Ames, Iowa Bingo Halls

Ames, Iowa was founded in 1864 and has a strong historical connection with railroads. Nowadays it is a bustling city with 50% of its population being students at the nearby Iowa State University.


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Where can I play bingo in Ames, Iowa?

Where can I play bingo in Ames, Iowa?

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Where can I play bingo?


Are you looking for a bingo hall near you? Well firstly, welcome, fellow bingo lover! You’re in the right place to find a great bingo hall… but what actually is a bingo hall? 


‘Bingo hall’ is used to describe any place set up for a game of bingo. That means a bingo hall could be a gym hall, a community center, a conference room, or a church hall! Because of this, one bingo hall might be very different from another. You can be sure of one thing though- they’ll be set up for an exciting game of bingo!


What happens during a bingo game?


If you’ve never played in a bingo hall before, you might not be sure what to expect. Not to worry- BingoPort is here to give you an idea of just what happens during a bingo game.


When you arrive, it helps to be a little early so you have time to settle in. You’ll buy your tickets, find a seat, and maybe even get chatting with your fellow players, so a little time before the game begins is a great idea.


Once the game starts, everyone will fall very quiet. This is important so that all players can hear the bingo caller clearly. When the game begins, the bingo caller will begin announcing the numbers, and the players will mark off the numbers on their cards.


Everyone will be watching to be the first player who matches every number needed for the winning pattern. Winning patterns vary between bingo games, so be sure to check what you are aiming for. The first player to match all of the numbers for the winning pattern must quickly and clearly shout BINGO!


When a player calls bingo, the game will pause while their win is verified. At this point, the game may end, or if there are more prizes to be won, the game will resume. In between games, there is usually a short break, then the excitement begins again!


What is BingoPort?


BingoPort is a site that aims to help bingo lovers find a great bingo hall near them. Our site is free to use, requires no registration, and is run by bingo fans for bingo fans! Simply browse the listings to see what’s available, or search for your state or city to see the bingo halls near you.


How do I pick a bingo hall to visit?


We’ve all been there- you’re ready and excited to play bingo, but yikes! How do you choose a bingo hall? There are so many of them! Well, step one is to see which bingo halls are near to you. If you live in Ames, IA, you’re in the right place! Here you’ll see the bingo halls in your city.


To choose a hall or two to visit, take a look at what they offer. A hall that suits your needs will be your best bet! Do you need car parking, or a wheelchair-accessible entrance? Does the venue open at times that suits your schedule? Use BingoPort’s listings to get an idea of each venue. Then grab your best bingo buddy and try some out!


What makes a bingo hall good?


Rather than trying to work out what makes a bingo hall good or bad, consider what makes a bingo hall good for you. A great bingo experience is very subjective- what is it that you love about bingo? Aside from winning, of course!


Perhaps a super friendly atmosphere is important to you, or maybe you just love a bingo game with a big jackpot. Does the hall meet your requirements for things like parking? Ensuring that a bingo venue does the things you need and like will make sure you enjoy playing at your chosen bingo hall.


Gambling and Iowa


Casinos are allowed in Iowa, if properly licensed. Poker and horse race betting are also permitted, and overall gambling as an industry is acceptable to the state’s voters.


Bingo games may be run in support of eligible charities, providing that the games are run according to legal specifications. This means that bingo is common across the state. 


Getting to know Ames, Iowa


Not from Ames? Here are some interesting facts!

  1. Ames was originally founded as a railroad stop and is located north of the state capital, Des Moines.
  3. Ames’ location near to the Iowa State University means that a huge percentage of its population is students. There is even a neighborhood called Campustown!
  5. A small grocery was the first business in town, set up in the railroad depot in 1865.
  7. As well as boosting the city’s population with students, the Iowa State University is also the city’s largest employer, with over 12 times more employees than the next largest employer.
  9. Inventor George Washington Carver, Olympic Gold Medallist Cael Sanderson, and Pulitzer Prize winner Brian Smith are all from Ames, IA.