Anderson, Indiana Bingo Halls

Anderson, Indiana is located a little outside Indianapolis, to the North East. It has several parks and an art museum, making it a nice place to soak up some culture.


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Where can I play bingo in Anderson, Indiana?

Where can I play bingo in Anderson, Indiana?

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Where can I play bingo?


If you’re looking to play bingo in a hall near you, you’re in the right place! Anywhere that hosts bingo games can be called a ‘bingo hall’, whether than be a school gym, a community center, or even a church hall! As such, bingo halls may look quite different from one another.


Despite their differences, bingo halls will have some similarities. For example, there will be chairs and tables set out for the players to use, as well as somewhere clearly visible for the bingo caller to stand.


What happens during a bingo game?


If you’ve never played bingo in a hall before, don’t worry. Here’s how you can expect most games to go.


Be sure to arrive a little early! This will give you time to buy your tickets, find a seat and settle in, and chat to your fellow players before the game begins.


When the game starts, everyone will fall quiet to hear the bingo caller. The caller will shout out the numbers as they are drawn, and players will mark them off on their own cards.


The first player to mark all of the spaces needed for the winning pattern will shout BINGO! It is important to shout quickly and clearly, so that the bingo caller can see you and stop the game.


The player’s win will be confirmed by the caller. If the game ends here, there will usually be a short break before the next game begins.


What is BingoPort?


BingoPort is a site that is designed to find you your ideal bingo hall. We aim to help bingo lovers right across the US find great bingo games near them, and give them all the info they need to join right in. The best part? Our site is absolutely free to use!


How do I pick a bingo hall to visit?


So you’re looking for a great bingo hall in Anderson, IN… but how do you know which one to pick? The first step to choosing a bingo venue is location, so if you’re seeking a hall in Anderson, you’re already in the right place! Next, take a look at what the venues are like. See their opening times, location, and contact details in case you’d like more info. You can also look into which charity their games are in aid of.


Then comes the fun part- head on down and try some halls out! Give them a go and see which ones you love.


What makes a bingo hall good?


Knowing what makes a bingo hall good is really dependent on knowing what you love about bingo. Your perfect hall probably won’t be the same as someone else’s! Do you love big jackpots? Lots of chances to win? These things will help you know what you are looking for in a bingo hall.


It is also important to consider practicality. Do you need a wheelchair-accessible entrance? Is there a smoking area? Make sure you know what you need from a bingo venue.


Gambling and Indiana


Indiana’s approach to gambling is towards the middle of the spectrum when it comes to liberalism. Casinos are permitted, but only on Reservation land or riverboats, with one or two exceptions. Pari-mutuel wagering on horse racing is allowed just off the track and in racinos.


Bingo, lottery, and pull-tab games are permitted for charity only in Indiana. The charity game must meet certain criteria before it is allowed.


Getting to know Anderson, Indiana


Not from Anderson? Here are some interesting facts!

  1. Anderson University has been established since 1917, though it has undergone a name change or two since then.
  3. Anderson is the county seat of Madison County, in which it resides. This wasn’t always the case; until 1828, the seat was in Pendleton.
  5. That’s not the only change in Anderson’s history; it used to be called Andersonton, before the name was shortened.
  7. Anderson hosted an NBA franchise in 1949/1950- one of the smaller cities to ever have done so.
  9. Anderson’s Historic District is made up of 32 buildings in the city center dating from 1887 to 1955, offering a look into Anderson’s historical and cultural background.