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Akron, Ohio

The fifth largest city in Ohio, Akron is home to many different industries, and known for its famous faces, rubber production, and history. Since its founding in 1825, the city has seen speeches that would go down in history, civil unrest and riots, and historical firsts that put Akron on the map.


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Where can I play bingo?


If you’re after a game of bingo, you’ve come to the right place! You’ll need to find a bingo hall, and BingoPort lists venues all across the US for you to browse. But… what is a bingo hall? 


A bingo hall is anywhere that you can play bingo! That means a bingo hall could be a purpose-built bingo venue, a community center, a school gym, or anywhere that a bingo game is being held.


What happens during a bingo game?


If you’ve never been to a bingo game before, it can be nerve-wracking not knowing what to expect! No fear- BingoPort is here to give you an idea of what usually happens during your average bingo game.


It’s best to arrive a little early, so that you have time to buy your tickets and settle into a seat before the game begins. You can even chat to your fellow players and get to know some friendly faces.


When the game begins, everyone will fall silent so they can hear the bingo caller. Players will mark off the numbers as they are called, and everyone keeps an eye on the spaces they need to cover to match the winning pattern


If a player matches every square for the winning pattern, they must quickly shout BINGO clear enough to be heard. The caller will pause the game, and the winner’s card will be checked to confirm their prize.


When the game is over, players will often take a short break and get up from their seats. When the caller is ready to start the next game, everyone will return for the next round of fun!


What is BingoPort?


BingoPort is a website that is designed to help bingo players find their perfect bingo hall. We list bingo venues across the entire US, dividing them into states and cities so you can easily see the bingo games that are running near you. We list key details about the bingo venues, like opening times, address, and contact details, so you can you’re your bingo night easily for a great time.


How do I pick a bingo hall to visit?


When looking at the bingo halls in Akron, how do you choose one to visit? The easiest way to narrow down your choices is proximity. If you live in Akron, OH, you’ve already found the halls closest to you here!


To choose a bingo hall to visit, take a look at what each venue offers. Do some fit your needs better than others? For example, do their opening times match up with your schedule? If you need an accessible entrance or bathroom, is that available? Do they have a parking lot, and does it cost money? These are all questions you can ask to help you find your perfect bingo hall.


What makes a bingo hall good?


It is hard to say objectively which bingo halls are the best, because everyone loves different things about bingo!


Figure out what it is that you want from your bingo hall, and you’ll know exactly what to look for to ensure a great experience. Whether you love big jackpots, are delighted by multiple games, or prefer a bingo caller with a microphone, these are all things that can make your experience enjoyable, and your bingo hall a success for you.


Gambling and Ohio


Ohio allows gambling in casinos on Native Reservation land, as well as in Columbus, Toledo, Cleveland and Cincinnati. On-track betting is allowed for horse racing, and slot machines are also permitted.


Bingo for charity is legal in Ohio, so there are many places to play across the state. It is a popular pastime which raises money for good causes. 


Getting to know Akron, Ohio


Not from Akron? Here are some interesting facts!

  1. Akron is nicknamed the “Rubber Capital of the World” due to its long history of rubber production. The Goodyear Tire company still runs out of Akron.
  3. There are other industries that came from Akron- the first mass-production toy company in the US was the Akron Toy Company.
  5. The Soap Box Derby has been held in Akron since 1934, and is still popular today!
  7. Akron was where the first police car was used, way back in 1899! The vehicle was electric-powered, and could zoom around at… sixteen miles per hour.
  9. Famous people from Akron include LeBron James, Chrissie Hynde of the Pretenders, and band members of the Black Keys and Devo.

Bingo Halls in Akron

West Wilbeth Bingo

1300 Kenmore Boulevard, Akron, Ohio,

View hall

St Vincents St Marys Booster

15 N Maple St, Akron, Ohio,

View hall

St Vincent H.S.

15 N Maple St, Akron, Ohio,

View hall

St Michaels Byzantine Church

847 Crouse Street, Akron, Ohio,

View hall

St Martha Parish

300 E Tallmadge, Akron, Ohio,

View hall

St Demetrius Serbian Church

3106 Ridgewood Rd, Akron, Ohio,

View hall

Serbian Orthodox Church

2552 Pickle Road, Akron, Ohio,

View hall

Saint John Church

1035 Clay Drive, Akron, Ohio,

View hall

Roller Cade Bingo

1615 E Market Street, Akron, Ohio,

View hall

Perkins Square Health Svcs

2272 S Arlington Road, Akron, Ohio,

View hall

Church of the Annunciation

88 Kent, Akron, Ohio,

View hall

Christ the King Church

1584 Creighton Ave, Akron, Ohio,

View hall