Bingo 101

Welcome to your crash course on how to play bingo! Whether it’s your first time playing, or you just need a refresher, you’ll find everything you need to become a bingo master right here.

How to Play Bingo

Bingo is beloved the world over, and part of the reason for its popularity is that it’s so simple to play. Here is how a game of 75 ball bingo goes down.

  1. Get your tickets, and enter your chosen bingo room
  2. When the game starts, you’ll be able to see your cards, and what the winning pattern is
  3. As the numbers are drawn, your bingo cards will be automatically daubed
  4. Keep an eye on which boxes on your card you’ll need to daub to win
  5. The first player to match all the boxes for the winning pattern has got BINGO
  6. They will be announced as the winner and their prize will be credited!

Once someone wins the prize, the next game in the session will start. Eyes down for another chance to win!

At the end of the session, when all the games have been played, you can go back to the lobby to select another session to play.

Winning Patterns

Each bingo card is a 5x5 grid, with a blank space in the middle. To win bingo, you must daub the numbers in the squares that match the winning pattern.

Sometimes the winning pattern is simple, like a line, or a blackout (every square daubed). Other times it’s something more fun, like a star, a doll, or a symbol! The winning pattern can be anything, and will likely be different for each game you join.

Check the winning pattern as the game starts, and keep an eye on your cards to see how close you are to shouting bingo!

Bingo Chat

One of the best things about bingo is chatting with your fellow players! Even better, because the cards are auto-daubed, you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the chat as the game runs.

Everyone in the bingo chat keeps things positive and friendly- bad behavior will result in a chat ban from the site admin! Bingo chat is a great way to make friends, have a joke, and celebrate together when someone scoops a prize. Avoid complaining about not winning or others winning. If you play often enough, your turn will come.

Try using some bingo phrases like “GG” (good game), “WTG” (way to go), or “GLE” (good luck everyone) when you chat!

How to Join a Game

To start playing free bingo, go to the Play Bingo tab. Here you’ll be able to see the available sessions that are currently running. Check the start time of the session, as you want to play in one that is just about to start or hasn't started too long ago. Consider how many Port Points the card package costs, and take a look what’s up for grabs in the jackpots. Then get your tickets and join the room to let the fun begin!

Run out of Port Points?

Oh darn! Don’t panic- if your Port Point balance dips below 200PP, you’ll receive a free gift of some more points tomorrow so you can keep enjoying free bingo with Bingoport!

Want to earn even more Point Points? Check out how to boost your points balance here.

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