Audubon Park Vol. Fire Co. Bingo Hall

What is the address of Audubon Park Vol. Fire Co. Bingo Hall?

20 C. Road

Audubon Park

New Jersey


United States

The Audubon Park bingo hall is held in the local fire department building and is a friendly volunteer-run place. With a local audience, this quiet bingo hall is the perfect place to talk about the quaintness and history of Audubon, catch up with friends, settle into a community, and share a game of bingo--or 2!--over a cup of coffee. The locals will always be up for inviting you in!

What is the Local Area Like?

With Audubon being a well-known place for new families and older residents, the area is perfect for people who want to escape to a quiet town and settle down. With a large increase in the educational sector for both jobs and school popularity, there is endless potential for families wanting to get away from the busyness of bigger towns. However, for those who want the best of both worlds, Philadelphia is only a short while away, across the near-by Delaware River. The bingo hall attracts locals, usually older players who have an established group of friends who meet every Thursday. Fancy a fun environment once a week, to get into a good social routine, with plenty of refreshments and teammates and supporters? Audubon Park has it all. Audubon is an urban residential area, so there are many friendly neighbourhoods around. It's known for it's nature roots, being named after John James Audubon, an artist who discovered 25 new species of birds, bringing bird-watching and a love of nature into being commonplace within the town. This is highly attractive for older visitors and locals, too, and is pridefully displayed in a lot of bird and nature themed aesthetics all over town.

Facilities Rundown

Snacks Yes
Parking Yes
Parking Nearby Yes
Slots Yes

Unsure of What to do on a Thursday Night?

One of the volunteers involved in the running of the bingo hall is Lisa Galiano, 48, who runs the kitchen and provides hot food and snacks for the players who attend the bingo nights. It's reported that Audubon is an old-fashioned town, where your neighbours are likely to be the people you grew up with. It's clear that this town runs through families, and everyone knows each other, forming not only a town but a homely place for a community. Lisa Galiano would be only one of the volunteers to welcome players to the Thursday night bingo games. Despite its old-fashioned ways, there is a friendly reception in this bingo hall--and what better way than to get people involved? Prizes, food, drinks, and a good game that's existed for decades?

Onsite Parking

Due to this area being a local community of buildings, there are plenty of places to park, both designated and public.

All-in-all, this is a friendly place to go to for all socialising and bingo comforts! The volunteers have maintained virtual bingo games online, as well as many other events throughout the current pandemic lockdowns, so senior citizens still have that social outlet and families can still make time to be together despite the interference of normal daily living. So grab your new marker pen, buy a bingo sheet, and join the fun amongst many others out for a good affordable time.