VFW Bingo Hall

What is the address of VFW Bingo Hall?

Highway 315 W

Water Valley



United States


The terrific bingo hall has been an iconic venue in the town of for many years. Friendly new folk are welcomed with a ton of top notch hospitality. This hall is ideal for anyone who is crazy for top notch value. Why not try the bingo alternatives provided? Check the bingo game schedule and opening hours below to see when the next bingo session is taking place.

Is smoking allowed at VFW Bingo Hall?

Non-smoking bingo players and smoking bingo players are catered for alike at this crowd pleasing bingo hall.

Can I get food at VFW Bingo Hall?

You'll stumble on some of the best snacks in Mississippi here and a heap of refreshments to match.

Does VFW Bingo Hall have progressive jackpot games?

Certainly, everyone can't get enough of a jackpot and the folk in Water Valley are no exception. There's a heap of cash on offer.

Is there a car park at VFW Bingo Hall?

Certainly, parking at this terrific Water Valley bingo site is on offer for all sessions.