St Andrews Catholic Church Bingo Hall

What is the address of St Andrews Catholic Church Bingo Hall?

244 Avenel St


New Jersey


United States

This is a community bingo hall hosted by the Catholic Church. It is non-profit and for charity. It is hosted every Tuesday at 7pm. It is local to Avenel, NJ residents as it is centred in the middle area of the town.

How Is The Local Area?

The Catholic Church is located in the centre of the Township. Avenel in general can be described as a quaint and wholesome suburban area, complete with residential areas and several wildlife parks. Surrounding the church are a large amount of beautiful trees, bringing even more life to the building than the stunning stained-glass windows already do. This is a perfect place for locals of Woodbridge/Avenel to all come together and play a game or two of bingo. Nearby the church, there are several businesses located, such as family-owned barbershops, coffee bars, and home/decor stores - elevating the area even more as a family-friendly suburban scene. As well as all the stunning scenery and fresh local businesses, there is also a train station located near the church - making it ideal for people just outside of town that may need to travel.

Facilities Rundown

Food Yes
Snacks Yes
Jackpots Yes
Parking Yes
Parking Nearby Yes
Mobility Access Yes

Need something to do on a Tuesday evening?

Tuesday evenings are normally seen as quite dull, there is no special meaning behind them and most people will come home from work, school, or any other dedication with nothing to do. So, why not fill your evening with fun at your local church? Not only enjoy yourself by playing bingo with others but also socialising, getting to know one-another, and even learning more about your community! Leave your worries behind for a few hours, and be greeted by the welcoming Pastor; David Kosmoski as he invites you in for some local fun! As well as playing bingo, you will also be offered delicious food from the lovely ladies that volunteer as chef, bringing you that lovely home feeling, bringing the whole town together as if they are one big family.

Who doesn’t love gambling AND cake?

What more could you want than an evening full of fun and food? Join Sue Bower as she hosts a game at your local bingo hall, accompanied by volunteer cake bakers; Karen Lurker and Jean Kearney. All of the staff are there to make sure your experience at your local bingo hall is filled to its full potential, allowing you to relax, have some cake, socialise, and maybe even win something! Not only are you allowed to unwind, play your favourite game of chance at your local hall, but also connect with others, enjoy good food and come together as a community.

If you are interested in attending a Bingo game, and you are local or visiting Avenel, NJ, it is highly recommended you attend the bingo hall located at St. Andrews Catholic Church - allowing you to socialise, reconnect with locals and of course, play a beloved game of bingo. If enjoying the scenic area and embracing all the local business and wildlife, whilst connecting, eating good food, and participating in bingo, this bingo hall is perfect for your gambling needs.