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Akron Volunteer Fire Company, Akron, New York

The Fire Volunteer Company has been a much-loved non-profit organisation since its opening in 1923. Widening its services to Newstead as well as the Village of Akron, the company is made up of 50 volunteer fire-fighters. It has two stations, numbered 1 an

What is the Local Area Like?

Despite the area's quiet nature, there are several quaint businesses near the Fire Volunteer Company in Akron. Bakeries and ice cream parlours, as well as small-town delis, and they all play their part in keeping Akron running as the wonderful, community-fuelled village it's known as. Main Street, where people can descend to the fire station to play bingo, is full of wooden panelled houses, businesses, with open space around and beyond. While this is a popular, public, and accessible area, it's not the busiest part of town--which could definitely be an advantage if you're not someone who likes too much hustle-and-bustle. The nearby eateries are great for those who want their own pick of food beyond what Akron's bingo hall offers, and they offer a wide range of choices for anyone wanting just about anything for an afternoon snack!

Park and Bingo in Akron

When planning for your night of playing bingo, you definitely want to consider parking. Although this might be a smaller part of your consideration but it is definitely a major thing to think about. Luckily, BingoPort has the information which halves the job for you! Akron Fire Volunteer Company has on-site parking, but it's a smaller lot so you'll want to get there in plenty of time to catch a spot! Beyond that, there are several public parking places available in the surrounding area. So, really, when it comes to your bingo afternoon, you'll at least have one worry off your hands, so you can get on with playing and not worry about anything else.

Food! What More Do People Want?

Every local bingo hall wants to provide some snacks to its patrons. And Akron bingo theme event afternoons are absolutely no different! Refreshments are available for purchase--and prove to be a major hit with frequent and new players! The Volunteer Fire Department have a kitchen associated with the rental hall available as the bingo hall. Every cent spent during your bingo game all goes towards the charity the host is fundraising for--so if you fancy that slice of cake or want to follow the alluring smell of food in the prime lunch hour that the bingo game is held, go ahead! You'll be helping all amazing causes!

Akron is a major public building in the Akron community. It's been standing and serving the streets of Akron and Newstead for decades--and has never failed the community. To accentuate this point, their bingo nights are always packed to full capacity. So much so that players must prepay for their tickets--there is limited seating and ticketing, just to be able to fit all players into the fire department's hall. A $20 ticket will allow players door prizes, 20 bingo games (that they can choose how many they stay for and try their luck at!), a chance at winning the big-time prize, and, most importantly, join their community in fundraising! As Akron Fire Company is a non-profit company with over 50 volunteers ever since its incorporation in 1923, it's very fitting that it is a massive support of different bingo events. Who wouldn't want to be a part of that? Come on down to Akron and check it out for yourself!

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Akron, New York, 14001




Akron Volunteer Fire Company is currently operating under normal visiting hours.

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