Delaware Bingo Halls

Delaware has been called the “credit card capital” of the US, and, renowned for its business, it has attracted many companies to its Atlantic coast.

Bingo for charitable causes is popular in Delaware, and you can use this page to find bingo games near you.

Where can I play bingo in Delaware?

Where can I play bingo in Delaware?

  • Providence Creek Academy Bingo Hall Clayton, Delaware (Clayton)
  • Elks Lodge Bingo Hall Dover, Delaware (Dover)
  • Elks Lodge Bingo Hall Lewes, Delaware (Lewes)
  • Milford Elks Lodge 2401 Bingo Hall Milford, Delaware (Milford)
  • Aetna Fire Hall Bingo Hall Newark, Delaware (Newark)
  • Aetna Fire Bingo Hall Newark, Delaware (Newark)
  • Nur Shrine Bingo Hall New Castle, Delaware (New Castle)
  • Cape Henlopen Senior Center Bingo Hall Rehoboth, Delaware (Rehoboth)
  • Seaford Elks Lodge #2458 Bingo Hall Seaford, Delaware (Seaford)
  • Millcreek Fire Company - Ladies Auxiliary Bingo Hall Wilmington, Delaware (Wilmington)
  • AKSE Congregation Bingo Hall Wilmington, Delaware (Wilmington)
  • Bellevue Community Center Bingo Hall Wilmington, Delaware (Wilmington)
  • Moose Lodge Bingo Hall Wyoming, Delaware (Wyoming)

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What are bingo halls?

Bingo hall is a general name for anywhere that offers bingo games! Bingo halls could be anything from community centers to church halls or school gyms, as long as they’re hosting a bingo game.

Bingo halls may have parking, a café, or any number of different facilities available, depending on the venue. They will all have seats for the players, as well as somewhere clearly visible for the bingo caller to stand. Bingo venues in Delaware are not permitted to serve alcohol during the bingo event.

How does a bingo game work?

Never played bingo before? No sweat- here’s how it all works.

Check out what time the bingo game you want to attend starts, and then be sure to arrive a little early. You’ll need to buy your cards before the game begins, so leave plenty of time! The bingo caller will announce when the game is starting, so everyone can take their seats. The room will be very quiet while the numbers are called, so that everyone can hear. Mark off the numbers on your cards as they are called.

If you are the first to match a winning pattern, shout BINGO! You’ll need to get the caller’s attention quickly, before they move onto the next number.

The caller will check the card of any player who calls bingo, to ensure they have a winning pattern. If they do, they will be awarded a prize! The game may continue if there are more prizes within the same round, or, if that was the last prize, there will likely be a short break. Then it’s everyone back to the tables and the game will start again!

What is BingoPort?

BingoPort is a site designed to make bingo players’ lives easier! We list bingo halls and venues right across the US, so you can find all the key details about halls near you. Check out venues, opening times, addresses, and more by browsing our listings. We sometimes also post news and interesting info about bingo!

How do I choose a bingo hall?

So you’re looking for a bingo hall to visit… well, you’re in the right place! To get started, find your state and nearest town or city in the listings. This will show you the bingo halls nearest to you.

Have a look through the halls near you, and check out the BingoPort listing to see their opening times, contact details, and more. This will help you decide which halls suit your needs and are worth your time to visit.

The only thing left to do is try some out! Grab your friends and give them a go.

What makes a great bingo hall?

There are so many bingo halls in Delaware… but which ones are the best? Well, that really depends on what it is you love about bingo.

Bingo in Delaware is for charity causes, so see what charities your local bingo halls support. Playing will feel even better if you are passionate about the cause you’re supporting! The key to finding a great bingo hall is picking one that meets your needs; do you drive? If so, you may wish to find a hall with a parking lot. Struggle with mobility? Check which halls are easily accessible.

You can find out everything to help you choose right here in the BingoPort pages.

Delaware and gambling

Delaware is one of the more lenient states when it comes to gambling. Gambling is regulated, and licensed casinos are permitted. There are currently three casinos in Delaware.

Bingo in Delaware is legal, so long as it is correctly licensed and is in support of a charitable cause. There are regulations surrounding these bingo games, but many Delawareans enjoy some charity bingo from time to time.

Delaware, the First State

Here are five fascinating facts about the state of Delaware:

  1. It is the second smallest state in the US, after Rhode Island.

  2. Delaware is also the state with the lowest population.

  3. Shoppers and businesses love Delaware; it is one of only five states that have no sales tax.

  4. Delaware is called the First State because in 1787, it was the first of the thirteen original colonies to ratify the Constitution.

  5. The flag of Delaware features symbols of agriculture, as well as a farmer and a soldier. The flag also shows the date of December 7, 1787- the date Delaware ratified the Constitution.