Salem | New Hampshire, New Hampshire

Start your week off right with a fun game of bingo! Salem, New Hampshire is the perfect place to play, with a friendly atmosphere and plenty of great prizes to be won. So grab your friends and head on down to the local bingo hall for an evening of guaranteed fun.

Bingo in Salem, New Hampshire is the Best!

History of Bingo in Salem

Bingo in Salem, New Hampshire first started back in 1949 at the Knights of Columbus hall on St. Peter Street. It was run by Paul McCann and his wife, Mary. The games were initially held on Tuesday and Friday nights, but they soon added Wednesday and Thursday nights as well. The games were so popular that they eventually moved to a larger hall on Bridge Street.

Why Bingo in Salem is the Best

There are a few reasons why bingo in Salem is the best. First of all, the prize money is always big. They have a progressive jackpot that starts at $500 and goes up $50 every week until someone wins it. They also have a $1,000 guaranteed jackpot every week. Second, the people who play bingo in Salem are the friendliest around. You’ll always have a good time chatting with your neighbors, whether you’re playing bingo or not. Lastly, the bingo hall in Salem is always clean and well-organized. The staff is professional and they always make sure the games are running smoothly.

Fun Facts About Salem, New Hampshire

- Salem is the home of the first talking movie, The Jazz Singer, which was released in 1927. - Salem is the birthplace of the Eskimo Pie. - Salem is home to the world’s tallest water slide, the Cannonball Slide at Canobie Lake Park. - Salem is the site of the first witch trial in the United States.


Playing bingo in Salem, New Hampshire is a great way to win some money and have some fun. Be sure to check it out the next time you’re in town!

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