Alexandria, Louisiana Bingo Halls

Alexandria is located in the Parish of Rapides, in the heart of Louisiana. Besides being known for its' historical and cultural significance to Central Louisiana, Alexandria is also well-known for its ability to put on a good time! There are a number of bingo options available in Alexandria, LA. Check out the list below to find a bingo hall near you.

Where can I play bingo in Alexandria, Louisiana?

Where can I play bingo in Alexandria, Louisiana?

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Where can I play bingo in Alexandria?

There are all kinds of different venues to visit where you can play bingo, but in general, they are collectively called bingo halls.

Each bingo hall will be different, but there will be some features in common. For example, there will be rows of seats and tables for the players, and a stage or platform at the front for the bingo caller so that they are visible. There may be somewhere to buy snacks and drinks, and many bingo halls do offer parking.

What happens during a bingo game?

Not sure what to expect from a bingo game? Don’t panic! Playing bingo for the first time can feel intimidating, but you’ll soon be swept up in the excitement. Here’s what to expect from a bingo game.

Players may arrive early to catch up with friends or get refreshments before the game begins. Once the players are asked to take their seats, absolute silence will fall so that everyone can hear the bingo caller. The bingo caller will stand at the front, and will shout out the numbers. The numbers will be selected randomly with the help of a cage or electronic bingo caller.

Players will have purchased bingo cards filled with numbers. Daub off the numbers as they are called. Some bingo halls might even use electronic bingo ‘cards’ that mark off the numbers for you! Check before the game starts what the prizes will be awarded for- it could be a line, a pattern, a full house, or something else.

If you match the winning pattern, shout ‘BINGO!’ to claim your prize. Be sure to draw attention to yourself, or the bingo caller may not hear you. If the ‘bingo’ isn’t called before they move on to the next number, it’s too late!

When a winner has been confirmed, the game may continue if there are more prizes, or the game may end if that was the last prize. Once a game has ended, there is usually a short break where players can use the restroom, get a drink, and have a chat. Then it’s eyes down as the fun starts again!

Who are BingoPort?

BingoPort is run by a team of bingo lovers who aim to bring you closer to the bingo in your community. We provide listings and reviews to help players like you find the best bingo halls near them, and offer useful information like opening times and amenities at your local halls.

BingoPort love everything bingo, so we also offer interesting info on bingo in general. Learn something new and impress your bingo buddies with your knowledge!

How do I pick an Alexandria bingo hall to visit?

With so many bingo halls available in Louisiana, how do you know which ones are worth your time? Instead of driving around visiting every hall, get a snapshot view of what they offer by looking right here on BingoPort. Check out their opening times, what they offer, and if you do decide to visit, get directions too!

Once you’ve decided on some bingo halls that you think you’d like, try a few out! Grab a friend or two and enjoy some bingo fun- you can even let us know how you got on!

What makes a bingo hall good?

Everyone loves different things about bingo, but knowing what you’re looking for will help you find a bingo hall that really suits you.

If the whole experience is important for you- having a go on the slots and getting some food, a bingo hall within a bigger casino would be a good fit for you. Love to do good while you play? Why not raise money for good causes by playing with a charity bingo group? Whatever makes a bingo experience great for you, you’ll be able to find a venue that fits.

Gambling and Louisiana

In Louisiana, casinos must be located on water (with the exception of one casino in New Orleans, and casinos on reservation land), so most casinos are on riverboats. Louisiana gambling laws permit only wagering on horses and fantasy sports in terms of online gambling.

Bingo is popular in Louisiana for both charitable causes and for entertainment.

Getting to know Alexandria, Louisiana

Not from Alexandria? Here are some interesting facts!

  1. Alexandria is the ninth largest city in the state of Louisiana.

  2. The city is almost at the geographical center of Louisiana.

  3. Alexandria also sits in the Kisatchi National Forest.

  4. Mardi Gras is celebrated in Alexandria with parades and parties.

  5. The first reference to “Alexandria” in writing was in 1805.