Part of the Pacific Northwest, Idaho is a state with strong agricultural and industrial roots. Sharing part of its border with Canada on the Idaho Panhandle, this state has mountains and forests galore. Are you looking for bingo halls within the state of Idaho? See all your Idaho bingo halls here!

What are bingo halls?

Bingo halls are any venue that hosts a game of bingo! That means a bingo hall may just be a bingo hall, but it may be something else like a school gym, a community center, a social club, or a veterans' association. Anywhere can be a bingo hall, as long as they hold bingo games there! In Idaho, bingo is permitted only for charitable causes, so you are unlikely to find a commercial bingo hall in the state. Rather, you will find venues that want to fundraise some money for their charity hosting bingo games. Places like churches often hold bingo games for charity to raise funds for the church itself or another worthy organization they nominate. Because of this, you never quite know what your local bingo hall might look like! It's pretty fun that a venue you drive past all the time might moonlight as a bingo hall one night of the week. Whatever your bingo venue does for a day job, once they're set up for a game of bingo, most bingo halls will be laid out the same. There are tables and chairs for the players to sit at, and somewhere for the bingo caller to read out the numbers where they can be easily seen.

How does bingo work?

Bingo is a super simple game to play, but if you've never played before, the high-speed fun might be a little confusing to watch! Whether you're a total newbie to the game or just want to brush up on your bingo skills, BingoPort is here to help! Here's what you can expect from your standard bingo game. It's always best to be a little early for a bingo game, so you've got time to get your bingo cards, find a seat, and settle in. Once you've got a place to sit, you can chat to your fellow bingo players before the game starts! When the game is ready to begin, the bingo caller will announce the winning pattern. This could be simple, like a line, four corners, or a full house, or it could be something more fun. The pattern is made up of boxes on the 5x5 grid, and players must mark off every box that makes up the pattern to win. The bingo caller will begin to draw the numbers, and players mark them off on their cards. Most players use a special bingo dauber pen; this marks the numbers, but allows them to still be read so they can be checked in the event of a win. The caller will keep going until someone matches all the numbers on the winning pattern and shouts BINGO!

How do I pick a bingo venue in Idaho?

When you are ready to play bingo, the next thing to do is choose a bingo hall. But how do you decide where to play bingo? Don't panic; it's not as daunting as it seems. If you're looking for bingo halls in Idaho, you're already in the right place! The next step is to find your nearest town in the list. Wherever in Idaho you live, we've got you covered from Coeur d'Alene to Twin Falls. Once you've found your town, you'll be able to see all your nearest bingo halls. Take a look at what each one offers by browsing BingoPort's listings, and see which ones are suitable for your needs and preferences. If you need disability access, look for halls that offer this to avoid disappointment when you arrive. If you want snacks, check out which halls have this as an option. No one wants to get stuck hungry! Picking a venue is easy when you can see what's available near you. Once you've found a few that look good, you get to do the fun part. Round up your bingo buddies, grab your dauber pen, and go try out a few halls! The only way to find a favorite is to give them a go!

What makes a bingo hall great?

The things that make a bingo hall really good vary from player to player. That's why there's no such thing as the definitive perfect bingo hall! If you love a busy atmosphere and big jackpots, then a big, popular hall will suit you, but for players who prefer a smaller, more intimate game, a friendly local church bingo club might be a better fit. The secret is, bingo halls are not one size fits all. To find a really great venue, it helps to know what you're looking for. What makes a bingo hall great for you? Is it big jackpots? Friendly chat with the other players? Snacks and drinks so you can make a day of it? Whatever it is you love about playing bingo, you'll be able to find a venue that suits you. Your perfect bingo hall is out there just waiting for you!

Is bingo legal in Idaho?

Bingo is legal in Idaho, if it is for charity. The same goes for lotteries; as long as the beneficiary is a charitable organization, the game can legally run. When it comes to other types of gambling, Idaho is reasonably middle-of-the-road in its legislation. Casinos are permitted, but only on Native Reservations. Within these casinos, slot games are permitted, as are video poker machines, but table games and poker are not allowed. Horse race betting is popular in Idaho, and is legal on- and off-track. It is even legal to place horse race bets online in Idaho! Idaho also has a state lottery, and scratch cards are allowed to be sold too. The gambling that is allowed in Idaho is strictly regulated by the authorities to ensure that everything is kept legit and legal.

Interesting facts about Idaho

  • Idaho is nicknamed the Gem State; there are more than 70 types of precious stone to be found in the state, including rare star garnets.
  • From Heaven's Gate Lookout, you can see four different states- Idaho, Montana, Washington, and Oregon. The point sits above Hell's Canyon, which is deeper than the Grand Canyon.
  • Idaho grows a third of all of America's potatoes. Fries, anyone?
  • The longest boardwalk in the world is at Lake Coeur d'Alene, in Idaho. It's 3,300 feet long.
  • The state bird of Idaho is the mountain bluebird.

Towns in Idaho

Bingo Halls in Idaho

Coeur D'Alene Tribal Bingo

Highway 95, Worley, Idaho,

View hall

American Legion #7

Seastrom Street, Twin Falls, Idaho,

View hall


1325 West Pine Street, Sandpoint, Idaho,

View hall

VFW American Legion

132 W 1st North, Saint Anthony, Idaho,

View hall

Clubhouse Bingo at the Greyhound Park and Event Center

5100 Riverbend Avenue, Post Falls, Idaho,

View hall

Corpus Christi Bingo

1212 1st ave, South, Idaho,

View hall

Nampa Bingo / Columbians of Nampa

2900 E. Railroad St, Nampa, Idaho,

View hall


118 11th Avenue North, Nampa, Idaho,

View hall

Middleton Area Optimist Club

302 E. Main, Middleton, Idaho,

View hall

Meridian Senior Center

133 W. Broadway, Meridian, Idaho,

View hall

American Legion

Main Street, Mackay, Idaho,

View hall

Eagles Lodge

635 Hemmert Dr., Falls, Idaho,

View hall

Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 3043

554 Hiland Ave, Burley, Idaho,

View hall

Kootenai River Inn

7160 Plaza Street, Bonners Ferry, Idaho,

View hall

Boise Eagles #115

7025 W Overland, Boise, Idaho,

View hall

VFW / American Legion Hall

132 W 1st North, Saint Anthony, Idaho,

View hall