Pennsylvania Bingo Halls

Pennsylvania was one of the thirteen original states, and as such, its history is rich and extensive. It has been the seat of many important historical moments, and is still home to many famous tourist attractions.

Pennsylvania is one of the more liberal states when it comes to gambling; bingo and casinos are both legal if correctly regulated. Find a great bingo hall near you by browsing the listings below. 

Where can I play bingo in Pennsylvania?

Where can I play bingo in Pennsylvania?

  • Adamsburg VFD Bingo Hall Adamsburg, Pennsylvania (Adamsburg)
  • Junior Achievement Bingo Hall Aliquippa, Pennsylvania (Aliquippa)
  • St Francis of Assisi Church Bingo Hall Allentown, Pennsylvania (Allentown)
  • Mountainville Fire Company Bingo Hall Allentown, Pennsylvania (Allentown)
  • Downs Off Track Wagering Bingo Hall Allentown, Pennsylvania (Allentown)
  • East Side Youth Center Bingo Hall Allentown, Pennsylvania (Allentown)
  • Allenwood VFD Bingo Hall Allenwood, Pennsylvania (Allenwood)
  • Warrior Run Area Bingo Hall Box 28, Pennsylvania (Box 28)
  • St Rose of Lima Bingo Hall Altoona, Pennsylvania (Altoona)
  • Cathedral Blessed Sacrament Bingo Hall Altoona, Pennsylvania (Altoona)
  • Pinecroft VFD Bingo Hall Altoona, Pennsylvania (Altoona)
  • Sacred Heart Parish Bingo Hall Altoona, Pennsylvania (Altoona)
  • McCalmont Twshp VFD Bingo Hall Anita, Pennsylvania (Anita)
  • Bellegrove Fire Co Bingo Hall Annville, Pennsylvania (Annville)
  • Antes Fort VFD Bingo Hall Antes Fort, Pennsylvania (Antes Fort)
  • Washington Township VFD Bingo Hall Apollo, Pennsylvania (Apollo)
  • Kiski Township Fire Department Bingo Hall Apollo, Pennsylvania (Apollo)
  • Markle VFD Bingo Hall Apollo, Pennsylvania (Apollo)
  • Oklahoma VFD Bingo Hall Apollo, Pennsylvania (Apollo)
  • Armagh Wheatfield VFC Bingo Hall Armagh, Pennsylvania (Armagh)
  • St Vladimirs School Bingo Hall Arnold, Pennsylvania (Arnold)
  • St Josephs Church Bingo Hall Ashland, Pennsylvania (Ashland)
  • VFW #4315 Bingo Hall Ashville, Pennsylvania (Ashville)
  • Aultman Fire Dept Bingo Hall Aultman, Pennsylvania (Aultman)
  • Avis VFD Bingo Hall Avis, Pennsylvania (Avis)
  • St Victors Bingo Hall Bairdford, Pennsylvania (Bairdford)
  • Most Blessed St Francis Acad Bingo Hall Bally, Pennsylvania (Bally)
  • Ryan Township Fire Co Bingo Hall Barnesville, Pennsylvania (Barnesville)
  • St Philomena Bingo Hall Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania (Beaver Falls)
  • Divine Mercy Social Hall Bingo Hall Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania (Beaver Falls)
  • Divine Mercy Social Bingo Hall Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania (Beaver Falls)
  • Summerhill Twp VFD Bingo Hall Beaverdale, Pennsylvania (Beaverdale)
  • Fort Bedford C.B. Bingo Parlor Bingo Hall Bedford, Pennsylvania (Bedford)
  • Beech Creek Blanchard VFD Bingo Hall Beech Creek, Pennsylvania (Beech Creek)
  • Rostraver Central Vol Fire Dept Bingo Hall Belle Vernon, Pennsylvania (Belle Vernon)
  • Washington Twp VFD Bingo Hall Belle Vernon, Pennsylvania (Belle Vernon)
  • North Belle Vernon VFD Bingo Hall Belle Vernon, Pennsylvania (Belle Vernon)
  • Moose Lodge Bingo Hall Bellefonte, Pennsylvania (Bellefonte)
  • Belleville Fire Co Bingo Hall Belleville, Pennsylvania (Belleville)
  • Bendersville Community Fire Co Bingo Hall Bendersville, Pennsylvania (Bendersville)
  • West Berwick Hose Co Bingo Hall Berwick, Pennsylvania (Berwick)
  • Senior Center Bingo Hall Berwick, Pennsylvania (Berwick)
  • VFW #821 Bingo Hall Berwick, Pennsylvania (Berwick)
  • Immaculate Conception Bingo Hall Berwick, Pennsylvania (Berwick)
  • St Valentines Bingo Hall Bethel Park, Pennsylvania (Bethel Park)
  • Holy Infancy Bingo Hall Bethlehem, Pennsylvania (Bethlehem)
  • Biglerville Fire Company Bingo Hall Biglerville, Pennsylvania (Biglerville)
  • Blain Fire Co Bingo Hall Blain, Pennsylvania (Blain)
  • Elks Bingo Hall Blairsville, Pennsylvania (Blairsville)
  • Saint Marys Bingo Hall Blossburg, Pennsylvania (Blossburg)
  • Saint Ignatius Church Bingo Hall Bobtown, Pennsylvania (Bobtown)
  • Bolivar VFD Bingo Hall Bolivar, Pennsylvania (Bolivar)
  • Boston Spectrum (Greenock V.F.C.) Bingo Hall Boston (Elizabeth Township), Pennsylvania (Boston (Elizabeth Township))
  • American Legion Post 226 Bingo Hall Brackenridge, Pennsylvania (Brackenridge)
  • Blazing Bingo Hall Braddock, Pennsylvania (Braddock)
  • Bingo Hall Bingo Hall Bradford, Pennsylvania (Bradford)
  • Bridgeville VFD Bingo Hall Bridgeville, Pennsylvania (Bridgeville)
  • Bingo Palace Bingo Hall Bristol, Pennsylvania (Bristol)
  • Sy Barash Regatta Foundation Bingo Hall Bristol, Pennsylvania (Bristol)
  • Brockway VFD Bingo Hall Brockway, Pennsylvania (Brockway)
  • Warsaw VFD Bingo Hall Brookville, Pennsylvania (Brookville)
  • St Pius X Church Bingo Hall Broomall, Pennsylvania (Broomall)
  • Hutchinson Sportsmens Club Bingo Hall Brownfield, Pennsylvania (Brownfield)
  • Sons of Italy #731 Bingo Hall Brownsville, Pennsylvania (Brownsville)
  • Burnham Fire Co Bingo Hall Burnham, Pennsylvania (Burnham)
  • Lions Club Bingo Hall Burnham, Pennsylvania (Burnham)
  • Hindman Hall Bingo Hall Butler, Pennsylvania (Butler)
  • Callery VFC Bingo Hall Callery, Pennsylvania (Callery)
  • Pine Creek Ind VFD Bingo Hall Cammal, Pennsylvania (Cammal)
  • Cambelltown VFD Bingo Hall Campbelltown, Pennsylvania (Campbelltown)
  • Carmichaels VFD Bingo Hall Carmichaels, Pennsylvania (Carmichaels)
  • St Benedict Rectory Bingo Hall Carrolltown, Pennsylvania (Carrolltown)
  • Cassandra VFD Bingo Hall Cassandra, Pennsylvania (Cassandra)
  • St Anne's School Bingo Hall Castle Shannon, Pennsylvania (Castle Shannon)
  • Lions Club Bingo Hall Centre Hall, Pennsylvania (Centre Hall)
  • Lions Club Bingo Hall Centre Hall, Pennsylvania (Centre Hall)
  • New Franklin Ruritan Bingo Hall Chambersburg, Pennsylvania (Chambersburg)
  • New Franklin VFD Bingo Hall Chambersburg, Pennsylvania (Chambersburg)
  • VFW Bingo Hall Chambersburg, Pennsylvania (Chambersburg)
  • Elks Lodge Bingo Hall Chambersburg, Pennsylvania (Chambersburg)
  • Franklin Fire Co Bingo Hall Chambersburg, Pennsylvania (Chambersburg)
  • Moose Lodge #842 Bingo Hall Chambersburg, Pennsylvania (Chambersburg)
  • Cherry Tree VFD Bingo Hall Cherry Tree, Pennsylvania (Cherry Tree)
  • Clarendon Fire Dept Bingo Hall Clarendon, Pennsylvania (Clarendon)
  • Moose Bingo Hall Clarion, Pennsylvania (Clarion)
  • Clarion VFW #2145 Bingo Hall Clarion, Pennsylvania (Clarion)
  • Limestone Twp VFD Bingo Hall Clarion, Pennsylvania (Clarion)
  • Eagles Bingo Hall Clearfield, Pennsylvania (Clearfield)
  • Church of The Resurrection Bingo Hall Clymer, Pennsylvania (Clymer)
  • Clymer VFD Bingo Hall Clymer, Pennsylvania (Clymer)
  • Our Lady of Lourdes Reg H.S. Bingo Hall Coal Township, Pennsylvania (Coal Township)
  • VFW #7043 Bingo Hall Coalport, Pennsylvania (Coalport)
  • Westwood Fire Company Bingo Hall Coatesville, Pennsylvania (Coatesville)
  • Coatesville Moose Lodge 297 Bingo Hall Coatesville, Pennsylvania (Coatesville)
  • Hepburn VFD Bingo Hall Cogan Station, Pennsylvania (Cogan Station)
  • Collinsburg VFD Bingo Hall Collinsburg, Pennsylvania (Collinsburg)
  • North Penn Elks Bingo Hall Colmar, Pennsylvania (Colmar)
  • St Peters Catholic Church Bingo Hall Columbia, Pennsylvania (Columbia)
  • Cambria Township VFD Bingo Hall Colver, Pennsylvania (Colver)
  • New Haven Hose Co Bingo Hall Connellsville, Pennsylvania (Connellsville)
  • Connellsville Twp. VFD Bingo Hall Connellsville, Pennsylvania (Connellsville)
  • American Legion #301 Bingo Hall Connellsville, Pennsylvania (Connellsville)
  • Bullskin Twp VFD Bingo Hall Connellsville, Pennsylvania (Connellsville)
  • Coral-Graceton VFD Bingo Hall Coral, Pennsylvania (Coral)
  • Bingo Hall Bingo Hall Coraopolis, Pennsylvania (Coraopolis)
  • VFW Bingo Hall Corry, Pennsylvania (Corry)
  • American Legion Bingo Hall Corry, Pennsylvania (Corry)
  • Moose Lodge #98 Bingo Hall Corry, Pennsylvania (Corry)
  • St Thomas The Apostle Bingo Hall Corry, Pennsylvania (Corry)
  • Elks Bingo Hall Cranberry Township, Pennsylvania (Cranberry Township)
  • Creekside VFD Bingo Hall Creekside, Pennsylvania (Creekside)
  • Monsignor McHugh School Bingo Hall Cresco, Pennsylvania (Cresco)
  • All Saints Bingo Hall Cresson, Pennsylvania (Cresson)
  • Cresson VFD Bingo Hall Cresson, Pennsylvania (Cresson)
  • Good Will Hose Co Bingo Hall Cressona, Pennsylvania (Cressona)
  • Crucible VFD Bingo Hall Crucible, Pennsylvania (Crucible)
  • Moose Bingo Hall Curwensville, Pennsylvania (Curwensville)
  • VFW Bingo Hall Curwensville, Pennsylvania (Curwensville)
  • Washington Fire Co Bingo Hall Danville, Pennsylvania (Danville)
  • Moose Family Center Bingo Hall Danville, Pennsylvania (Danville)
  • Dawson VFD Bingo Hall Dawson, Pennsylvania (Dawson)
  • Delmont VFD Bingo Hall Delmont, Pennsylvania (Delmont)
  • Delta Cardiff VFD Bingo Hall Delta, Pennsylvania (Delta)
  • Derry VFD Bingo Hall Derry, Pennsylvania (Derry)
  • Eagles #1612 Bingo Hall Derry, Pennsylvania (Derry)
  • St Marys Visitation Church Bingo Hall Dickson City, Pennsylvania (Dickson City)
  • American Legion Bingo Hall Dingmans Ferry, Pennsylvania (Dingmans Ferry)
  • Dover Township Fire Department Bingo Hall Dover, Pennsylvania (Dover)
  • Chester County Detachment Marine Corps League Bingo Hall Downingtown, Pennsylvania (Downingtown)
  • St Charles Borromeo Rectory Bingo Hall Drexel Hill, Pennsylvania (Drexel Hill)
  • St Severin Church Bingo Hall Drifting, Pennsylvania (Drifting)
  • VFW #813 Bingo Hall Dubois, Pennsylvania (Dubois)
  • Polish Club Bingo Hall Dubois, Pennsylvania (Dubois)
  • St Joseph Church Bingo Hall Dubois, Pennsylvania (Dubois)
  • Nativity Mother of God Bingo Hall Dubois, Pennsylvania (Dubois)
  • Duboistown Fire Dept Bingo Hall DuBoistown, Pennsylvania (DuBoistown)
  • Morrell V.F.D. Bingo Hall Dunbar, Pennsylvania (Dunbar)
  • Perdix Fire Co Bingo Hall Duncannon, Pennsylvania (Duncannon)

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What are bingo halls?

A bingo hall is a venue that hosts bingo games! It can be a purpose-built bingo hall, or even just a rented space where bingo games take place.

Depending on what kind of venue you visit, you may find a parking lot, a café, or even a full casino attached, but most bingo halls will have some similarities. There will be seats for the players when the game starts, and a visible place for the bingo caller to stand and announce the numbers.

How does a bingo game work?

If this is your first time playing bingo, don’t worry. Here’s a heads-up on what you can expect from a night at the bingo.

When you arrive, you’ll have chance to buy your tickets and chat to the other players. Make the most of it, because once the game begins, every player will be silent so the caller can be heard. Players will take their seats, and mark off the numbers on their cards as they are called.

Keep an eye on your cards and on the winning pattern. It could be a line, a shape, or something else. If you match the winning pattern first, shout BINGO!

If someone calls bingo, the game stops while the bingo caller checks their card. If their card is indeed correct, they will receive the prize. At this point, the game may continue if there are more prizes to be won, or there may be a short break before the next game starts.

What is BingoPort?

BingoPort is a site designed to help bingo players live their best bingo life! We list bingo halls across the US to help bingo players everywhere find the halls near them. Take a look at our listings to find the halls near you.

How do I choose a bingo hall?

If you’re ready to play some bingo, the first step is to find a venue! The easiest way to start is to check out what bingo halls are near you in your local area.

Find your town or city on the BingoPort listings, and take a look at your local halls. Once you can see what’s available, you can begin choosing a venue! See what times the halls open, and what kind of games and facilities they offer.

When you’ve got an idea of each hall, pick one or two to try out! Take some bingo buddies along, or make friends when you get there; bingo players are renowned for being friendly.

What makes a great bingo hall?

With so many bingo venues in Pennsylvania, how do you choose one to visit?

Bingo in Pennsylvania is permitted commercially and for charitable causes, which means that players have a great selection of places to play. If you love big, glossy venues, why not try a commercial bingo hall? Or if supporting a charity makes you feel warm and fuzzy, look for bingo games that donate some of their profits to a worthy cause. You can also check things like which halls open late, offer parking, and more.

You can find out everything to help you choose right here in the BingoPort pages.

Pennsylvania and gambling

Pennsylvania allows regulated gambling; casinos, bingo, lotteries, and online gambling are all permitted within regulations. This has put Pennsylvania second only to Nevada for revenue from commercial casinos.

Bingo is often held both commercially and for charitable causes in Pennsylvania.

Pennsylvania, the Keystone State

Here are five fascinating facts about the state of Pennsylvania:

  1. Pennsylvania is deeply rooted in US history. The Constitution was written there, and the Declaration of Independence was signed there too!

  3. Aside from its historical significance, the state is known as the home of many snack companies, including the Hershey factory.

  5. There are a ton of famous Pennsylvanians, including Will Smith, Taylor Swift, Tina Fey and Kobe Bryant.

  7. The groundhog for Groundhog Day lives in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania.

  9. The flag of Pennsylvania features two horses flanking a shield with a bald eagle on top of it. The shield has a ship, a plough, and wheat, symbolizing Pennsylvania’s agriculture and international trading.