Dexter | Maine, Maine

Looking for a fun night out? Look no further than Dexter, Maine's very own Bingo Hall! Come on down and enjoy an evening of good food, good friends, and of course, good prizes!

How to Play Bingo in Dexter, Maine

Step One: Find a Game

Bingo is a popular game in Dexter, Maine. Games can be found at the local senior center, the American Legion, and the Moose Lodge. There are also many churches that host bingo games. Check the local paper or the community bulletin board for bingo game times and locations.

Step Two: Buy a Card

Bingo cards can be purchased at the location of the game. They usually cost a couple of dollars. Some games may require you to purchase more than one card.

Step Three: Listen for the Numbers

A bingo caller will announce the numbers. Mark the numbers on your card as they are called. If you get five numbers in a row, you have bingo!

Step Four: Claim Your Prize

If you are the first person to get bingo, be sure to yell out “Bingo!” and show your card to the caller. They will verify that your card is correct and you will claim your prize.

Fun Facts About Dexter, Maine

-Dexter is the birthplace of L.L. Bean -The first Barney’s department store was located in Dexter -The largest collection of peacock feathers is located in Dexter -The annual Homecoming Festival is the largest one-day festival in the state of Maine

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