Kentucky Bingo Halls

The home of horse racing, bourbon, and fried chicken, Kentucky is a state with lots of arrows to its bow. Known as the Bluegrass State, its horse ranches across fields of bluegrass are a common sight in certain parts of the state, lending it a ton of southern charm.

Kentucky bingo has always been popular, and it remains so even now. Use these listings to find a bingo hall in a town or city near you.

Where can I play bingo in Kentucky?

Where can I play bingo in Kentucky?

  • Jubilee Bingo Hall Ashland, Kentucky (Ashland)
  • Knights of Columbus Bingo Hall Bowling Green, Kentucky (Bowling Green)
  • VFW Post 1298 Bingo Hall Bowling Green, Kentucky (Bowling Green)
  • Moose Lodge #1177 Bingo Hall Brandenburg, Kentucky (Brandenburg)
  • Payneville Fire Dept Bingo Hall Brandenburg, Kentucky (Brandenburg)
  • Bingo World Bingo Hall Corbin, Kentucky (Corbin)
  • Corbin Bingo Parlor Bingo Hall Corbin, Kentucky (Corbin)
  • Falls Bingo, LLC Bingo Hall Corbin, Kentucky (Corbin)
  • Pike Place Bingo Hall Bingo Hall Covington, Kentucky (Covington)
  • Title Town Bingo Hall Danville, Kentucky (Danville)
  • American Legion Bingo Hall Dawson Springs, Kentucky (Dawson Springs)
  • American Legion Bingo Hall Elizabethtown, Kentucky (Elizabethtown)
  • American Legion Post 325 Bingo Hall Flatwoods, Kentucky (Flatwoods)
  • Greenup Co. War Memorial Bingo Hall Flatwoods, Kentucky (Flatwoods)
  • Charities United Inc Bingo Hall Flemingsburg, Kentucky (Flemingsburg)
  • LucBucks Bingo Hall Flemingsburg, Kentucky (Flemingsburg)
  • V F W Franklin County Post No. 4075 Bingo Hall Frankfort, Kentucky (Frankfort)
  • Lions Club Bingo Hall Frankfort, Kentucky (Frankfort)
  • American Legion Post 7 Bingo Hall Frankfort, Kentucky (Frankfort)
  • Frankfort Bingo Ctr Bingo Hall Frankfort, Kentucky (Frankfort)
  • Bingo Fantastic Bingo Hall Franklin, Kentucky (Franklin)
  • Bingo World Bingo Hall Franklin, Kentucky (Franklin)
  • Kentucky State Line Bingo Hall Franklin, Kentucky (Franklin)
  • Scott County Bingo Hall Georgetown, Kentucky (Georgetown)
  • Toshio Hitsugaya Bingo Hall Grand Rivers, Kentucky (Grand Rivers)
  • Moose #2399 Bingo Hall Harned, Kentucky (Harned)
  • Blue Grass Bingo Hall Harrodsburg, Kentucky (Harrodsburg)
  • Bingo Palace Bingo Hall Hazard, Kentucky (Hazard)
  • Audubon Bingo Hall Henderson, Kentucky (Henderson)
  • Knights of Columbus #1320 Bingo Hall Henderson, Kentucky (Henderson)
  • Cooperative Blazer Bingo Hall Hopkinsville, Kentucky (Hopkinsville)
  • VFW Bingo Hall Hopkinsville, Kentucky (Hopkinsville)
  • West Side Vol. Fire Dept Bingo Hall Hopkinsville, Kentucky (Hopkinsville)
  • P.L. Kasey Center Bingo Hall Irvington, Kentucky (Irvington)
  • Jeffersontown Bingo Hall Jeffersontown, Kentucky (Jeffersontown)
  • American Legion Post 68 Bingo Hall Kuttawa, Kentucky (Kuttawa)

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What are bingo halls?

If you want to play bingo, you’ll need to visit a bingo hall! Bingo halls can be anything from a purpose built bingo venue or a room in a casino to a church hall or community center.

Despite the differences between bingo halls, you can expect some similarities too. There will be seats and tables for the players, and at the front there will be space for the bingo caller to read the numbers out, somewhere they can be seen and heard easily. There may also be refreshments, a café, or other amenities.

How does a bingo game work?

If you’ve never been to a bingo hall before, you might wish there was a guide that could tell you what to expect before you arrive… well look no further! Here’s what to expect from your average bingo hall.

Everyone will take a seat before the game begins, and then the bingo caller will use either a roll cage or an electronic caller to dispense and shout the numbers. You can then either mark the numbers off on your cards, or, if you have an electronic card, watch as they are marked off for you.

The winning pattern may change between games, so be sure to check what you are aiming for! If you are lucky enough to be the first player to match the winning pattern, shout bingo!

When bingo is called, the bingo caller will check the player’s card to confirm their win is genuine. They will then be confirmed the winner and receive their prize. Often after a game there will be a short break for players to use the bathroom or get a drink, for example. Then everyone is back in their seats for the next game to begin!

Who are BingoPort?

BingoPort is a site designed by bingo lovers for bingo lovers. We list bingo halls in hundreds of cities and towns across every state of the US, so that bingo fans can always find somewhere great to play. We gather information like their opening times, address, and phone number so that you can choose which halls you’d like to visit.

BingoPort also provides helpful information about bingo in general, so you can study up and be the bingo king or queen amongst your friends!

How do I choose a bingo hall?

Knowing which bingo hall to choose is a tricky business, but luckily, BingoPort is here to help! The first step is to see which bingo halls are available in your area. To do this, check out the listing page for your state and city.

Once you can see what’s available near you, you can start to pick a hall or two to visit. Don’t worry, you won’t have to tour them all! You can browse the BingoPort listings for the halls to see details like when they open and what kind of hall they are.

Once you’ve found somewhere you’d like to visit, grab your best bingo buddy and head on down to check it out!

What makes a great bingo hall?

With so many bingo halls in Kentucky, how do you know which is best? That depends on what you want out of your bingo trip (other than a win of course!).

See which charities your local bingo games support, and you may spot one that is particularly close to your heart. If you drive or carpool, you may want a bingo hall with plenty of parking available, or perhaps one near to a nice restaurant so you and your bingo pals can have dinner after.

You can find out everything to help you choose right here in the BingoPort pages.

Kentucky and gambling

Gambling is strictly regulated in Kentucky. The state is home to the world-famous Kentucky Derby, and horse race betting is one of the few forms of gambling allowed in the state.

Bingo in Kentucky is permitted, providing that it is played for charity. Tons of charity bingo games are played across the state, supporting everything from children’s charities to local community projects and churches.

Kentucky, the Bluegrass State

Here are five fascinating facts about the state of Kentucky:

  1. Big hats, mint juleps… it can only be the Kentucky Derby. This annual event is held at the Churchill Downs in Louisville and is one of the most famous horse races in the world.

  2. One of Kentucky’s most popular exports is KFC, and the company has been running since 1952.

  3. There are some very famous faces from Kentucky, including Johnny Depp, Muhammed Ali, George Clooney, and Abraham Lincoln.

  4. Ever wondered what $6 billion in gold looks like? That’s the estimated value of the gold in Fort Knox’s underground vaults in Kentucky.

  5. The flag of Kentucky features a statesman and a pioneer embracing in a handshake.