Trolley Tap House, Wilmington | Delaware, Delaware

For a relaxed drink in an industrial-décor bar specialising in craft beers, check out Trolley Tap House! This venue does great food and drink, as well as events including weekly Music Video Bingo games!

The Best Bingo in Town

Bingo at Trolley Tap House is the best bingo in town. Here's why:

First of all, the atmosphere is unbeatable. Trolley Tap House is a cozy little bar that feels like your second home. The staff is super friendly and they make you feel like family. And the players! The players are the best part. They're all so friendly and welcoming. I've never met a group of people who love bingo as much as the players at Trolley Tap House.

Second, the games are top-notch. The game coordinator, Abbey, does an amazing job of keeping the games fresh and exciting. She's always coming up with new games and themes, and she really knows how to keep the players engaged. And the prizes! The prizes are always awesome. I've won everything from free drinks to dinner for two. And the best part is that the prizes are always changing, so you never know what you might walk away with.

Finally, the location is perfect. Trolley Tap House is right in the heart of downtown, so it's easy to get to and there's always plenty of parking. Plus, it's right next to some of the best bars and restaurants in town, so you can make a night of it.

Player Testimonials

"I've been playing bingo at Trolley Tap House for about a year now, and I absolutely love it. The games are great, the prizes are awesome, and the atmosphere is unbeatable. I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a fun night out." - Lilian

"I've tried a few different bingo places in town, and Trolley Tap House is by far my favorite. The games are always fun and the prizes are always worth winning. I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a good time." - Penny

"I love playing bingo at Trolley Tap House! I've won some really great prizes, and I always have a great time. The staff is super friendly, and the games are always a blast. I recommend it to all my friends." - Rachel

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1616 Delaware Ave
Wilmington | Delaware, Delaware, 19806




Game times

Tuesday from 19:00 until it finishes!

Membership cost

Free to join.

Additional services

  • On-site parking
  • Nearby parking
  • Serves full meals
  • Serves snacks