ABL Vermilion Bingo Hall

What is the address of ABL Vermilion Bingo Hall?

2114 Charity St




United States


ABL Bingo supports the Affiliated Blind of Louisiana. The operation is completely non-profit, supporting the blind/deaf-blind school at 409 West Saint Mary St, in Lafayette.

Electronic bingo tablets are now available at all sessions. Pulltabs and packs are available from 5:30pm and early bird games start at 6:30pm

All regular games have guaranteed prizes of $300, the Pink Blackout is $900 and the Purple Blackout is $1000, with a progressive jackpot that currently sits at $10,000!

Can I get food at ABL Vermilion Bingo Hall?

You'll uncover some of the best snacks in Louisiana here and a heap of beverages to match.

Does ABL Vermilion Bingo Hall have progressive jackpot games?

The purple progressive jackpot currently sits at $10,000 and can be won in 49 numbers

Is smoking allowed at ABL Vermilion Bingo Hall?

Unfortunately, you can't smoke at this spot. You'll need to seek other choices where smoking may be tolerated.

Is there a car park at ABL Vermilion Bingo Hall?

Definitely, parking at this much loved Abbeville bingo site is provided for all sessions.