California Bingo Halls

Beloved by filmmakers, fashionistas, and tech innovators alike, California is a melting pot of cultures and languages and styles. Its beaches are world-renowned, and as one of the largest states, the climate varies greatly across the state. 


Bingo is legal in California, with certain regulations. Use these listings to find a bingo hall in a town or city near you. 

Where can I play bingo in California?

Where can I play bingo in California?

  • Adelanto Bingo Barn Bingo Hall Adelanto, California (Adelanto)
  • Mastick Senior Center - Bingo Hall Alameda, California (Alameda)
  • Rhythmix Cultural Works Bingo Hall Alameda, California (Alameda)
  • St Stevens Bingo Hall Alhambra, California (Alhambra)
  • Viejas Casino Bingo Hall Alpine, California (Alpine)
  • VFW Bingo Hall Antioch, California (Antioch)
  • Apple Valley Seniors Bingo Hall Apple Valley, California (Apple Valley)
  • 550 Friendship Club Bingo Hall Arcadia, California (Arcadia)
  • Castle Atwater Kiwanis Bingo Hall Atwater, California (Atwater)
  • American Legion Bingo Hall Azusa, California (Azusa)
  • Valley Bingo Hall Bakersfield, California (Bakersfield)
  • Volunteer Center Thursday Bingo Hall Bakersfield, California (Bakersfield)
  • Garces Bingo Hall Bakersfield, California (Bakersfield)
  • Rasmussen Senior Center Bingo Hall Bakersfield, California (Bakersfield)
  • Friends Of The Kern County Fair Bingo Hall Bakersfield, California (Bakersfield)
  • St John the Baptist Bingo Hall Baldwin Park, California (Baldwin Park)
  • John Bosco Bingo Hall Bellflower, California (Bellflower)
  • St Bernard School Bingo Hall Bellflower, California (Bellflower)
  • Berkeley Comm Svc Ctr Bingo Hall Berkeley, California (Berkeley)
  • Cache Creek Bingo Hall Brooks, California (Brooks)
  • St Ephraim Hall Bingo Hall Burbank, California (Burbank)
  • Elks Lodge Bingo Hall Burbank, California (Burbank)
  • St Ephraim Bingo Hall Burbank, California (Burbank)
  • Pit River Casino Bingo Hall Burney, California (Burney)
  • Morongo Bingo Hall Cabazon, California (Cabazon)
  • Bingo Palace Bingo Hall Calexico, California (Calexico)
  • Our Lady of Lourdes Bingo Hall Tujunga, California (Tujunga)
  • Mabel Davis Senior Center Bingo Hall Davis, California (Davis)
  • Camarillo Senior Center Bingo Hall Camarillo, California (Camarillo)
  • Knights Of Columbus Bingo Hall Canoga Park, California (Canoga Park)
  • Elks Bingo Hall Canyon Country, California (Canyon Country)
  • Mint Canyon Moose Bingo Hall Canyon Country, California (Canyon Country)
  • St Patricks Church Bingo Hall Carlsbad, California (Carlsbad)
  • SCC Hall Bingo Hall Carson, California (Carson)
  • SCC Bingo Hall Carson, California (Carson)
  • Senior Center Bingo Hall Central Valley, California (Central Valley)
  • American Legion Bingo Hall Chino, California (Chino)
  • Don Lugo High Sports Booster Bingo Hall Chino, California (Chino)
  • Most Precious Blood Bingo Hall Chula Vista, California (Chula Vista)
  • St Pius X Church Bingo Hall Chula Vista, California (Chula Vista)
  • Clovis Hall Bingo Hall Clovis, California (Clovis)
  • Clovis Bingo Hall Clovis, California (Clovis)
  • Colusa Casino Resort Bingo Hall Colusa, California (Colusa)
  • Blue Devils Bingo Hall Concord, California (Concord)
  • VFW Bingo Hall Covina, California (Covina)
  • Elk Valley Casino Bingo Hall Crescent City, California (Crescent City)
  • Buckingham Hts Bingo Hall Culver City, California (Culver City)
  • St Joseph of Cupertino Parish Hall Bingo Hall Cupertino, California (Cupertino)
  • St Joseph of Cupertino Parish Bingo Hall Cupertino, California (Cupertino)
  • Cypress Bingo Hall Cypress, California (Cypress)
  • Doegler Senior Center Bingo Hall Daly City, California (Daly City)
  • St Edwards Bingo Hall Dana Point, California (Dana Point)
  • St Peter Chaldean Bingo Hall El Cajon, California (El Cajon)
  • Sycuan Indian Bingo Hall El Cajon, California (El Cajon)
  • Nativity School Bingo Hall El Monte, California (El Monte)
  • Madison Mall Conference Ctr Bingo Hall Fair Oaks, California (Fair Oaks)
  • Club Espanol Bingo Hall Fontana, California (Fontana)
  • VFW Hall - Post 9791 Bingo Hall Frazier Park, California (Frazier Park)
  • VFW Post 9791 Bingo Hall Frazier Park, California (Frazier Park)
  • American Legion Bingo Hall Fresno, California (Fresno)
  • Table Mountain Casino Bingo Hall Friant, California (Friant)
  • St. Anthony Of Padua Bingo Hall Gardena, California (Gardena)
  • Anaheim Kingsman Inc Bingo Hall Garden Grove, California (Garden Grove)
  • St Mary's Bingo Hall Glendale, California (Glendale)
  • Granada Pavilion Bingo Hall Granada Hills, California (Granada Hills)
  • Lakewood Elks Lodge #1570 Bingo Hall Hawaiian Gardens, California (Hawaiian Gardens)
  • The Bingo Club Bingo Hall Hawaiian Gardens, California (Hawaiian Gardens)
  • Veterans of Foreign Wars Hawthorne Post Bingo Hall Hawthorne, California (Hawthorne)
  • East Bay Charitable Fund Bingo Hall Hayward, California (Hayward)
  • OLV Bingo Hall Hemet, California (Hemet)
  • Ramona Valley Lions Club Bingo Hall Hemet, California (Hemet)
  • Hesperia Elks Bingo Hall Hesperia, California (Hesperia)
  • Moose Bingo Hall Hesperia, California (Hesperia)
  • San Manuel Bingo Hall Highland, California (Highland)
  • Edison HS Bingo Hall Huntington Beach, California (Huntington Beach)
  • Boys & Girls Club Bingo Hall Imperial Beach, California (Imperial Beach)
  • Fantasy Springs Casino Bingo Hall Indio, California (Indio)
  • Hollywood Park Bingo Hall Inglewood, California (Inglewood)
  • Saint Marys Academy Bingo Hall Inglewood, California (Inglewood)
  • Jackson Indian Bingo Hall Jackson, California (Jackson)
  • Chicken Ranch Bingo Hall Jamestown, California (Jamestown)
  • Joshua Tree Sportsman's Club Bingo Hall Joshua Tree, California (Joshua Tree)
  • St Martins Bingo Hall La Mesa, California (La Mesa)
  • American Legion Bingo Hall La Puente, California (La Puente)
  • St Joseph Church Bingo Hall La Puente, California (La Puente)
  • Barona Bingo Hall Lakeside, California (Lakeside)
  • Paraclete HS Bingo Hall Lancaster, California (Lancaster)
  • Comman Bond Charities of the A.V.Inc Bingo Hall Lancaster, California (Lancaster)
  • Knights of Columbus Bingo Hall Lancaster, California (Lancaster)
  • The Palace Indian Gaming Ctr Bingo Hall Lemoore, California (Lemoore)
  • The Bingo Ranch Bingo Hall Livermore, California (Livermore)
  • Valley of Flowers Club Bingo Hall Lompoc, California (Lompoc)
  • American Legion Bingo Hall Madera, California (Madera)
  • Elks Lodge Bingo Hall Marysville, California (Marysville)
  • Mission Hills Inn Bingo Hall Mission Hills, California (Mission Hills)
  • Vocational Visions Bingo Hall Mission Viejo, California (Mission Viejo)
  • Elks Bingo Hall Mission Viejo, California (Mission Viejo)
  • Trabuco Hills High School Music Boosters Bingo Hall Mission Viejo, California (Mission Viejo)
  • Assyrian American Association Modesto Bingo Hall Modesto, California (Modesto)
  • Our Lady of Lourdes Bingo Hall Montclair, California (Montclair)
  • Holy Cross church Bingo Hall Montebello, California (Montebello)
  • Armenian Bingo Center Bingo Hall Montebello, California (Montebello)
  • Emerald Regime Bingo Hall Morgan Hill, California (Morgan Hill)
  • Stephens Green Irish Pub Bingo Hall Mountain View, California (Mountain View)
  • Vista Murrieta High School Bingo Hall Murrieta, California (Murrieta)

Summing up Where can I play bingo in California? by BingoPort

What are bingo halls?

A bingo hall is anywhere set up for a game of bingo! That could be a church hall, a purpose-built bingo hall, or even a local community center- really anywhere that hosts bingo games.

While each hall will of course be different in its own way, you will see some things in common; tables and chairs will be set out for the players, there will be bingo cards for the games, and somewhere visible for the bingo caller to stand.

How does a bingo game work?

Not played bingo before? Every hall will run things slightly differently, but here’s what you can expect from a typical bingo game.

Aim to arrive a little early, so you’ll have time to buy your tickets and settle in. When the game starts, everyone will take their seats. The room will fall quiet so all can hear, and the bingo caller will begin to read out the numbers as they are called.

As the game progresses, players mark the numbers off their cards, always keeping an eye on how far off the winning pattern they are. As soon as a player matches the winning pattern, they shout BINGO!

The game will be paused while the player’s card is checked, and then their prize will be confirmed. Depending on how many prizes there are per game, the game will either continue or end. There is usually a small break once the game is finished, and then the next game will begin.

Who are BingoPort?

If you love bingo, BingoPort should be your first port of call. We are a site listing bingo halls right across the US, and our mission is to find the perfect hall for each player who lands on our site. Browse the bingo hall listings or search for your city to see halls near you.

BingoPort also posts news, articles, and info relating to all things bingo, so keep an eye out for exciting new posts!

How do I choose a bingo hall?

If you’re ready to choose a bingo hall to visit, it can be daunting to know where to start. Luckily, BingoPort is here to help!

The first thing is to see which halls are within a reasonable distance for you. To do this, search by your state and city or town. If you live in California, you’re already in the right place!

Take a look at what each bingo hall offers, then pick one or two to visit. That’s the fun part!

What makes a great bingo hall?

With a choice of bingo halls in California, how do you know which ones are worth your time? The trick to finding a great bingo hall is really to know what you are looking for.

Bingo in California must be for charity, so see if any charities that you love are holding a bingo fundraiser. A good bingo venue will of course be set up for the game, but it is also worth checking other amenities; do you require parking or an accessible entrance? Make sure you find this out before going to a hall to ensure a better experience.

You can find out everything to help you choose right here in the BingoPort pages.

California and gambling

California allows some gambling, but not all, and is careful to regulate any legal gambling. Casinos are forbidden, except on Native Reservation land. Poker games are allowed in licensed cardrooms, providing that all participants are players (there is no ‘house dealer’).

Bingo is legal in California, but only for charitable causes. There are regulations around which charitable organizations may hold bingo fundraisers.

California, the Golden State

Here are five fascinating facts about the state of California:

  1. Both the highest and lowest points in the continental US can be found in Cali; the highest point is Mt Whitney, and the lowest point is in Death Valley.

  3. California is the most populated state in the US, and is the third largest (after Alaska and Texas).

  5. Famous Californians are many, including Leonardo DiCaprio, Dwayne Johnson, Katy Perry, and the Kardashian-Jenner family.

  7. California is a state of superlatives; it also boasts the world’s largest tree. Named General Sherman, it stands in Sequoia National Park at 275ft tall and 102ft in circumference.

  9. The flag of California features a red star and a grizzly bear.