to stand. This is usually at the front of the room, so everyone can see and hear the caller clearly.

How does a bingo game work?


New to bingo? No sweat, here’s what you can expect from your typical game of bingo. You’ll soon see there’s nothing to it!


It’s always a good idea to arrive early so that you’ll have time to get settled before the game begins. You’ll need to buy your tickets, find a seat, and maybe even chat with your fellow players.


When the game begins, everyone will fall silent so that the bingo caller can be heard without interruption. They will call out the numbers as they are drawn, and players will mark the numbers on their cards. The first player to match the winning pattern will shout BINGO to get the caller’s attention.


The winner’s card will be checked to confirm that they have won. There may be more than one prize at stake during a game; if this is the case, the game will continue. Once all the prizes have been won, the game will end, and players will usually take a short break before the next game begins.


Who are BingoPort?


BingoPort is a site dedicated to helping bingo players find a great bingo hall near them. We list bingo halls right across the US, organized by state and city, so you can find the perfect hall near you. We also include helpful details like opening times to help you make your decision.


It’s not just about the bingo halls- we’re bingo mad, so keep your eyes open for articles, news, and even more bingo content.


How do I choose a bingo hall?


With the options available to you in Texas, how do you choose a hall? The best way to start is to see the halls closest to home for you. Find your state and nearest town or city in the BingoPort listings to get started.


Once you can see the halls nearest to you, you can look at their details and decide which look good to you. You can also see their contact details and get in touch if you’d like more info.


Found a couple of venues that look good? Now you get to try them out! Grab a friend and go have some fun at the bingo.


What makes a great bingo hall?


To know what makes a bingo hall really good, it’s important to know what you love about bingo. Everyone will have a different idea about what a great hall looks like!


Bingo in Texas is only permitted for charity, and charitable organizations must meet criteria to be allowed to hold a bingo fundraiser. This may mean you are slightly more limited for options, but you can still choose a venue you love. See which charities are holding bingo games locally, and you might discover that a charity you’d love to support is on the list. If you already support a charity, you could see if they are holding a bingo game specifically.


Whatever you love about bingo, you can find out everything to help you choose a venue right here in the BingoPort pages.


Texas and gambling


Texas is very strict on gambling, and is often considered the toughest state when it comes to gambling laws. Casinos are only allowed on Native Reservation land, and all other forms of gambling are forbidden, except for dog and horse track betting. Even social betting at home is banned. That means no Texas Hold’em night!


Bingo and lotteries are legal in Texas, providing that they are run by a charitable organization and meet the legal requirements to qualify.


Texas, the Lone Star State


Here are five fascinating facts about the state of Texas:

  1. Dr Pepper was invented in Texas, and the recipe is kept there under lock and key.
  3. The phrase ‘six flags over Texas’ refers to the fact that Texas has been ruled by six different nations- Spain, France, Mexico, the Republic of Texas, the Confederate States of America, and the United States.
  5. Texas runs on its own power grid. The rest of the US is split into two power grids, divided east/west at the Rocky Mountains, but Texas runs its own.
  7. There are plenty of famous people from Texas; Patrick Swayze, Woody Harrelson, Kelly Clarkson, Buddy Holly… the list is immense.
  9. Texas’ flag is- you guessed it- a lone star, with blue, red, and white stripes dividing the flag into thirds.