Ashland | Kentucky, Kentucky

Looking for a fun and social way to spend your evening in Ashland, Kentucky? Why not try your luck at bingo! Head to one of the town's lovely bingo halls and enjoy an evening of games, good company, and maybe even a win or two.

Bingo in Ashland, Kentucky is a Whole Lot of Fun!

Just the Facts, Ma’am

Did you know that Ashland, Kentucky is home to the second oldest continuing running bingo game in the United States? It’s true! These bingo-loving folks have been playing together since 1948, which is pretty darn impressive if you ask me.

What is Bingo, Anyway?

If you’ve never played bingo, it’s a pretty simple game. Players purchase cards with numbers on them, and then numbers are called out randomly. If the number called appears on your card, you mark it off. The first person to mark off all of the numbers in a row - whether it’s horizontal, vertical, or diagonal - wins the game. Pretty simple, right?

Why Play Bingo?

Bingo is a great way to socialize and have a whole lot of fun at the same time. Ashland, Kentucky might be a small town, but that doesn’t mean that the people here don’t know how to have a good time. When you’re playing bingo, you’re sure to make some new friends. So, if you’re ever in the Ashland, Kentucky area and are looking for something fun to do, why not try your hand at bingo? You might just have a blast.

Bingo Halls in Ashland | Kentucky