Connecticut is one of the smallest US states, but is still densely populated. Located on the east coast next to New York, Rhode Island, and Massachusetts, the state is part of the New England region. Noted for its high average income and rich history, Connecticut has plenty to offer. Looking for a bingo hall in Connecticut? Here's everything you'll need!

What are bingo halls?

Anywhere that you can play bingo can be called a bingo hall. Of course, some of these venues have a 'day job'... your local bingo hall may also be your local fire station, school, or even church! Since bingo in Connecticut is for non-profit only, lots of charity organisations use bingo as a fundraiser, and because of this, you can find some unusual bingo halls! The fact that different buildings can transform into bingo halls is part of what makes the experience fun! You can get to know your church's social group by playing bingo there, or raise funds for your local fire department just by enjoying an exciting game! Wherever you play bingo, you'll find that the venue will be set up roughly the same to allow the bingo game to run there. There will be somewhere for the bingo caller to stand/sit so that everyone can hear them, and there will be lots of chairs and tables for the players. Some halls may even hold their bingo games outdoors in nice weather! Whether you're playing in a school gym, a community center, or somewhere else entirely, you're bound to have a ball if you're playing bingo.

How To Play Bingo

If you've never played bingo before, the idea of going to a hall and getting involved may be both exciting and nerve-wracking, but there's no need to worry. BingoPort can walk you through what to expect from a typical bingo game, so you know what to expect when you arrive! When you first get to your bingo venue, your first port of call will probably be to get your bingo cards. You won't be able to join the game after it's started, so leave yourself plenty of time! Once you have your cards, you can find a seat. When the caller is ready to start the game, they will tell you what patterns will win a prize this game, and then they will start to call the numbers. Make sure you're listening, there are no do-overs if you miss one! Mark off the numbers as they are shouted out, and as soon as you have covered every number in the winning pattern on your card, shout BINGO! The caller will stop the game, check your card, and award you your prize. Then after a short break, the next game is ready to begin!

How do I decide where to play bingo in Connecticut?

Deciding to play bingo is hugely exciting, but now you have to pick a hall- where do you start?! That's where BingoPort comes in. We're your handy guide to finding your perfect local bingo hall! From Danbury and Stamford to Hartford and New London, we list all the available bingo halls in Connecticut so that you can choose a great bingo venue to visit. Start by choosing the town nearest to you to see your local bingo halls. You'll be able to see a list of the venues, and you can click on each one for more information. The BingoPort page for each hall shows things like location, contact details, facilities (snacks, smoking shelters, disability access), as well as more helpful info about the bingo hall itself. Choose a hall that looks like it has the things you want and need, and you're setting yourself up for a great bingo experience. You could even pick a few halls to try out, round up your bingo buds, and give each one a go! After all, trying the halls and playing plenty of bingo is the fun part, right?

Which bingo halls are the best?

So you're looking at bingo halls... but which ones will be great fun, and which aren't worth your time and energy? Many bingo players have wondered what makes a great bingo hall great, but the secret is that what makes a hall top-notch will vary from person to person. Some players love huge halls packed with players, and others will prefer the smaller, cozier feel of a little hall. Some players are in it for the big jackpots, while other players turn up each week for the social side, catching up with friends and making new bingo buddies. Whatever it is that you love about bingo, it helps to have a think, and decide what makes the experience really special for you. This will help you when deciding which bingo halls look like they'll be a good fit for you; pick one that does all the things you love!

Is gambling legal in Connecticut?

Bingo is legal in Connecticut as long as it is not played for profit. That means bingo games can run for fun, or to raise money for charities, but not commercially as a business. Fantastic news for those who want to enjoy a nice game of bingo whilst Casinos are only legal in Connecticut on tribal land, and there are currently two casinos operating within the state. These casinos include both table games and slot machines. Pari-mutuel betting is allowed on horse and dog racing, though there are no horse or dog tracks within Connecticut. There is a state lottery run in Connecticut, and people can enjoy social gambling amongst friends legally too. Overall, Connecticut certainly doesn't allow a tonne of gambling free from restriction, but there are plenty of ways to legally enjoy your favourite games within the state.

Interesting facts about Connecticut

  • Connecticut is home to the oldest public library in the US. The Scoville Memorial Library was founded in 1771 by Richard Smith, a local furnace-owner. He initially bought 200 books to loan out.
  • Connecticut is also the state with the oldest newspaper still in publication; The Hartford Courant was established in 1764 and is still produced today.
  • The first hamburger, helicopter, Polaroid camera, and color television were all in Connecticut.
  • Only Delaware and Rhode Island are smaller than Connecticut in terms of size; it is the third smallest state.
  • The flag of Connecticut is navy with a white shield bearing three grapevines. The banner below reads "Qui Transtulit Sustinet", meaning "He who transplanted sustains".

Towns in Connecticut

Bingo Halls in Connecticut

Marlborough Moose Lodge 1631

303 South Main Street, Marlborough, Connecticut,

View hall

Army & Navy Club

1090 Main Street, Manchester, Connecticut,

View hall

Knights of Columbus

390 South Union Street, Guilford, Connecticut,

View hall

Edward A. Norton VFW Post 7666

104 Mill Rd, Guilford, Connecticut,

View hall

St Paul's Men's Club

40 Naubuc Ave, Glastonbury, Connecticut,

View hall

Congregation Ahavath Achim

1571 Stratfield Rd, Fairfield, Connecticut,

View hall

St Bernard School

232 Pearl St, Enfield, Connecticut,

View hall

Our Lady of Mount Carmel

93 Park Ave, Enfield, Connecticut,

View hall

Holy Family Church bingo

23 Simon rd, Enfield, Connecticut,

View hall

St. Mary's Church

30 Maplewood Ave, East Hartford, Connecticut,

View hall

St. Isaac Jogues Church

1 Community St., East Hartford, Connecticut,

View hall

Bingo T's Bus Tours

1 Bingo La, East Hartford, Connecticut,

View hall

St. Mary - St. Michael School

14 Seymour Avenue, Derby, Connecticut,

View hall

ST James Church

12 Franklin St, Danielson, Connecticut,

View hall

St Nicholas Byzantine Church

13 Pembroke Rd, Danbury, Connecticut,

View hall

Danbury Moose Family Center #1373

75 Boulevard Dr., Danbury, Connecticut,

View hall

St. Ann Church Bingo

215 West St, Bristol, Connecticut,

View hall

Garden City Baptist Church

227 Ballouville Road, Ballouville, Connecticut,

View hall

Warsaw Park

119 Pulaski Highway, Ansonia, Connecticut,

View hall

Holy Rosary Church

1 Father Salemi Drive, Ansonia, Connecticut,

View hall

ST James Church Hall

12 Franklin St, Danielson, Connecticut,

View hall