Alaska's stunning natural beauty and icy landscape makes it truly one of America's most breathtaking states. The Last Frontier is famed for its cultural heritage and extreme weather, as well as its traditional sports like dog mushing. Are you looking for a bingo hall in Alaska? Then you've come to the right place. Check out all the bingo halls available in Alaska here.

What is a bingo hall?

A bingo hall is anywhere that you can enjoy a game of bingo! Sometimes this is a commercial bingo hall, and sometimes it is a venue that has another day job, like a church or a veterans' club. Many bingo games are played in support of a charity, so you might find that the venue is related to that, like Youth Sports Bingo in Fairbanks. In Alaska, there are also many tribal bingo halls, like Sun'aq Tribal Bingo in Kodiak. Basically, anywhere can be a bingo hall if you set it up for a game of bingo! Despite the differences between bingo halls, you will find that once you are inside, most of them are set up the same. There will be tables and chairs set up so that players can sit and write on their cards comfortably, as well as somewhere to get your cards, of course. There will be a place for the bingo caller to stand or sit, and something to draw the numbers, either a bingo cage or an electronic caller. There may even be somewhere to buy snacks and refreshments! Whatever your bingo hall does during the day, you know that when it's bingo time, the fun is about to begin!

How does a game of bingo work?

If you've never played bingo before, don't worry! It's super simple to pick up and great fun once you give it a go. If you're planning to go and play bingo at your local bingo hall in Alaska, why not brush up on your bingo knowledge before you go? Here's what you need to know about how to play bingo. Try to arrive a little before the game begins. Latecomers can't join in a game once it's started, so you might find yourself waiting for the next round. Once you arrive, you'll need to get some bingo cards and a dauber pen. The cards are grids of 25 squares. Once you've taken a seat, you can get to know your fellow bingo players

How do I pick a bingo hall in Alaska?

If you're ready to play bingo, then fantastic! It's time to pick a bingo hall to visit. But where do you start? Luckily, BingoPort is here to help you find your perfect venue. If you're looking for a bingo hall in Alaska, you're already in the right place! Next, find your nearest town on the list and see the closest bingo halls to you. They're listed so you can browse them easily, and consider which are near enough that you'd like to visit them. If you've still got plenty of choice, you can narrow it down further by looking at the reviews for each hall to see what they offer. Do they have big jackpots on offer? Are the games very frequent? Perhaps they have a special feature that makes them better than the rest. Take your time browsing through your local halls, and once you've decided which look best, it's time to try a few out! This is the fun bit- round up your bingo buddies and head on out for some exciting games. You might even discover a new favourite hall!

How do I know which Alaska bingo halls are good?

Once you've found out exactly where you can play bingo in Alaska, you might be wondering how you know which halls are any good, and which aren't worth your time. The key point to remember is that a bingo hall doesn't need to be perfect- it just needs to be perfect for YOU. A smoking shelter is going to be important for players who smoke, but is likely to be irrelevant to players who don't. If you love pull tab games, find a hall that offers them alongside the bingo! If you want to play for a few hours and find yourself getting peckish, look for a bingo hall that offers snacks or meals. There is so much variety between bingo halls, you can find all kinds of exciting things to tempt you to visit. Just look for the facilities that you want and need, and go from there!

Is gambling legal in Alaska?

In Alaska, some types of gambling are legal and some are not. Casinos are not permitted, and nor are slot games. Bingo and pull tab games are permitted for charitable causes. The exception to this, like with many states, is that casinos and commercial betting venues are allowed on reservation land, as are slot machines. Poker is permitted socially, as long as the 'house' does not take a rake or a fee. Sports betting is not regulated in Alaska, but horse race betting is forbidden. Interestingly, the following sports are allowed for gambling purposes: salmon classics, dog musher contests, snow classics, snow machine classics, fish derbies, animal classics, cabbage classics, Calcutta pools, moose derbies, and contests of skill.

Interesting facts about Alaska

  • Alaska is the biggest state, accounting for 17.5% of the US by area. It's bigger than the next three largest states combined!
  • Alaska is also the least densely populated state. Not only that, it is one of the most sparsely populated areas in the world! There are, on average, just 1.2 inhabitants per square mile.
  • This might surprise you- Alaska is home to the only temperate rainforest in the US, the Tongass National Forest.
  • The highest mountain peak in America is Denali, in Alaska. In fact, 17 of the 20 highest peaks in America are in Alaska!
  • The lowest temperature recorded in Alaska was -80 degrees Farenheit (−62 °C) in 1971. Brrr!

Towns in Alaska

Bingo Halls in Alaska

Sitka Tribe of Bingo

456 Katlian, Sitka, Alaska,

View hall

Valley Bingo

8301 Palmer Wasilla Hwy, Palmer, Alaska,

View hall

Solid Green Bingo

212 Front St, Nome, Alaska,

View hall

VFW Bingo

3113 Tongass Ave, Ketchikan, Alaska,

View hall

Diamond Rose

10639 Kenai Spur Highway, Kenai, Alaska,

View hall

Youths Sports Bingo

626 5th Ave, Fairbanks, Alaska,

View hall

Honest Bingo

200 1st Avenue, Fairbanks, Alaska,

View hall

Tudor Road Bingo Center

3411 East Tudor ROad, Anchorage, Alaska,

View hall

Northern Lights Bingo

703 W. Northern Lights Blvd., Anchorage, Alaska,

View hall

Gold Cache Bingo

110 E. Fireweed Lane, Anchorage, Alaska,

View hall

Boniface Bingo

360 Boniface Pkwy, Anch, Alaska,

View hall

Bingo South

7521 Brayton Dr, Anchorage, Alaska,

View hall