The first state on anyone’s mind when it comes to gambling is Nevada. Home to Las Vegas and Reno, this state’s name is almost synonymous with casinos, but Nevada is great for bingo lovers too. Find bingo halls in Nevada and explore what the state’s best bingo venues have to offer.

What are bingo halls?

A bingo hall is the name for anywhere that is hosting a bingo game. Some bingo halls are just that- somewhere that runs bingo games. Some bingo halls have a day job; your local bingo hall may be at a community center, a church hall, or even a rented function room. Because of this, bingo halls will often look very different from one another, but they will always have some things in common! Bingo halls will always have chairs and tables for the players, as well as somewhere for the bingo caller to stand. The caller may be a person, someone on a video link, or even a digital caller, but it will need to be somewhere where all the players can hear.

How does a bingo game work?

If you’ve never played bingo before, you might be wondering how it all goes down. Here’s a simple guide on what to expect from your average bingo game. It’s best to arrive a little before the game is due to begin. This will allow you to buy your tickets, get a seat, and settle in before the action starts. When the game begins, everyone will be silent- this is very important so that all players can hear the caller. As the numbers are called, mark them off on your card. The idea is to be the first to match the winning pattern. The pattern could be a line, a diagonal, or something else, so check before the game begins. If you are the first to cover every number on your pattern, shout bingo loudly so the caller can hear you! When someone calls bingo, the game will pause. The player’s card will be checked, and if they have won, their prize will be confirmed. Often this is the end of the game, but sometimes there is another prize to be won. When the game ends, don’t worry- that’s not the end of the fun! Players will take a short break, and then another game will begin. Get tickets for the new game if you’d like to play, and the excitement starts again!

How do I choose a bingo hall in Nevada?

There are tons of bingo halls in Nevada, so how do you choose one to visit? Well, that’s where BingoPort comes in. We list the halls in your city, so you can browse and choose one easily. See which halls are good, which are close to you, and what they offer. The most important thing is to choose a bingo hall that suits you. If you work during the day, a hall that opens evenings or weekends will work much better for you. For someone who works night shifts, that would be the exact opposite of helpful! Take a look what each hall offers and choose your favorite. Once you’ve got it narrowed down, you get to do the fun part. Grab a few of your best bingo buddies and head on down to try some halls out!

What makes a great bingo hall?

It’s hard to say what makes a bingo hall great, because everyone will have different things that they love, but the best bingo halls are the ones that are fun, exciting, and give all their players a great experience. To decide whether a hall is right for you, consider your needs, and whether the hall meets them. If you love a huge, busy bingo hall with big jackpots, a big commercial bingo venue is going to be a good fit for you. If you like a smaller, friendlier game with regular faces, see if there is a community bingo game near you. Some bingo games support charities with their games; this is a big draw for players who want to give to charity whilst enjoying their bingo. There are so many bingo halls available, you are bound to find a perfect fit. You can find out everything to help you choose right here in the BingoPort pages.

What you need to know about Nevada and gambling

Nevada is by far the most liberal state when it comes to gambling. Nevada’s tourism industry powers the state, and with cities like Las Vegas bringing in tourists from around the world, it is not hard to see why. Licensed casinos are legal in Nevada, as are all forms of casino games including dice games, roulette, cards, and sports betting. Slot machines and video casino games are also legal, and can be found everywhere from casinos to bars and rest stops. Bingo is also legal- and popular- in Nevada. Interestingly, the only kind of gambling (not including online gambling) that is not legal in Nevada is lottery. The state decided that it should not compete with the casino industry, and so Nevada is one of only six states who do not have a state lottery. The others are Alabama, Alaska, Hawaii, Mississippi, and Utah.

Interesting Facts

  • It may sound strange for a state that is mostly desert, but ‘Nevada’ means ‘snow-covered’. This is after the snow-capped Sierra Nevada mountains.
  • More shrimp is eaten in Las Vegas each day than in the rest of the US- combined.
  • Nevada State Route 375 draws in tourists from around the world; better known as “Extraterrestrial Highway”, it brings Ufologists flocking in hopes of seeing a UFO or signs of extraterrestrial activity.
  • Las Vegas has around 150,000 hotel rooms- more than any other city in the world.
  • The flag of Nevada is blue, and has a variation on the state emblem in the upper left corner. The emblem is two branches of the state flower, sagebrush, under a silver star (due to the state nickname of the Silver State). The word ‘Nevada’ also appears, as well as one of the state mottos, ‘Battle Born’.

Towns in Nevada

Elko | Nevada

Elko, Nevada may not be the first place that comes to mind when you think of bingo, but this small town has a big heart - and a thriving bingo scene! Whether you're a local looking for a fun night out, or a traveler passing through, Elko is the perfect place to try your luck at this classic game. Here's everything you need to know about playing bingo in Elko.

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Fallon | Nevada

Looking for a fun and easy-going way to spend an evening in Fallon, Nevada? Then look no further than bingo! This social game is perfect for players of all ages and skillsets, so come on down to the Fallon Bingo Hall and give it a try!

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Henderson | Nevada

Looking for something fun to do in Henderson, Nevada? Why not try your luck at bingo? This small town may not be Las Vegas, but it's got its own share of excitement. Who knows, you might just hit the jackpot!

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Las Vegas | Nevada

Looking for a fun and easy way to win big in Las Vegas? Try your luck at bingo! This classic game is a popular choice for visitors and locals alike. With a variety of casinos to choose from, you're sure to find the perfect spot to play.

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Laughlin | Nevada

Looking for something fun to do in Laughlin, Nevada? Try your luck at bingo! This small town is home to some of the best bingo halls in the state. With friendly staff and generous prizes, you're sure to have a good time. So come on down and try your luck at bingo in Laughlin, Nevada!

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Mesquite | Nevada

Mesquite, Nevada is the perfect place to play bingo! The town is known for its friendly atmosphere and its love of gambling. There are plenty of bingo halls in Mesquite, Nevada, and the town is home to some of the best bingo players in the world. Mesquite is the perfect place to play bingo and test your luck.

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North Las Vegas | Nevada

Looking for a fun and easy game to play in North Las Vegas, Nevada? Bingo is the perfect game for everyone! Whether you're a local or just visiting, playing bingo is a great way to spend an evening. You can win prizes, socialize, and have a great time!

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Pahrump | Nevada

Pahrump, Nevada is home to some of the best bingo in the state! With several local organizations and a variety of games to choose from, there's sure to be a bingo night perfect for you. Pahrump is also home to a variety of other activities and attractions, making it the perfect place to come for a weekend getaway. So what are you waiting for? Pack your bags and head to Pahrump for some Bingo fun!

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Sparks | Nevada

Looking for something fun to do in Sparks, Nevada? Why not try playing bingo! Bingo is a great way to meet new people and have a good time. And Sparks is the perfect place to play, with its friendly atmosphere and great Bingo halls. So come on down and give it a try!

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Winnemucca | Nevada

Take your bingo game on the road and play in beautiful Winnemucca, Nevada! This hidden gem of a town is home to some of the best bingo halls in the state, so come on down and enjoy some good old fashioned fun.

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Bingo Halls in Nevada